Is your Air Conditioner turning off or on frequently? If this happens with your Air Conditioner, then you are experiencing a problem called short Cycling. This is a widespread problem among users. 

Short Cycling means turning off or on your Air Conditioner frequently for different reasons like Thermostat problems, dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks, etc.

If you think this is a very typical problem, it may be ignored. It may be a severe issue in summer just because it happens daily. It shouldn’t be overlooked. A faulty Air Conditioner can create serious health issues or serious accidents. It is not well-being for any user to use a defective Air Conditioner as we use Air Conditioners for a better lifestyle. So we have to be careful while using Air Conditioner. 

On the other hand, it can be the most expensive repair service if it is not identified at the right time and fixed the problem. This type of problem is difficult to locate. If it is not done in time, it may cause the cooling system to break. For that, users have to face a lot of suffering.

If you are going to google “my air conditioner keeps turning off and on by itself,” then you are in the right place. Just be with us, and you will know the reasons and solutions for Short Cycling.

air conditioner keeps turning on and off

Why does my air conditioner keep turning on and off?

There are a lot of reasons for this problem. Air Conditioners keep turning on or off for different reasons. It may be for any mechanical fault or electrical reasons. The air conditioner system may be turned on or off repeatedly. Due to dirty, broken, or falling parts. This problem is commonly known as Short Cycling. 

The User has to face various problems. In Short Cycling Air Conditioners, the cooling system terminates prematurely. It happens between 5-10 minutes after turning on your air conditioner. And these boring things happen repeatedly. As a result, it is very tough to deal with this type of problem. Sometimes it depends on the outdoor or indoor condition of the Air Conditioner. 

Short Cycling is very bad for the User and the air conditioner system. It consumes more power to get on. But when it started working, it stopped due to Short Cycling. For this problem, users’ electrical bills may increase dramatically, which causes financial loss. So this is an issue that needs to be solved for getting quality service and minimizing electric bills.

And we can say that your Air conditioner keeps turning on or off for short Cycling.

For this, users are facing different problems. 

Is it wrong to keep turning the AC on and off?

Turning on and off is bad for the Air Conditioner. There are a lot of reasons to say it is terrible. Most importantly Air Conditioner is used to control the temperature of any room. The working process of the Air Conditioner is to transfer heat out of the room.

For that Air Conditioner needs to work continuously. But when Short Cycling occurs, in that time Air Conditioner is turned off repeatedly. And it should turn on again and again. For that reason, Air Conditioner can’t perform its primary task.

As a result, the room remains hot. Mainly the purpose of using Air Conditioner is not fulfilled. 

Moreover, the Air conditioner consumes more power when it is turned on. In Short, Cycling Air Conditioner needs to be turned on again and again. For that reason, it consumes more power. And for this electric bills are getting high. This causes financial loss for the Air Conditioner user. 

So it is evident that Short Cycling is harmful. For this, the Air Conditioner can’t perform its task up to the mark, and it causes financial loss for the User. In both ways, it is terrible.

What causes short Cycling in AC?

There are a lot of reasons behind Short Cycling. In Short Cycling, the Air Conditioner is not working correctly. For that reason, Air Conditioner failed to keep the room cool and so on. 

Now here the discussion will be on the causes of short Cycling. Short Cycling can happen for several reasons. 

Oversized Air Conditioners are one of the root reasons for Short Cycling. If you think a large Air Conditioner is good. Then I suppose you might be wrong. It causes short Cycling. How? 

A large Air Conditioner makes the room cool in a short period. When the room was excellent, the Air Conditioner stopped working and turned off. 

Frozen Evaporator Coil is another reason for Short Cycling. The evaporator coil is used to remove hot air from the room. When it is covered with ice, it prevents the removal of hot air from the space effectively. As a result, Air Conditioner needs to work more to keep the room cool. For that reason, Air Conditioner got overheated, and short Cycling occurred. 

A Clogged Air Filter is a reason for short Cycling. Air filters are used to flow air. When it gets dirty at that time, the air filter doesn’t perform its regular airflow. As a result, Air conditioners need to work more. And for this, overheating occurred. For this overheating Air Conditioner is turned off. 

Electrical issues are also a reason for short Cycling. If wiring is not done correctly, it may cause electrical fire or damage. A defective or damaged control board can be a reason for the Air Conditioner to turn on or off.

These all are principal reasons for short Cycling. 

How do I stop my Air Conditioner from Short Cycling?

Short Cycling is a problem for the Air Conditioner user. For this, the efficiency of The Air Conditioner is going down. As a result, user cost is being increased without getting proper service from the Air Conditioner. 

And for this, we need to solve Short Cycling. Here are some common ways to stop Short Cycling.

Firstly, the User should use a sized Air Conditioner. If it is oversized, it may cause short Cycling. So this is very important to identify the perfect size of Air Condition for the room. 

Secondly, the Air filter should be clean. A clogged air filter is one of the root causes of short Cycling. For preventing short Cycling, users should check the air filter in a definite break. And replace the air filter if needed.

Thirdly, users need to check the wiring. If there is any problem with the circuit or electrical board, then it should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it will create a massive problem for the Air Conditioner system. It is essential to look after these issues. 

By following those tricks and tips, the short cycling problem can be solved. And ensure the maximum utilization of the Air Conditioner.

Why is the compressor getting off after a few minutes?

Short Cycling is one of the root reasons for the compressor getting

off. If the Air Conditioner is shutting off continuously before reaching the fixed thermostat temperature, it’s called short Cycling. For this short Cycling, the cooling bill is increased dramatically. 

The compressor is one of the main parts of the Air Conditioner. It works as an engine of the refrigerant cycle. It absorbs the room temperature and dissipates energy. It creates the pressurized situation of the Air Conditioner. The compressor is sealed with dust and debris. For that reason, the compressor can’t perform its regular task. In this case, the compressor has to work more to cool the environment. For that, it uses more power. And it overheats. Overheating forced us to stop the systematic procedure of the Air conditioner. As a result, Short Cycling has occurred. 

Another issue is the size. If the Air Conditioner is oversized, then the room. In that time, it will be turned off after a minute. It was because the room had reached its fixed temperature. 

These are the main reasons behind the getting off the compressor. For Solving this issue, users should remain concerned with the mentioned parameters. 

Why is my AC going off after 2-3 minutes?

Suppose your Air conditioner is getting off after 2-3 minutes by itself. Then it is alarming. You are facing something called Short Cycling. 

Short Cycling is a problem with Air conditioners. In which Air conditioner is shutting down by itself after a while. This happens for many reasons like oversized air conditioners, electrical damage, evaporator icing, Compressor block, cogging airflow, etc. 

Suppose these happen with the Air conditioner. In that time, it may face difficulties like shutting down by itself and so on. Mainly this occurs for the short Cycling. In this circumstance, the User doesn’t use the cooling service smoothly. Because the Air Conditioner is shutting down before cooling the room environment. And the Air Conditioner has to work more to keep room temperature control. For that, the Air Conditioner is overheated. And this overheating is one of the leading causes of shutting down your Air Conditioner. 

If it happens, then the User may face a lot of trouble. Most importantly, they have to pay a lot of electric bills without getting proper cooling service. Because in short-cycling the Air Conditioner uses a lot of power rather than giving service. 

So the fact is short Cycling. For this reason, the Air Conditioner is shutting down in 2-3 minutes. 

How do you know if a circuit board needs to be replaced for Short Cycling? 

Air Conditioner is used for cooling the room and maintaining the temperature. Sometimes the temperature control can’t perform so well by the Air Conditioner. It may happen for different reasons. Short Cycling is one of them. 

In Short Cycling, the Air Conditioner can’t perform its Cooling services because the air conditioner is getting off by itself after a few times. And need to do it manually. For that, the Air Conditioner can’t perform its regular cooling service. 

It may happen for different reasons. Problem Electrical Wire is one of them. It means a problem in the circuit board or the connection wire or internal power supply.

If you smell something burning or face the Short Cycling problem again and again. It may be a circuit problem. 

In that time, you may need to change the circuit board for solving Short Cycling. For Short Cycling, the Air conditioner consumes a lot of power. As a result, the election bills increased dramatically. But the cooling system is down. The User doesn’t get the required service from the Air Conditioner. 

For solving these issues and get up to mark service we should try all the possible solutions. The exact replacement of the electric board is a viable solution for solving Short Cycling. And we can try this service as a primary concern. There are a lot more Services to solve the issue.

How to solve Short Cycling?? 

For solving Short Cycling, users should perform two types of tasks. 

Firstly, the User can try to solve the problem by himself. In this stage, they can check the electrical connection, airflow, compressor, and evaporator icing. 

If they can identify the problem, then it can be solved on their own. But In 90% of cases, users cannot remember the pain. In that case, they don’t know how to solve this. As well as they don’t have enough knowledge to solve this technical problem. As a result, they don’t get the full service of the Air Conditioner. 

Secondly, the User can call an expert. They can identify the problem with the Air Conditioner and give a proper solution. The maximum time it was noticeable that the oversized air conditioner. To solve this, the User should discuss it with the seller. And buy a perfect size Air Conditioner. An expert has enough knowledge about the air conditioner. So he will identify the problem quickly. 

But for Short Cycling, we suggest users be careful. They can solve the problem by themselves. For that, they don’t know all the functionality. They can do it with the help of this article. I hope users can follow the instructions. They may take some pre-steps to solve this. Before buying an Air Conditioner, they should know about the size, continuous airflow, and adequate power supply. 

By performing those, anyone can solve the Short Cycling problem. 

15 Reasons Behind Your Air Conditioner Keeps Turning On And Off


If the Air Conditioner is not perfect in size, it causes short Cycling. For that reason, anyone should be careful about the size. Otherwise, the User will not get the up to the mark service. 

2. Thermostat Placement

Need proper placement for thermostat; otherwise, it will not work correctly. The thermostat may turn on or off by itself if it is placed in the sunlight or heat-generating application. 

3. Connection Problem

In this type of problem Air Conditioner won’ get proper power supply. For that reason, the Air Conditioner will not work smoothly. 

4.Damaged Equipment 

If Short Cycling happens, again and again, it may cause damage to equipment. And for this Air Conditioner will not work. As a result, the User will face different types of problems.

5. High Energy Bill

Short Cycling causes a high energy bill. For this electrical bills goes higher dramatically. But Users don’t get good service.

6.Room Temperature 

For Short Cycling, the Air Conditioner will not work correctly. As a result, room temperature is not controlled, and Short Cycling Air Conditioner is turned off by itself. For the Air Conditioner can’t work correctly.

7. Lake of Maintenance

Sometimes lack of maintenance causes Short Cycling. For lack of care, Air Conditioner parts may be damaged, and as a result, Air Conditioner doesn’t work correctly. For Solving this User need to check Air Conditioner by an expert. 

8. Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

If the Air Filter is dirty at that time, Air Conditioner can’t blow air. As a result, the Air Conditioner may overheat, and Short Cycling happens. 

9. Frozen Evaporator Coil

This happens when you run Air Conditioner while it is cold outside. It may happen for mechanical fault. 

10. Refrigerant Leak

Low refrigerant causes the air conditioner to work overtime to cool. And this causes malfunction. 

11. Miscalibrated thermostats reading incorrect temperatures.

Your ac should be placed in the most optimal place within your house. If it’s put in a wild place, it will most probably cause short Cycling. It’s even the most common cause of short Cycling. 

12. Air escaping through a leaky ventilation system

A leaky ventilation system can cause short Cycling too. You have to check if your ac has a problem with ductwork and access the ductwork to check leaky ventilation. 

13. Control board issues

There can be many reasons to have a control board issue. In most cases, it will give a warning. But sometimes it automatically stops working affects the air conditioner as well.

14. Frozen evaporator coils

An inadequate amount of system airflow is one of the most typical reasons for a frozen evaporator coil. A variety of factors can contribute to this, including closed air registers and a defective air handler. A lack of sufficient airflow over your evaporator coil will result in the ring being unable to absorb the necessary amount of heat.

15. Bad compressor

One of the first symptoms that a compressor may be failing is that the air conditioning is no longer as chilly as it used to be. It is not possible for a broken or malfunctioning compressor to correctly regulate the refrigerant flow in an air-conditioning system. As a result, the air conditioner will not perform properly.


If the air conditioner keeps turning on and off, it is a severe problem called Short Cycling. For Solving this, various ways are being described. It is very much possible to solve this issue by using those tricks. 

Moreover, users have to be careful when using Air conditioners.

We wish to have a great time with your Air Condition and get the best service at minimum cost.

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