A reset button is typically present in many electronic devices. In some cases, it is present in electric devices too. It depends mainly on the device type and how many automated functions the device delivers. But do air conditioner compressors have a reset button?

The purpose of a reset button is simple, to reset the device. In a broad sense, this means removing all the customized settings set on the device and bringing it back to the factory settings. 

Factory settings mean the settings built-in in the device as a new one. It is the most simple and working setting. However, if you’re facing difficulties with the customization you’ve made on your device, it is always better to use the reset button and revert to factory settings.

do air conditioner compressors have a reset button

Do Air Conditioner Compressors Have A Reset Button

The answer is positive; air conditioners have a reset button. There is usually a panel near your AC unit’s which can be off and on. It will most probably be in red colour. In case you can’t find the button, you can take help from the manual, internet or the customer service. 

Generally, the button is always on, but if you want to reset, you can shut the switch off and shut down your main electric panel. To avoid any kind of risk, you should also turn off your unit’s power supply and disconnect any electrical source.

Then you can again start the unit and the reset process. Generally, the procedure is to press the button for 3-5 seconds. However, it can be different per the device, so it’s always safer to check the manual.

How Does An AC Compressor Work

The compressor is the most crucial part of an air conditioner. It uses refrigerant to cool the air and circulate it throughout the room. The procedure of cooling the air is a bit complex, though.

The warm air from the room is passed through the evaporator unit of the air conditioner, which eliminates the heat from the air. The heated air then passes through the refrigerant and then leads to the compressor.

After that, the compressed air coagulates into a fluid, and then it is released into the room again under pressure. This cool air lowers the temperature of your room and makes it cooler.

The Reasons Your Ac Compressor May Be Stopped

There could be multiple distinct reasons that might cause your ac compressor to stop. If you find your ac compressor not working, check if the following reasons could be found-


One of the most common reasons for a compressor not working is dirt. Check if your unit’s condenser coil is dirty. Clean the ac if required.


It’s almost similar to the dirt problem. If the suction line of your ac is blocked, there’s a good possibility that the compressor would stop.

Low Charge

If the refrigerant charge is low, it might also cause a stoppage in the ac compressor.


A suction-line displacement could also cause the compressor to stop.


Try to find if there is any electricity or voltage-related problem that might be affecting your ac.

Access refrigerant

Access level of refrigerant could also cause this problem.


Interruption in the system is also a common problem for ac compressors.

Lubricant or Oil Lackings

This could also cause disturbance in the ac compressor.

How Do I Know My AC Compressor Problems?

We have known the causes that might create a disturbance on your ac compressor. But how would you know that a problem has arisen? Let’s find it out-

  1. A Lack Of Hot Air Being Released Outside

Generally, A compressor takes the hot air from your room and releases it outside, but if you want to check if your compressor has any problem, you have to do a simple task.

Hold your hand near the fan of your Ac unit. If you feel the air is cool, then there is a problem with your compressor. It means that your compressor is not working properly. A refrigerant leak could also be the cause of your compressor’s bad performance.

  1. Strange Noises From The Unit

After turning on your Ac unit, if it starts shaking and creates noises, there are some electric problems happening with your unit. It might be that the compressor or fans are loose, creating the shake and making annoying noise.

  1. Failure Of The Compressor To Turn On

After turning on your unit, you might see that your unit is not cooling your room, but the fan is running. In that case, you have to check from the outside if only the fan is running or the compressor also? If you see the compressor is not running, then there is a problem.

If your unit has been running for 10/15 years and you face this problem, it is better to replace your AC.

  1. Circuit Breaker Tripping

A circuit breaker is the most important thing for the safe use of electricity. A circuit breaker trip can save us from a fire accident caused by electricity. If lots of appliances are running in your house, then the electricity overload can cause the problem.

If the outside condenses of your unit trip the circuit breaker of your house, then the compressor might be going to fail. It indicates that the compressor needs a lot of power to do the work, and it might be overheated.

If you notice your circuit breaker unit is hot, then do not take any risk. Instead, call an electrician to do the job; otherwise, it could be injurious to you.

  1. Leaks Around The Air Conditioner Unit

If you notice any kind of moisture around your AC unit, then it could be a refrigerant leak. 

This could be injurious to health. It can cause nausea, irritation of the eyes, headache, coughing, and other health issues. 

A leak also indicates that your drain might be blocked or broken. Take the problem seriously, or it can cause mould or rust. Contact an expert and get rid of this problem as soon as you can. 

  1. Reduce Air Flow

It is an early warning that your Ac compressor has a problem. It is a little hard to notice if the airflow of your unit is as before. To check the airflow, you have to put your hand near the vent. If you feel the air is not cool enough and the flow is very slow, then it is confirmed that there is a problem with your AC compressor.

  1. Higher Electricity Bills

An air conditioner is one of the most expensive items of your house which needs lots of electricity. If your Ac unit’s compressor fails, then it needs more electricity to run itself. And lots of electricity needed means you will receive a high electricity bill. 


The compressor is one of the fundamental parts of an AC. A problem in the compressor could damage the whole device. So always keep it in check. As the air conditioner compressors have a reset button, you can most of the time solve the functional problems within the ac compressor by resetting it. However, if the problem is of hardware, then it would be wise to call an electrician and take professional help.




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