Every time you turn on your air conditioner, does it take a while for the cool air to start flowing?

This could be because your thermostat is low on batteries. In this blog post, we’ll discuss whether or not air conditioner thermostats have batteries and provide some tips on how to keep your home cool this summer. Stay tuned!

do air conditioner thermostats have batteries

Do Air Conditioner Thermostats Have Batteries?

Most air conditioner thermostats do not have batteries, but there are a few exceptions. Some high-end models or programmable thermostats may have batteries in order to retain programming in the event of a power outage.

However, the vast majority of air conditioner thermostats do not require batteries for operation. This is due to the fact that they are hardwired into the system and powered by alternating current (AC) power rather than relying on a battery to store DC power.

For example, an air conditioner thermostat might be connected to a circuit breaker panel or fuse box for a continuous power supply. This way, there is always electricity running to the device to power it, so there is no need for a battery to be installed.

If an air conditioner thermostat does use batteries, then they will likely be two or four D-sized alkaline batteries that are regular household items you can find at any department store.

However, in most cases with air conditioners, the AC power is more than sufficient and does not require a battery.

Are Batteries Needed In Air Conditioner Thermostats?

Even after being hooked on electricity, batteries play a crucial role in using thermostats. 

Batteries are needed because they keep settings in place even when the power is out. However, after a power outage, sometimes all data can be lost. In that case, the ThermostatThermostat needs to be reprogrammed. By programming, the thermostat usage becomes user friendly. 

Do Digital Thermostats Have Batteries?

Digital thermostats are hooked on electricity. Most digital thermostats are hardwired into the electrical system of the house. However, they also have batteries. 

These batteries are back up. They keep all the information stored in them if a power outage occurs and destroy all the information.  

Do Air Conditioners Work When Thermostat Batteries Are Dead?

When the thermostat battery dies, the Thermostat shows a black screen and the air conditioning unit stops working altogether. When the air conditioning unit stops working, the cooling stops as well.

This is the reason we should always keep an eye out for such issues. Otherwise, we’ll have to suffer in the scorching heat daily.  

How To Find Out If Your Thermostat Needs A New Battery? Signs It’s Time To Change Your Thermostat Battery 

There are indicators to when it’s time to change your thermostat battery. By noticing these indicators in time, you can change your ThermostatThermostat before it stops working and you have suffered from the heat. Signs which indicate it’s time to change your thermostat battery are given below.

1)thermostat giving faulty readings 

2)extremely high electricity bills

3)thermostat being too old

4)HVAC turns off randomly 

5)Random temperature shifts

Whenever these signs are noticeable, it’s best to change your ThermostatThermostat so further damage can be stopped, and you can get to the comfort of being in cool surroundings.

Can Air Conditioner Thermostats Work Without Batteries?

In some air conditioner thermostats, batteries are essential. However, in others, it’s not needed at all. 

The ThermostatThermostat needs a source of power to keep it going. By relying on a line voltage or C-wire, they get the right amount of power needed to keep going. This also provides a backup system in case the power runs out.

Why Do Air Conditioner Thermostats Go Blank?

Air conditioner thermostats are mostly connected to the hardwired system of the house. However, they do have backup batteries. The batteries are there entirely for backup.

Air conditioner thermostats control the temperature automatically. Whenever air conditioner thermostats go blank, it usually means the batteries have run out of power. This is a fairly common issue with thermostats. It happens now and then.

How Long Is The Lifespan Of An Air Conditioner Thermostat Battery?

Thermostats innately change temperatures as they were programmed, which is helpful for the one using it as it’s easy to turn it on and forget about it.

The lifespan of an air conditioner thermostat isn’t long. For example, an air conditioner thermostat battery runs for just eight to ten months, which is a short time.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Is Not Working Anymore 

Air conditioner thermostats are essential electronic appliances in our households. We use them every day, which is why it’s easy to notice when the air conditioner thermostat stops working. Here are a few signs which point to the direction of air conditioner thermostats not working:

1) Thermostat is unresponsive.

2) the air conditioner runs constantly or doesn’t run at all.

3) the air conditioner refuses to turn on.

4) the settings and the temperature doesn’t seem to match.

5) the screen of the Thermostat is blank.

There are many other ways to find out if your Thermostat isn’t; however, these are the most common signs.

How To Fix An Unresponsive Air Conditioner Thermostat?

Unresponsive air conditioner thermostats are relatively standard. Sometimes your air conditioner thermostat will stop responding to your commands.

The best way to fix this issue is by turning your air conditioner thermostat off and opening the battery compartment, then checking to see if there’s any dust or debris there. If there is any, then brush it off with a plastic brush.

However, if there’s nothing like this, the best approach is to look for loose wiring or call the professionals and seek help. 

How Come My Air Conditioner Thermostat Doesn’t Have Power?

A break in the circuit breaker causes air conditioner thermostats to lose power.

This is a severe yet prevalent issue almost every single person faces once in a while. The best way to resolve this issue is by getting the circuit breaker fixed. That way, the damage is minimal.

Is Using Rechargeable Batteries For Your Air Conditioner Thermostat An Option?

Air conditioner thermostats are incompatible with rechargeable batteries as they don’t deliver the correct voltage. This is why it’s better to stick to the single-use ones.

Air conditioner thermostats are very sensitive. Therefore, they are not compatible with everything.  

However, before using the single-use ones, it’s best to test them to ensure they are working.

Things To Do When Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Stops Working

Air conditioner thermostats occasionally stop working. This causes a considerable hassle, specifically during the summer season. However, it is inevitable that once or twice this incident happens. Here are a few steps to take when your air conditioner thermostat stops working 

1) turn your air conditioner and ThermostatThermostat off

2) look for your circuit breaker box and find it.

3) reset the circuit breaker of your air conditioner unit.

4) wait for approximately 30 seconds.

5) turn your air conditioner on and see if it works.

6) If it still doesn’t work, contact a mechanic to fix it.

Do Air Conditioner Thermostats Go Bad?

Air conditioner thermostats have a long life. However, sometimes they do go out. 

An air conditioner thermostat has a lifespan of eight to ten years. After this allotted time, anything can happen to it, and it can go bad.

After ten years or so, they start malfunctioning due to their age, wiring or dust issues. However, it’s very uncommon for it to go bad before ten years.

Should Air Conditioner Thermostats Be Changed Regularly?

Air conditioner thermostats are used regularly. However, they have a lifespan of ten years. This indicates that before this time frame, the possibilities of your air conditioner thermostat malfunctioning are slim to none. 

So the best thing for your air conditioner thermostat is to change it once it starts malfunctioning and make sure it’s clean.

Factory Resetting Your Air Conditioner Thermostat 

Factory reset is erasing all the data stored in your air conditioner thermostat. 

Here’s how to factory reset your air conditioner thermostat 

1) Make sure your ThermostatThermostat is turned off

2) open the battery compartment 

3) take the batteries out

4) Place the batteries back on in reverse to the indicated polarity by the markings in the battery holder.

5) Keep batteries like that for a few seconds.

6) take the batteries out and put them back in the right direction 

7) if the display lights up, this means it’s working again

This is the best way to do a factory reset on your air conditioner thermostat.  


Air conditioner thermostats do have batteries. These batteries are a backup system that stores the data in case of a power outage. So, I hope you got the answer to “ Do air conditioner thermostats have batteries?”

These batteries play a significant role in the air conditioner thermostat. By paying close attention, you can easily keep your air conditioner thermostat running. It only takes a straightforward task to keep your air conditioner thermostat going. That simple task is making sure your backup batteries are always up to par. This way, you will save a ton of money and keep the hot summer days away.

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