Has this question ever crossed your mind that? Do I need an air purifier if I have an air conditioner? So today, I will clear out this confusion. 

An air purifier is as important as an air cooler. These two are whole different devices, but both of them are wonderful at their job. One cleans the air, and the other cools down the temperature by removing the high heat and moisture from the air. But are these connected? Is it necessary to use an air purifier with an aircon? 

Today I will discuss this matter in this article. So without any further delays, let’s get started. 

Do I Need An Air Purifier If I Have An Air Conditioner

Do I Need An Air Purifier If I Have An Air Conditioner?

You will need an air purifier even if you have an air cooler. These two are different devices, and both of them work differently. One cleans the air, and the other one removes high heat and moisture from the air. 

So even though you own an aircon, you must need an air purifier to make a better air quality. 

What Is An Air Purifier? 

Do you know what an air purifier is? Today let’s know about that before starting the further conversation. 

An air purifier or an air cleaner is a machine that helps clean the air of a room by removing all the impurities, dirt, or pollutants from the air to improve the air quality. 

Every home should have an air purifier. It is a very important device. It not only helps to clean the air but also helps us to have good health. Because you see, bad air quality can cause many respiratory problems. 

So you can say buying an air purifier is a must if you live in a polluted area or if you want to have good quality air. 

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How Does It Work?

In the previous conversation, I told you what an air purifier is. But do you know how air purifiers work?

A properly working air purifier maintains different stages. First, the air purifier consumes the air which can be found in the room. Next, it consumes the air so that all the other air pollutants come with it. Then that impure air goes into the filters so that it can trap down the pollutants. Then after trapping those pollutants, the air purifier releases the cleaner air to improve the air quality. 

Besides, the better the air purifier, the better its performance will be. This is because it has an air volume system so that it is able to work according to the location. So for bigger rooms, its volume will be higher. For smaller rooms, its volume will be lower. 

It is suggested that you should install one air purifier in each room to have better performance. 

Types Of An Air Purifier 

There are five different types of air purifiers that you can find in the market at this moment. They are- 

  1. HEPA filter: This type of air purifier can trap the smallest pollutants from the air, such as 0.3 microns. They can also catch viruses and bacterias. 
  1. Activated Carbon: This type of purifier can capture bad smells from the air. 
  1. Electrostatic Precipitators use high voltage energy to charge the pollutants to go through the filter. 
  1. Ultraviolet Light Air Purifier: This kind of air purifier kills germs by using Uv lights from the air.
  1. Ozone Generators: This type of purifier can also capture bad smells from the air and often can be seen in malls and hotels.

What Are The Benefits Of An Air Purifier?

There are some benefits of using an air purifier. They are- 

  1. It can help people with respiratory diseases. 
  1. It can help to increase the air quality.
  1. It can clear the impurities, pollutants, dirt etc., from the air. 
  1. Lower down the chances of having Airborne disease. 
  1. It helps to have a better sleep. 
  1. Can remove harmful chemicals inside of your home. 
  1. It helps to remove bad smells. 
  1. By giving you better air quality, it can also help you to live long. Etc. 

Why Are Air Purifiers Bad For You?

Everything has its own pros and cons. The same goes for air purifiers. There are many types of air purifiers. From them, one is called an Ozone air purifier. Some people think installing an ozone air purifier may help asthma patients. But it is wrong. Sometimes inhaling through ozone air purifiers can worsen the asthma situation. 

Ozone generators are usually sold as air purifiers which can make gas ozone into the air. It can change the smell of the air by giving a fresher vibe, for which people think it is working as a purifier.

 But the thing is, it can not trap the tiny specks of dirt or impurities, which is the trigger point for any asthma patient. 

Even for a small moment, breathing in an ozone gas can worsen the situation for an asthma patient. It can cause throat irritations, can irritate lungs, suffocation, coughing, chest pain etc. 

When Should You Use An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers work best in closed places. So it would be best if you closed your doors and windows while using them. 

In the morning, you are free to open your door and windows for fresh air and ventilation but switch off your air purifier at that time. You can again switch it on when you are ready to close the doors and windows for better service. 

What Makes Air Conditioners Unsuitable As An Air Purifier? 

An air cooling system usually works by consuming air from your room then cooling down your room’s temperature by releasing them. The more it can consume air, the faster it will cool down the room. 

Now, if you use an air cooling system and an air purifier in the same room at the same time, then imagine what will happen. Air purifiers also consume the air from the room, then clean it through its filters, and then release it. 

If you install and then switch them on together, what will happen is, air coolers will take time to cool down the room because they won’t be able to get proper air to cool down the room for the air purifier. 

Why Do Air Purifiers Are Needed In A Room With An Air Conditioner?

Air purifiers and air coolers are two different devices. They are not connected to each other and can not even do each other’s work. 

Air coolers are basically used to remove the high temperature and high moisture from the air and cool down your room to make you comfortable. On the other hand, air purifiers consume the air and trap down the pollutants, then filter them and then again release them into the air, but this time it will be clean air. 

Tell me how an air cooler can work as an air purifier or an air purifier works as an air cooler? Each device works separately, and each device fulfills its work differently.

On the other hand, rooms with air cooling systems need air purifiers more because the same air keeps circulating in your room with an aircon. So to keep that room’s air clean, you just need an air purifier. 

But you have to use them separately. Because if you use them together, your AC won’t be able to cool down faster due to the shortage of air. 

However, you do need an air purifier, even if you have an air cooler.

Are Air Purifiers Really Worth It?

Using air purifiers has so many benefits. It has done an excellent job, from improving your room’s air quality to improving your health. 

It helps to clean the air by trapping down the pollutants, helps to remove odour, helps for respiratory disease patients, helps to have a longer lifespan and what not. 

That’s why buying an air purifier is absolutely worth it. 

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust?

Air purifiers are made for trapping dust and for supplying clean air. Air purifiers remove dust from the air by trapping them and then filtering them. After filtering them, they again release that air, but it releases the clear air this time. 

So if you want to buy an air purifier, then I can assure you that it can remove dust from the air. 

Where Is The Best Place To Put An Air Purifier? 

It will be best if you put your air purifier in front of a window or near your doorway. These places mainly have a lot of airflows. If you put your air purifier in these places, it can easily trap down the impurities and distribute the clean air throughout your home. 

How Long Does It Take To Clean The Room? 

For how long your air purifier will take to clean your room depends on three things. They are- 

  1. The size of the room.
  1. Present air quality. 
  1. And the volume of your air purifier. 

If your room is small, then it will take about 30 minutes to clean your room correctly. If it is a larger room, then it will take two to three hours to clean the room. 

How Much Does A Good Air Purifier Cost? 

If you are willing to buy an air purifier but don’t know the amount, then I have got your back. 

The air purifier’s cost depends on the model and quality. You will generally get a good air purifier from about $185 to $600, excluding the filter. You have to buy the filter separately. It will cost $100 to $200, again depending on the quality. 

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How To Choose Your Indoor Air Purifier?

If you are willing to buy an air purifier but unable to choose the correct one, then I can help you with that.

Before buying a new purifier, you have to keep some things on your mind, which is, if it is your health need or you just want to use it for comfort and to have clean air. 

Each air purifier is different. Keeping your needs on your mind, you can easily decide which type of air purifier you should buy. Some come with many filtration levels, some are high quality and expensive, some are best for respiratory problems. Please select the one among them as per your need. 

If you prioritize the need before your comfort, it will make it easier for you to decide which air purifier will be the best for you. 


I guess by now you know your answer to your question, which states that, do I need an air purifier if I have an air conditioner? 

Air purifiers are just as crucial as air coolers. I hope this article has helped you to know your answer. So without any delays, buy an air purifier as soon as possible if you don’t own one.

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