Does new air conditioners need to qualify for tax credit? Starting January 2021, the tax credit has been extended once again. The extension was made on January 15, 2021. This extension means that new air conditioners do qualify for a tax credit.

Air Conditioners are essential electronic appliances. Almost every single household around the globe has air conditioners in their house. On hot summer days, air conditioners are the only things that save us from the scorching heat. 

Air Conditioners not only keep our rooms cool, but they also control the humidity, keep bugs away. So we can pretty much say that air conditioners are relatively essential, which is why there’s a tax credit on them.

does a new air conditioner qualify for tax credit

Does New Air Conditioners Need To Qualify For Tax Credit?

As days go by, the importance we give to electronic appliances increases. As importance increases, the usage increases as well, so the sales of these appliances go up. When something is selling at such a good pace, it’s common for the government to put tax credit on it. For this reason, the government put a tax credit on air conditioners.  

Every year when the summer season comes around, people all over the world buy air conditioners. This makes them a very highly sold appliance. Almost 5.67 million people buy air conditioners every year. There are over one bn single-room air conditioning units in the world right now as we speak—about one air conditioner for every seven people on earth.

Air Conditioners have a long life. Each air conditioner lasts about 10years. However, they are prevalent in household appliances which is why the government cranked up the tax credit on air conditioners. Starting 2021 January 15, the Tax Credit has been extended again by the government, which means that certain qualifying air conditioners installed through December 31, 2021, are eligible for a $300 tax credit. 


Air Conditioners are a staple appliance in households. People use air conditioners almost every day. Some of these air conditioners meet the requirements for a 300$ tax credit. Air conditioners following the requirements below are eligible for the 300$ tax credit

  1. The air conditioner must have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER has to be greater than 16 or equal to 16.
  2. The air conditioner must have an energy efficiency ratio higher than or equal to 13
  3. The packaged systems have to have a seasonal energy efficiency that has to be greater than or equal to 16.
  4. The systems which are packed has to have an energy efficiency ratio has to be greater than or equal to 12
  5. ENERGY STAR air conditioners meet the criteria of tax credit products. 

Whenever an air conditioner meets all of these criteria, it just means that they are eligible for the 300$ tax credit.

Are New Air Conditioners Eligible For Tax Deduction In 2021?

Most new air conditioners installed in 2021 are eligible for a tax credit up to 300$, sometimes less than 300$.

Tax credits are provided to residents who fit the 9criterias talked about in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. However, one of the other conditions is that the air conditioner has to be installed in a primary residence. Therefore, offices, rentals, business places are not qualified. 

Is It Possible For You To Claim Taxes On Air Conditioners?

If you are working online and from home, you can claim that on your monthly running expenses. This monthly running expenses include your room rent, electricity bill, work phone costs, etcetera. 

This is a fundamental matter, but most people tend to overlook it. But, after calculating all of these expenses, it comes out to be a considerable amount of money at the end of the day. So it’s Incredibly to add this to your list of monthly running expenses. 

Tax Rates On Air Conditioners 

Every single household electronic appliance. At the same time, buying these appliances, we have to provide a certain amount of money to the government. This is considered as tax. Tax is compulsory. 

Tax helps a nation or state-run financially. The average taxes people pay the government is used to help the country. The ordinary tax people pay every month on their daily purchases or their bills is used to build new bridges, new roads, new gas lines, and tons of other things. So it’s obvious how necessary taxes are for a nation.

The amount of tax the government takes on air conditioners is 28%. But, judging by today’s market, 28% isn’t that high, especially for developing your country

Are Air Conditioners Capital Goods?

Goods that are used in producing other goods and are helpful to a nation are called capital goods. For example, air Conditioners are also capital goods.

Air Conditioners are considered capital goods because they increase productivity in humans which leads to people working a lot more. This is why air conditioners are considered capital goods.

Are Air Conditioners Expensive?

Air Conditioners can be very expensive. The price of an air conditioner depends on its cooling capacity. The higher the cooling capacity, the higher the price.

However, sometimes a famous brand’s air conditioner will be pricier than the rest as a famous brand makes it. This is because these branded air conditioners are better in quality than the rest. Thus, they have cost a lot more. 

Types Of Air Conditioners 

There are many types of air conditioners. Each air conditioner has a specific exceptional quality. All of these air conditioners were made for different types of places.

There are six different types of air conditioners. They are:

  1. Central air conditioner 
  2. Ductless air conditioner 
  3. Window unit air conditioner 
  4. Portable unit air conditioner
  5. Hybrid air conditioner 
  6. Geothermal air conditioner 

Best Type Of Air Conditioners For A House

There are six types of air conditioners. Amongst them, the best type of air conditioner for a house is the central air conditioner. Central air conditioners are typical in homes.

Central air conditioners circulate cold air through supply ducts and registers. Central air conditioners are split system air conditioners. Therefore, central air conditioners need an adequate amount of space and maintenance.

Central air conditioners are a lot more expensive to install and to run. They are more expensive to fix as well. You could buy another air conditioner with the price of getting a Central air conditioner fixed.

Is A Central Air Conditioner Worth The Price?

Central air conditioners are costly. They are more expensive than every other type of air conditioner. Fixing and installing a central air conditioner takes a lot of money. So Instead of getting it fixed, you can easily buy a new air conditioner with that money.

However, a central air conditioner is the best way to go for home air conditioning. Central air conditioners cool the room faster than other air conditioners, so if you can deal with expenses, then Central air conditioners are the way to go.

Does A Central Air Conditioner Raise The Value Of Your House?

Central air conditioners are very common. Central air conditioners are best for homes. They cool the area very quickly and are the best way to go for home air conditioning. 

By installing a central air conditioning system, you can increase the value of your house by 10%, which is a vast amount of money. However, after getting it installed and buying the central air conditioner, much money has been used up even though it raises the house’s value, it’s still short of a few thousand dollars. 

Are Air Conditioners Essential For Humans?

Air Conditioners are used to cool a particular space. However, air conditioners aren’t just used to cool a room; they are also used to control humidity, increase work productivity, keep insects away, and comfort human beings.

However, air conditioners in no way are essential. The essential things people need are food, medicine, clothes, a place to live in, and education. Air Conditioners are not on this list. As they are a product made for luxury.

Even though they are not essentials today, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be essential 5years from now. Judging by how quickly the temperature all over the globe is rising soon, life without air conditioners will become impossible. 


The new air conditioners qualify for a tax credit if they meet the criteria. As long as they meet the criteria, these air conditioners will qualify for the tax credit. Knowledge about air conditioners’ tax credits is fundamental. The tax credit applies to new air conditioners installed between 2018 and 2020, according to the law made on January 15, 2021. 

This new law benefits the government vastly. It also helps the nation a lot as the tax money is used to fix things. This is why we should always pay our taxes and make sure everyone else is aware of paying their taxes. I hope now you know why do new air conditioners need to qualify for tax credit.

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