The Blaux has come up with various unique air conditioning devices. But are they good enough to provide maximum comfort? Today we will dissect the Blaux portable air conditioner. We will see does Blaux portable air conditioner works or not?

The Blaux portable air conditioner is a mini air conditioning device. The company made it as a personal air conditioner. They promised maximum comfort. According to them, this device will do wonders. They are charging a lot of money for this tiny gadget.

But people have a lot of confusion about its functionality. Many are hesitating to buy it because the Blaux portable air conditioner is quite expensive. 

Many people do not believe that it is such a magical device. But the ads promised otherwise. So, today I will logically try to find out its various aspects, check the quality, go through technical issues, and see if it is worth the money.

But you may be a beginner in technical things. You may be worried about the terms I am going to use. Do not worry about your technical knowledge. I will try to explain everything as simple as possible to you. 

does blaux portable air conditioner work

Does Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Work?

When I looked into the public reviews, I found consumers were divided into two fractions. Some were saying favorable words for this mini portable air conditioner; some were saying it did not work for them. Some went a little bit further and called it a fraud.

Now, you will be paying around a hundred US Dollars for this little device. So, if it does not work for you at all, you can call it a scam. Nobody should blame you for that. But you can never know the truth in the middle of all this confusion. So, let me answer your question from my knowledge.

So, does Blaux portable air conditioner work? If you consider the specification and functionality, the Blaux portable air conditioner might have some drawbacks. It does cool down some air, but that is not up to the mark.

As I looked into its specifications, I figured out the Blaux mini portable air conditioner does not have the specifications to fulfil the promises made in the advertisements. The cooling area is smaller than you would expect. 

The specifications written in the packaging say that it cools down the air around you in just half a minute. But actually, it takes several minutes more than that. It does not cool as much as a regular air conditioner. The cooling process depends on soaked clothes. So, you may find the process quite messy. 

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Pros And Cons Of Blaux Portable Aircon

It is easy to say that the Blaux portable aircon does not work. But it still has its good sides. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this mini portable air conditioner. Making a decision will be easier for you after going through its positive and negative sides.


  • Size: This is a mini air conditioner. So, it does not take a lot of space. You can keep it on your table.
  • Mobility: It is a portable air conditioning machine. That means you can take it anywhere you like and enjoy the cool air.
  • Rechargeable Battery: This mini air conditioner comes with a charger. It has a rechargeable battery inside. This battery can last up to eight hours.
  • Good Looks: Though the design is simple, It looks fancy on your table.


  • Messy cooling procedure: The cooling process is messy and wet.
  • Slow fan: The fan does not spin quickly enough to make a cooling impact.
  • Overpriced: The price is not budget-friendly at all.
  • Underwhelming functionality: It does not function like a real air conditioner.

Is It Really An Air Conditioner?

At first glance, the Blaux portable air conditioner gave off a swamp cooler vibe to me. It felt more like a mini swamp cooler than a mini air conditioner. As I looked into the internet, I found out a lot of people have the same doubt as me. So, I looked deeper into the machine and figured out how it works.

This portable mini air conditioner uses moisture to cool down the air. This is what a swamp cooler does. Again, an air conditioner must have parts like a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator, etc. all of these things are missing in the Blaux portable air conditioner. 

An air conditioner uses dry air, unlike the mini AC we are talking about. The Blaux portable air conditioner spreads more moisture in the air.

So, here is my opinion on this air conditioner. Although you may think that it is an air conditioner, it is more of a swamp cooler or an air cooler. In my opinion, the Blaux portable AC is anything but an air conditioner.

do i need to drain my toshiba portable air conditioner

Why Is The Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Different From A Regular Air Conditioner?

You already know the Blaux portable air conditioner is very different from an air conditioner. It is far from what we imagine an air conditioner to be. But let’s dive a little deeper and point out the differences. This way, you will have an even more clear view of the issue.

  • A regular air conditioner uses dry air for the cooling procedure. The Blaux portable air conditioner uses soaked material. The water cools down the air blown by the fan. So, you can say it is a moisture-based device.
  • Any kind of air conditioner will spread dry air throughout the room. But, the Blaux portable air conditioner releases moisture in the air.
  • The Blaux portable air conditioner lacks a lot of parts from a regular air conditioner. It does not have any condenser, compressor, or evaporator. These are essential parts of an air conditioner.

Does The Quality Justify The Price?

Now, the price of the Blaux mini portable air conditioner is concerning to many people. It is around a hundred US dollars. No matter how fancy you are as a person, hundred dollars is not a small amount of money. 

So, I would say that this cooling device is quite pricy. The Blaux is not going easy on your wallet. But is it okay for you to spend so much on this air conditioner?

In my opinion, the brand went a little overboard with the pricing. Considering its functionality, it should not cost this much. 

What do you think about the material quality? It is not made of that high-quality material. Although the material is good, it is not of that high quality to reach such a price. 

But even after all this, the opinion may vary from person to person. Some people may find it overpriced; some people may be glad to pay this much for the cooing machine. 

Should You Buy This Portable Mini Air Conditioner?

Now, after all the information I gave you, you may still be wondering whether you should buy the product or not. I have given you all the information I know. Now the final decision regarding this air conditioner is yours. But still, you may need a little bit of a push. I can give you some tips on making the decision. I hope this makes it easier for you to clear up the confusion.

  • Calculate the necessity: is the Blaux portable air conditioner a necessity to you? Or do you just want something fancy close to you?
  • Consider the functionality: does the functionality of this air conditioner fulfil your needs? If the answer is yes, you may proceed to buy this cooler.
  • Decide a budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend on this machine. If the price crosses the budget, this machine might be too much of a luxury to you. You may look for other alternatives for cooling the air in your room.


If you were excited about buying the Blaux portable air conditioner, this review might have disappointed you. But, in my opinion, this is not that much of a bad product. 

It depends on your expectation of this cooling device. Suppose you want an air conditioner to cool down your entire room with a low budget. Buying this machine may not be wise of you. 

But if you are okay with the budget and functionality and you only want a fancy-looking cooling gadget, you are free to buy the Blaux portable air conditioner. I think from this article you got your answer to the question-Does Blaux portable air conditioner works or not?

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