How long do you have to register your Rheem air conditioner? Rheem generates commercials and residential HEATING, VENTILATING, and AIR CONDITIONING implements as a private manufacturing company. 

Your Rheem product is highly qualified and tested for your reliable use. But even then, the ideal products can be influenced by many relatable issues. You might have the question,” How long do I  have to register my Rheem air conditioner?”

 You can also guess some like air and water situation, environmental pressure and mostly have issues in the process of manufacturing. With these issues in mind, Rheem always thinks about the best warranties of their products in the business. So that is why they have given you the option of registering your Rheem products so that you can enjoy the best convenience of their given warranties.

How Long Do I Have To Register My Rheem Air Conditioner

How Long Do I Have To Register My Rheem Air Conditioner?

As you already know that in order to ensure maximum and uninterrupted use of your Rheem air conditioner, you need to be aware of the warranty of the product used, for which you need to confirm your registration process. For this process, you have 60 days in your hand, and that 60-day registration stage starts from their replacement date as indicated on the dealer invoice. And with that comes the question of how you will be able to complete the entire registration process. Registering your Rheem air conditioner as a mechanical product is vital for a number of reasons, and online will help you to accomplish this vital task. 

Everything from purchasing your product to registration, warranty, verification of warranty will no longer be a cause for concern for you as you are online. With a few clicks, you can do these things instantly.

What Should I Know To Register My Rheem Air Conditioner?

Well, at this moment, if you are thinking about the above headline in your mind, then you are in the right direction. If you have a Rheem air conditioner and you are thinking of starting registration for it, then you need to be aware of the registration process of Rheem manufacturing company products first, and it is definitely not as difficult as conquering Everest.

With your kind information, besides air conditioners, Rheem manufactures WATER HEATER AND BOILERS, HEATING VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING equipment, and besides they have POOL AND SPA  solutions for your home and business. This company generates and sells these products with the name of brand RUUD which is a subsidiary of PALOMA industries. If you already have an idea about the product details of Rheem, then after starting the registration process, you will be able to proceed properly with the correct registration of your specific product.

Do I Know All About My Rheem Air Conditioner, Or There Is More?

If the above question comes to your mind, then it means that you already own one of the air conditioners of Rheem. Above all, you may be thinking about your air conditioner to be the coolest and most comfortable condition. Then Rheem will not disappoint you in this case. Featuring the latest, advanced and original cooling methods, Rheem has come up with the best quality air conditioner in the business. They have their modern and smart collection of several best quality series. If you are interested in buying an air conditioner for the first time, then Rheem is an interesting and attractive option for you. Here all their air conditioner collection details have been given for the convenience of your product satisfaction.

Prestige Series: Variable Speed (Ra20)

  • EcoNet Enabled
  • Cooling efficiency: 20.5 SHEER / 14.5 EER
  • Powder Coat Paint system

Classic Plus Series: Two-Stage (Ra17)

  • Efficiencies up to 17 SEER / 13 EER
  • EcoNet enabled
  • Two-Stage
  • Scroll compressor

Classic Series: Two-Stage (Ra17 Non-Communicating)

  • Efficiencies up to 17 SEER/ 13 EER
  • Two-Stage 
  • Scroll compressor              

Classic Series: Single Stage (Ra16)

  • Efficiencies up to 16 SEER/ 13 EER
  • Scroll compressor
  • Composite base pan for quieter operation 

 Classic Series: Single Stage (Ra14**W) 

  • Cooling efficiency: 15 SEER/12.5 EER
  • Single Stage 
  • Composite base pan for quieter operation

 Classic Series: Single Stage (Ra14) 

  • Cooling efficiency : 15 SEER / 12.5 EER
  • Scroll compressor 
  • Composite base pan for quieter operation 

 Classic Series: Single Stage (Ra13)

  • Efficiencies 13-15.5 SHEER/11.5-13 EER
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Composite base pan for a quieter operation

Select Series: Single Stage Wa14

  • Cooling efficiency: 14 SEER/12.5 EER
  • Nominal Sizes: 1.5-5 Tons
  • Grille/Motor mount for quiet operation

Select Series: Single Stage Wa16

  • Cooling efficiency: 16 SEER/12.5 EER
  • Nominal Sizes: 1.5-5 Tons
  • Grille/Motor mount for quiet operation

 Select Series: Single Stage Wa14**W

  • Cooling efficiency: 14 SEER/ 12.5 EER
  • Nominal Sizes: 1.5 to 3 Ton
  • Grille/ Motor for quiet operation

Select Series: Single Stage Wa13

  • Cooling efficiencies up to 13 Seer/11 EER
  • Grille /Motor mount for quite a fan operation
  • Nominal Sizes: 1.5-5 ton

How Can I Start The Registration Process Of My Rheem Air Conditioner?

Well, the main goal of registration of your Rheem air conditioner is already clear to you that Rheem has given you the best option to register your favorite product so that you can enjoy the maximum output of that product warranty.

To start the registration process of your Rheem air conditioner, first, you need one thing, which is your product serial number. If you have the air conditioner, then you also have the product serial number of your selected product. You need this at the time of your registration. First, go to Google, then click the link below.

Register and Verify your Rheem Warranty. This link will help you to go to their registration page through Rheem’s official website. After clicking on the link, the page that will first appear in front of you a paragraph with the headline “PRODUCT WARRANTY INFORMATION” given the title of warranties. 

Since you need to complete the registration process of your Rheem product first, then scroll down the page, and you will see some options with the “VERIFY YOUR WARRANTY” headline first. Then you will see your desired “REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT” headline. In this option, you will find three categories written and bound in red color. These are WATER HEATING, HEATING & COOLING, POOL & SPA. As you have come to this page for registration of your air conditioner, you need to click on the HEATING & COOLING category. 

After clicking on the option, you will see the “LET’S GET STARTED” headline, which will tell “, Please click on the unit type that you are registering today”“. If you notice

below, you will see the options with pictures of six air conditioners. These are mentioned here for your convenience.

The first air conditioner categorized outdoor unit and air handler, the second one is an outdoor unit, gas furnace and cooling coil, the third one is an outdoor unit and cooling coil, the fourth one is an indoor unit only, 5th one is an outdoor unit only and the last but not the least package unit. 

After the six categorized options, you will again see a Mini Split option which will tell you if you are registering a Mini Split system; please click it. After clicking that Mini Split system option, they will give you five types of Mini-Split air conditioner categories with pictures. At the last of these five categories, you will now see the registration option for the Non-Mini Split system according to the same. 

Here in this Non-Mini Split category, you will find six types of Non-Mini-Split air conditioner categories with pictures. Absolutely as many as from the beginning to the end picture related categorized Rheem air conditioners.

In the meantime, you choose your Rheem air conditioner and click on that specific image of your air conditioner of that category. After clicking on your specific one, they will show you the headline  “UNIT REGISTRATION”.

Under the headline, you will find a box named outdoor unit serial number, which will tell you PLEASE ENTER THE OUTDOOR UNIT SERIAL NUMBER below and click on submit. You were first asked to complete the registration process for your Rheem air conditioner; you need one thing for sure, which is your product serial number. Enter the serial number in the box and then click on submit. Congratulations if you have succeeded in your registration.

After Registration Of My Rheem Air Conditioner, What Should I Know About The Warranty?

If you have already completed the registration process, then you know enough about your Rheem product warranty. You will get an option on their official website by clicking the link  Register and Verify your Rheem Warranty to verify your warranty. In this option, your serial number is required for verification. 

There you can see two categorized options WATER HEATING and HEATING & COOLING. If you want to verify your Rheem air conditioner warranty, then you need to click on the HEATING & COOLING option. After that, they will reach you to their verification page, where you can see the “VERIFY YOUR HEATING & COOLING PRODUCT WARRANTY REGISTRATION” heading, which tells you to verify your limited warranty registration, enter your product serial number. 

There is a box below it named  VERIFY WARRANTY REGISTRATION with a green tick sign. You need to enter your product serial number first.

Suppose the Valid serial Number of your product is A0337215177. You need to input the last ten characters of your product serial number without any spaces. After entering your product serial number, click the red color submit option. There you go.

Advantages Of Registering My Rheem Air Conditioner

  • Security of maximum and uninterrupted uses of your Rheem air conditioner.
  • If you get your Rheem product warranty, you can ensure your product satisfaction.
  • After completing the registration, your Rheem warranty card will come in your hand. Then you can also verify your warranty through it.
  • With warranty verification, you will be aware of the maturity of your Rheem air conditioner and the idea of its overall usability.
  • If the warranty of your Rheem product is granted through registration, then you can get the promise of certain services in case of any difficulty.

What If I Do Not Register My Rheem Air Conditioner?

Since an air conditioner is a systematic electronic device, mechanical failure can occur at any time. Instruments cannot always be in the same way, and it has a fixed life cycle. 

An air conditioner is usually based on external heat, pressure, and water vapor to determine how actively and efficiently an air conditioner will work. Your Rheem air conditioner is designed in such a way that it can serve you successfully for a long time. 

But Rheem has kept their product registration procedure to give you maximum buyer satisfaction keeping in mind various mechanical errors; Rheem kept their product registration procedure to provide the maximum crazy satisfaction. 

If you have a Rheem air conditioner or any of their products, then their product registration process should be followed. If you do not include registration, you will be unable to be aware of your Rheem product warranty. If you fail to know the information about your product’s warranty, you can not ensure the best use of it. 

Another thing is servicing your air conditioner, which depends on warranty security. Due to mechanical faults, servicing electronic products is always required. In this case, if the warranty of your product is not guaranteed, then you will be deprived of your desired service. 

As a result, you are not getting the maximum expected output of your product. If you are aware of the above, you should ensure proper registration of your air conditioner.


It is hoped that after reading the entire post, you will be fully aware of how long you have to register my Rheem air conditioner and get all the details related to the registration process. After purchasing your product, its registration last timing, the benefits of registration, and related problems if you prevent all your curiosity connected to the warranty concepts then you already have a high level of idea about your product. Do everything you need to do to ensure proper and maximum use of your Rheem air conditioner.

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