Look no further! In this blog post, I’ll give you ten simple ways to dispose of your old carpet.

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How To Dispose Of Carpet: 10 Simple Ways

How To Dispose Of Carpet: 10 Simple Ways

Disposing of old carpets can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily remove and dispose of your old carpet with a few simple steps. First, roll up and tape strips of old carpet for easier disposal.

Next, remove the carpet padding, tack strips, and staples. After that, clean the area before disposing of the carpet in your garbage, taking it to a landfill, donating it, or recycling it. You could even reuse or burn the old carpet if you wanted to. When disposing of old carpets, plenty of options are available to you.

1. Remove Carpet Padding

Removing carpet padding can be a challenging task, but it’s necessary to properly dispose of the carpet. First, gently pull the staples from the floor using pliers, a screwdriver, or a staple remover. Once the staples are removed, you can move on to the padding. Boiling water can be used to loosen stubborn glue, and after 10 minutes, you can use a scraper to remove it from the subfloor. Finally, throw away the staples and sweep up the loose padding for disposal.

2. Remove Tack Strips

The next step is to remove the tack strips. I recommend wearing thick gloves while doing so, as they can be sharp and hazardous to your hands. For this step, all you need are your tools and patience. Please start at the marked tack strips and loosen them.

This may be difficult for some people, but it gets easier with some practice; once you’ve loosened the strips, slide them into the center of the old carpet rolls. This prevents them from poking through plastic garbage bags and potentially hurting someone. Now that the tack strips are disposed of properly, you can move on to the next step.

3. Remove Carpet Staples

After you remove the carpet padding and tack strips, you’ll need to remove the carpet staples. This can be a tedious task but can be done relatively quickly with the right tools. I recommend using a sharp-bladed floor scraper to make the job easier.

Start by cleaning up the area with a broom and a shop vac. Once everything is clean, carefully scrape away at the staples with your floor scraper. This should only take a few minutes and will save you hours of pulling out staples with pliers.

When you’re finished, use your broom and shop vac to clean up any mess you made from removing the staples. Then you’ll be ready to move on to disposing of your old carpet!

4. Clean the Area

Now that you’ve removed the carpet padding, tack strips, and staples, it’s time to clean the area. First things first, sweep up any remaining debris and dust. Then vacuum the area with a shop vac for a more thorough clean.

Once that’s done, combine a DIY solution of 1 part white vinegar and three parts water to scrub your carpet with a soft bristle scrub brush. This will help remove any old stains and dirt. Finally, if you have any large pieces of carpet or carpet padding, you can use services like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to make your carpet recycling easy and hassle-free.

5. Dispose of Carpet in Your Garbage

If you don’t have the option to donate or recycle your old carpet, then disposing of it in your regular garbage is the next best option.

After you’ve removed the carpet padding and tack strips, cut and roll up the carpet into small sections to make it easier to store. Be sure not to throw large amounts of carpet into your general trash can- this can be overfilling and cause an issue with your local waste management facilities.

Instead, throw small amounts in your regular garbage or schedule a bulk pickup for larger amounts. Disposing of it this way won’t benefit the environment, but at least you won’t contribute to landfills.

6. Take It to a Landfill

If disposing of your old carpet in your regular trash isn’t an option, taking it to a landfill is an option. Landfills will typically accept most types of carpet, although they may charge a fee for disposal.

Make sure to call ahead and ask about any fees that may apply and if there are any materials they cannot accept.

Be prepared, bring the necessary tools to remove the carpet and padding, and have something to transport the material in, such as a truck or trailer. Before taking it to the landfill, ensure you’ve followed the steps outlined in this article to ensure you’re properly disposing of the carpet – from removing all the staples and tack strips to cleaning up any debris left behind.

7. Donate It

Donating old carpets is a great way to give back to your local community while eliminating something you no longer need.

Not only can you help someone in need, but it’s also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by keeping the carpet out of landfills. Donating old carpets is easy; you only have to find a local organization or charity that will accept the donation and make arrangements for pickup or drop-off.

Some organizations may even offer donation tax deductions, so check before donating. It’s important to remember that donated carpet must be in good condition, so make sure you clean it and remove any staples, padding, and tack strips before donating.

8. Recycle It

Recycling your old carpet is a great way to keep it out of landfills and give it a second life. To recycle your carpet, you must prepare it by rolling it up with the yarn side out and cutting it into smaller sections.

This will make it easier to store and transport. Once you’re ready, check with your local government website or contact your local household waste recycling facility to find out where to drop off the carpet.

Alternatively, plenty of companies offer carpet recycling services, so you can also contact them. These simple steps help you keep old carpets out of landfills and reduce your environmental impact.

9. Burn It

Burning your old carpet can be a great way to safely dispose of it. This disposal method is becoming more popular, as many carpet manufacturers practice zero-waste in their recycling process.

This means that instead of disposing of the carpet in a landfill, they are burning the waste to generate electricity. It is important to follow all the necessary safety precautions when burning your carpet, such as wearing the right safety gear and using the right tools.

You’ll also want to ensure you are in an area that won’t be affected by smoke or ash from the burning process. Once everything is set up, light your old carpet on fire and let it burn away until nothing is left!

10. Reuse It

One of the best ways to reuse old carpets is to repurpose them into something useful and useful for your home. For instance, you can cut the carpet into smaller pieces and use them to make rugs or mats for your home or car.

You can also use the old carpet as padding for your furniture or as insulation for walls or floors. Finally, if you want to add a bit of creativity to your project, you can use the old carpet as an art medium and create a unique piece of art!


In summary, disposing of old carpets can be challenging, but with the right tools and resources, it can be done safely and sustainably.

There are many options to choose from, including throwing small amounts in the trash, scheduling a bulk pickup for larger amounts, taking it to a landfill for recycling at a reduced rate, donating it to charity or an animal shelter, recycling it through CARE, burning it in an outdoor fire pit, or even reusing pieces of carpet for craft projects.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your local regulations and how much carpet you are dealing with.

What can I do with the old carpet?

There are a few options available for disposing of old carpets. I can either donate it, recycle it, burn it, or reuse it. Donating is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need. I can also take it to my local landfill or recycling center for disposal.

Burning is an option if I have access to a safe fire pit, and reusing is also an option if I can clean the carpet thoroughly and use it in another area of my home. No matter what I decide to do with my old carpet, I should be sure to properly dispose of any accompanying tack strips or staples before I do so.

Can I donate an old carpet?

Yes, you can donate old carpets! Many local charities and organizations specializing in building or home restoration often accept donations of new or unused carpets. Jump to the locator for local carpet recycling centers in your area to see if they accept carpet donations.

It’s important to properly clean and prepare the carpet for donation. Check with the organization you’re donating to; some may have additional requirements for donated items. Donating your old carpets is a great way to keep them out of landfills and help your community at the same time.

Can I recycle the old carpet?

Yes, you can recycle old carpets! Many local governments have programs or disposal sites for recycling carpets and rugs.

You can also look for curbside pickups or drop-off locations in your area. It’s important to properly remove the carpet before recycling it, so safely remove any padding or staples before you roll it up into manageable sections.

You can also look for local recyclers who will take your old carpet and turn it into useful new products. Recycling your old carpet is an eco-friendly way to dispose of it, so check out your local recycling options before throwing out your old carpets and rugs!

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