Well, look no further! I am here to show you how to use a carpet shampooer so you can make your carpets look new again.

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How To Use A Carpet Shampooer?

How To Use A Carpet Shampooer?

Using a carpet shampooer is an effective way to clean your carpets deep, but it can be unsafe if you’ve never done it before. Before you begin, collect all the necessary cleaning supplies and fill the clean water tank.

Then, start in a far corner of the room and press the button to release the carpet shampoo. Move slowly and use the machine in a back-and-forth motion to ensure that all areas are evenly covered. Allow the shampoo to dwell for 5-10 minutes before sucking up the water, and if there is any residue remaining, re-clean that area with the shampooer.

Lastly, empty the dirty water tank and refill it with clean water before repeating these steps until the carpet is clean. With a few simple steps, you can use your carpet shampooer to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean!

1. Collect Cleaning Supplies

Before I start shampooing my carpet, I want to ensure I have all the necessary supplies. This includes a carpet shampooer, shampoo, a vacuum cleaner, a cleaning solution, and a few towels. Once I have all the required items, I can begin prepping the room for the shampooing process. This includes removing furniture and any other items from the carpeted area.

Vacuuming the area thoroughly will help to remove any dirt and debris that may be on the carpet. This will help ensure that the shampoo works more effectively and can clean more deeply into the carpet’s fibers. Once I’ve collected all my supplies and prepped the room, I’m ready to start shampooing!

2. Fill the Clean Water Tank

Next up is filling the clean water tank. This is a crucial step and can be done with either warm or cold tap water. To fill the tank, open the lid of the clean water tank with the desired amount of warm or cold tap water.

The exact amount will depend on the size of your machine’s tank; refer to your user manual for specific instructions. Once you’ve filled it, attach the lid securely, and you’re ready! By now, you should have everything you need to start shampooing your carpets. All you have to do is turn on your machine and get ready to start cleaning!

3. Start in a Far Corner of the Room

Starting in a far corner of the room is critical when using a carpet shampooer. Before starting, it’s essential to make sure all furniture has been moved out of the room, if possible, or at least vacuumed around and underneath furniture that can’t be moved.

Once the room is ready, start in the far corner and slowly walk forward, pressing the button on the handle to release the carpet shampoo gently. As you move slowly, let the shampoo dwell on your carpets for a few minutes before using the machine in a back-and-forth motion to work it in.

This will help ensure optimum cleaning results. Once you’ve reached the room’s opposite wall, you can start working your way back to the unwashed margin at the front of the floor head.

4. Press the Button to Release Carpet Shampoo

Once you have your cleaning supplies ready, it’s time to fill the clean water tank in the carpet shampooer. Then, start in a far corner of the room and press the button to release the carpet shampoo. Make sure to move at a slow pace and let the shampoo dwell for a few minutes so that it can work its magic.

Use the machine in a back-and-forth motion while pressing down firmly on the handle, and then release the button 30 cm before the end of your cleaning pass so that both the spray and suction stop. Finally, tilt the machine back slightly and move forward to suck up the remaining water. Afterward, look at your carpets to ensure no residue is left behind, and re-clean if needed.

5. Move at a Slow Pace

Moving at a slow pace is essential when using a carpet shampooer. Powered brushes rotate (on a brush bar, like some vacuum cleaners have) or move from side to side, making them more effective in cleaning carpets than a vacuum cleaner.

When shampooing the mat, I recommend making one quick pass over low-traffic areas and two slow passes over high-traffic areas. On lightly soiled carpets, the manufacturer recommends moving at a pace of one foot per second. Still, filthy carpets need a slower pace of one foot every two seconds to ensure the shampoo has enough time to dwell and adequately clean the carpet fibers.

This slow motion helps remove as much dirt and grime as possible, gives you more control over the machine and prevents over-saturating the carpet with too much water.

6. Let the Shampoo Dwell

Once I have applied the pre-spray and given it 10-15 minutes of dwell time, I will start shampooing the carpet. It is essential to allow the cleaning solution to break down the soiling before scrubbing. This will give me the best results and help to loosen any dirt and debris ground into the carpet’s fibers.

I will let the shampoo dwell for 5 to 10 minutes to work into the carpet and do its job correctly. If there are any heavily soiled areas, I can apply a heavy shampoo here and give it a few extra minutes of dwell time. After allowing the shampoo to work, I can scrub the carpet with my floor machine.

7. Use the Machine in a Back and Forth Motion

Once the shampoo has had a chance to dwell, it is time to use the machine in a back-and-forth motion. This motion is essential as it helps to pick up any dirt or residue that may have remained from the shampooing process.

Ensure the vacuum component of the carpet extractor is always running, and move in a back-and-forth motion, as this gets the maximum suction for a thorough clean.

The Pro-Deep Machine is user-friendly and allows a back-and-forth cleaning motion similar to a vacuum, making it an ideal choice for deep-cleaning carpets. It also features digital indicator lights that tell you when it’s time to refill the clean water tank and empty the dirty water tank.

8. Suck Up the Water

Once you have scrubbed the carpet, it is time to suck up all the leftover water and shampoo residue. Press the clean water button and slowly push the machine over the carpet. As you do this, the engine will start to suck up the excess water from the carpet fibers.

Once you have reviewed the entire area, release the button and pull the machine backward. This will help ensure that all of the dirt and grime are removed from your carpets. After this step, you can move on to emptying your dirty water tank.

9. Check for Residue and Re-clean if Necessary

Once you have finished shampooing the carpet, the next step is to check for any remaining residue. To do this, remove a portion of the carpet and inspect underneath for any areas that may have been missed during the shampooing process.

If you find any places of residue, you can reapply carpet shampoo and go over them again. Removing all residue altogether is essential, as leaving it behind can lead to a build-up of dirt over time. You should also check the carpet for any signs of damage caused by the shampooer; if there are any problems, contact the manufacturer or your local repair shop.

10. Empty the Dirty Water Tank and Refill it with Clean Water.

Once the shampoo has been applied and vacuumed, it’s time to empty the dirty tank and refill it with clean water. To do this, turn off the machine and pull the dirty water tank from the device. Carefully pour out the dirty water, making sure not to spill any on the floor.

Once you have emptied all of the dirty water, fill the tank with clean, warm water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when filling your tank, as different machines have different requirements. Once you have filled your tank, replace it with your cleaner, and you’re ready to continue cleaning!


Shampooing your carpets is a great way to keep them looking and feeling clean. You can quickly achieve outstanding results by following these steps and using the right equipment. Now that you know how to use a carpet shampooer, you’ll be able to freshen up your carpet and maintain it for years to come. Don’t forget to prepare the room before shampooing, and empty and refill the tanks with clean water after each use. With regular maintenance, your carpet will look like new for many years.

How do I prepare the room before shampooing?

Before shampooing the carpet, it is essential to prepare the room. This includes vacuuming the whole room, looking for particularly soiled patches on the rug and pre-treating them, using fans, opening windows in any rooms cleaned, and turning your air conditioning system to ‘fresh air’ mode.

Additionally, moving any furniture out of the way is always a good idea to ensure you don’t miss any areas. Thoroughly preparing the room before shampooing will help ensure your carpets are as clean as possible.

What are the steps for shampooing the carpet?

Shampooing your carpet is not complex, as long as you have the right supplies and follow the steps correctly. First, collect all the necessary supplies, such as a carpet shampooer, carpet shampoo, and a brush.

Fill the clean water tank with water and carpet shampoo mixture. Start in a far corner of the room and press the button to release the carpet shampoo. Move slowly and let the shampoo dwell for at least 30 minutes, but if you have time, you can leave it overnight.

Use the machine in a back-and-forth motion to agitate the cleaner into the carpet fibers. Then suck up the water and check for residue before re-cleaning if necessary. Finally, empty the dirty tank and refill it with clean water before you finish.

How do I clean and maintain my carpet shampooer?

After shampooing my carpets, I must maintain my carpet shampooer properly. I should start by emptying the dirty water tank and refilling the clean water tank with fresh water. I should then check for any residue that may have been left behind and re-clean the area if necessary.

After that, I can use a soft cloth to wipe down all external surfaces of the machine. This will help to remove any dirt and debris that may have been picked up while shampooing my carpets.

Finally, I should ensure all hoses and attachments are adequately secured and there are no loose parts or damage. My carpet shampooer will last many years with regular maintenance and proper use!

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