Are you someone who is looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months? If so, then you may be wondering Is Dehumidifier Same As Air Conditioner?

We often think about which will be good for us among dehumidifiers and air conditioners to eliminate moisture from our home and keep our home’s environment fresher, cooler, and drier. But every time the words dehumidifier and air conditioner come to our mind, we get confused about which one to buy or which one will be a better option for us.

However, In this blog post, we will explore the difference between these two appliances and help you decide which one is right for you. Stay cool!

is dehumidifier same as air conditioner

Is Dehumidifier Same As Air Conditioner?

Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are almost alike. They are kinda similar to one another but work differently. But no matter what, these two of them are very wonderful machines. 

What Is A Dehumidifier, And What Is An Air Conditioner?

Before we start this article, let’s know what a dehumidifier is and what an air conditioner is. A dehumidifier is an air conditioner device that helps remove the humidity from the air and keeps our home cool and dry, and it helps to keep our home’s moisture intact.

On the other hand, the Air conditioner is a system used to cool down the temperature of our home by removing excess heat or humidity.

How Do The Dehumidifier And Air Conditioner Work?

Although there is a huge similarity between dehumidifiers and air conditioners, they are generally still different from each other.

Dehumidifiers help reduce the moisture level by cooling and drying our home and cleaning the air, moulds, damps, etc. Air conditioners work by eliminating excess heat from our homes while releasing cool air back into the room. Let’s see how they function.

Dehumidifier: It warms air currents to its coil, which releases cooler, drier air into the room through the machine’s other side.

Air conditioner: It has a similar working process pattern as a refrigerator, where heat is captivated into the system and eliminated out of the room.

When Should We Use Dehumidifiers?

There’s a saying that states, “We’ve got to pause and ask ourselves; How much clean air do we need ?.”

Clean air is important. It is very important to make sure our air is clean wherever we air. It’s both a problem of having too much or too little moisture in our home. So let’s learn when is the best time to use a dehumidifier –

  1. Anywhere or anytime if we see any clod or distillation 
  2. When days are mellow, and the air is sticky 
  3. If allergy, dirt, mildew occurs
  4. When indoor dampness crosses 50 per cent.

When Should We Use The AC?

The usage of air conditioners is many. It has become one of the most important devices in our life. Especially in summer, we can’t even think of staying without an air conditioner. Let’s start with the most common causes. For example –

  1. To lower warmth from our house
  2. To deduct the risk of dehydration
  3. To have better rest 
  4. To deduct the risk of sunstrokes
  5. To improve our daily activities etc.

Types Of Dehumidifier

There are three types of dehumidifiers available in the market. They are –

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifier: Such a dehumidifier works similar to a refrigerator. This refrigeration process chills down a metal plate, which moistify the air condenses. A fan constantly mops up the toasty air through the Dehumidifier. Then it deflates into the dehumidifier water tank. Eventually, that’s how it helps to reduce the humidity and brings it to a normal level.
  • Desiccant Dehumidifier: This one is a bit mismatched from the previous one. This one soaks up water from the air using a drier. In a dehumidifier, this dryer spins in a wheel while soaking the moistures. This wheel passes through warm air during this process, which restarts the drier while removing the moisture. Then this condensed water gets collected in the dehumidifier tank.

The reason why Desiccant dehumidifiers are better than Refrigerant dehumidifiers is that they can operate at lower temperatures.

Whole-house ventilation dehumidifiers: Much low cost and most productive one which helps to stay away from wetness, dirt, etc. You can fit it in a big place.. And the best part is, you won’t even know it’s there because there won’t be any hassles or extra tensions about leaving it On or Off.

Types Of Air Conditioners:

Eight types of air conditioners are out there in the market. Each is different from one another, and each fulfils certain purposes.

Now let’s learn about these eight types of air conditioners –

Central air conditioner: 

These types of AC’s are for larger houses. This air conditioner works centrally so that it can be used in multiple rooms at a time. 

Ductless mini-split: 

You can fit this AC anywhere. It will cool down a certain portion of your home, and its temperature will be in your control. Plus, it’s much more affordable.

Window air conditioner: 

This one is the most common type of air conditioner, and it is labelled as the best for cooling, especially in smaller homes. Besides, this one is easier to maintain.

Portable air conditioner: 

This one is quite similar to a window air conditioner, and this one is a free-standing unit. It can be moved anywhere very easily and very quickly and easily to set up. 

Floor-mounted air conditioner: 

If you lack space in your home for any air conditioner, then this one is for you. You can keep it on the floor or anywhere in your house. 

Smart air conditioner:

If you want to save energy and control your air conditioner by staying anywhere in the world through an app, including many other facilities, then this one is for you. Smart air conditioners are a mixed type of mini-split, and both window and portable. 

Geothermal air conditioning system: 

This type of heating and cooling method is new in town. Since the temperature under 4 to 6 feet of the earth remains intact all year, 

This new method takes advantage of heating or cooling down our home and has a longer lifespan. 

Hybrid air conditioner 

It unites a gas boiler with an electrical air source to the heat pump and delivers a low-cost but effective heating and cooling system. But the problem is its initial setup is very costly. 

The Advantage Of Using The Air Conditioner 

The Advantage Of Using An Air Conditioner Is Given Below: 

  • It prevents dehydration and sunstrokes
  • Improves quality of the air by cooling it down
  • It helps to lower the moisture 
  • It helps to reduce asthma or any other respiratory problems
  • It helps to have better rest 
  • Reduce the chances of having infections

The Advantage Of Using A Dehumidifier 

Advantages of using a dehumidifier are given below:

  • It helps to improve air quality by removing moisture. 
  • It helps to prevent dirt, damps, stains in our homes
  • Improve respiratory problems
  • Reduces bone disease
  • It helps to save money from extra charges
  • It helps to reduce skin issues.

The Disadvantages Of Using The Air Conditioner 

  1. Makes skin dry
  2. Increase cost 
  3. Increases health problems 
  4. Increases carbon dioxide in the environment
  5. Contributes indirectly to many pollutants like greenhouse gas

The Disadvantages Of Using A Dehumidifier 

Disadvantages of a dehumidifier:

  • Require maintenance
  • Can be noisy
  • Can be a temporary solutions
  • It cannot be used in heat. 
  • The maintenance can often be costly.
  • Can increase the cost. 

Is There An Air Conditioner That Can Be Used As A Dehumidifier? 

Air conditioners have a dehumidifier mood, and you can use an air conditioner as a dehumidifier. So it is safe to say buying an air conditioner is like a win-win situation. 

On the other hand, dehumidifiers don’t work as air conditioners, and it has only one work to help lower air humidity. 

Which Is Cheaper?

Both these devices are very safe, and both have almost the same amount of credit to make our life comfortable.

But every best thing comes with a price. If you want me to tell you which one is cheaper, my answer is “Dehumidifier. “Dehumidifiers are cheaper than air conditioners, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore buying them.

Which One Helps To Save Energy? 

Both dehumidifiers and air conditioners have different features. The problem with dehumidifiers is, it is not suitable for too much heat. It helps to lower down moisture, but it makes the air a bit warmer after some time. So an air conditioner will be needed to cool down your home’s temperature.

SO about energy saving, again, dehumidifiers win the game, and Dehumidifiers save much more energy than air conditioners. But then again, now there are many kinds of dehumidifiers and air conditioners in the market which saves a lot of energy.

So it’s better to check your priority while buying these products.


So, finally, it is safer to say that Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner have some similarity, but it still works differently. 

I hope this article helps you solve the confusion and contribute to choosing between these two while buying a home in the future.

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