“Is ENERGY STAR a good air conditioner?” This question we hear most when people buy new ACs. 

When we hear the name Energy Star, we start imagining it may be a company or manufacturer. But it is actually a wrong idea for us. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) operates a volunteer project authorised by the government. This project is called Energy Star. It is operated for saving the environment. 

Greenhouse gases are limited by Energy Star and control air pollution, etc. We can start talking about its programs, but it won’t stop easily. 

We are here to help you to know more about whether Energy Star is a good air conditioner or is it beneficial for you and much more related information. Let’s not delay and get into the content. 

Is Energy Star A Good Window Air Conditioner

Is ENERGY STAR A Good Window Air Conditioner? 

Energy Star is a good window air conditioner. There are many reasons behind it. Besides, you will feel good while using it and won’t even think about what makes it this good. 

The services Energy Star gives is unique and like a bunch of comforts with many benefits. Gradually we will know them.  

Certified By Energy Star Means – 

Energy Star certified many electronic home appliances like AC, dishwasher, washing machine, water pump, etc. Many window air conditioners are also certified by Energy Star. 

When we see the logo of Energy Star in a window AC, it means the AC is going to help us effectively. This certification means independent third-party certified it. EPA tests the electronic appliances in their laboratories and keeps them environment friendly. 

This logo of Energy Star can’t be bought by any brand or manufacturer to place in the appliance. How important Energy Star is!       

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Seer Rating Of Energy Star 

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – SEER rating refers to more efficiency, great comfort, energy-saving and so on. 

We know the air conditioner’s standard SEER rating is 13. But 13 to 21 ratings can be seen nowadays in many air conditioners.  

Energy Star air conditioners have 14.5 SEER ratings on must. But it depends mostly on the size of the home. A higher SEER rating means the AC units will be more efficient, and the AC will work fluently.  

Does Energy Star Save Energy? 

Yes, Energy Star saves energy.  

We saw earlier, SEER ratings of Energy Star air conditioners play a role in energy saving. 

Energy Star air conditioners are also tested to check the power usage. The less power it uses, the more energy it saves. 

Energy Star air conditioners consume less power to operate. This way, it saves energy. 

Thus, the electricity bill does not rise suddenly due to the Energy Star. It saves your money also. 

Isn’t it a great deal? 

Why Choose Energy Star? 

We get this question frequently about why people should choose Energy Star. This is actually normal to have this question, as we also had it earlier. 

There are plenty of reasons behind choosing Energy Star. 

Let’s take a look at the mentioned below –  

Energy Star Air conditioner is environment friendly. It plays an important role in protecting the environment.      

It affects two-third lower on the climate than other standard AC refrigerants.    

Air leakage can be prevented effectively with its insulation. It has close-fitting sides that prevent air leakage.  

SEER rating starts from 14.5 that indicates Energy Star’s efficiency.   

It prevents the emission of greenhouse gases. The number is almost 6 billion pounds in a year. Such a huge advantage for the environment. 

More efficient on heating and cooling systems. Noise protected and humidity in control.   

Purifies the air smoothly, minimising dust and pollution, gives fresh air and no harmful gas.  

Energy Star’s HVAC system lasts for 15 to 20 years serving us.   

Easy way of using, no complicated rules included.   

It consumes less than 9percent power to run than operable new models. It also saves energy and money at the same time.   

So many benefits Energy Star window air conditioners can give us. These are the only ones that we know; then, there are even more beyond our knowledge. 

When we are getting so much in one conditioner, we should not think twice before buying it.       

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Top 5 Energy Star Window AC 

There are some Energy Star window ACs that are top-rated till now with their quality. 

Take a look at them before buying a new Energy Star window air conditioner –      

1. TOSOT Window Air Conditioner – Energy Star 


Features – 

• Power Source – Corded Electric 

BTU – 12,000 

Watts – 1,000 

Voltage – 110 Volts 

What We Like –

Controls temperature smartly 

Energy Star rated for energy saving 

Sleep Mode 

Noise Controlled 

Up-to-date design 

What We Don’t Like –   

Sometimes goes on malfunction code

2. LG Energy Star Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner  


Features – 

Power Source – Corded Electronic 

BTU – 9,500 

Warranty – 1 year  

Multi-Speed Fan – 4

What We Like – 

Voice control method 

Saves up to 15% energy 

Sounds as lower it can 

Customise the cooling way  

What We Don’t Like –  

Discloses harmful chemicals like Carbon Black

3. Media EasyCool Window Air Conditioner  


Features – 

Power Source – Corded Media 

BTU – 10,000

Energy Star – 5 

Compressor – Rotary 

What We Like –

Cooling system works fast

No difficulty in installation   

Saves more energy 

Improved Filter purifies the air 

3 in 1 air conditioner    

What We Don’t Like – 

Flammable refrigerant can cause fire   

4. Amazon Basics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner  


Features – 

Power Source – Corded Electric 

Voltage – 115 Volts 

Multi-Speed Fan – 3

What We Like –

Remote controlled units 


Clean and fresh air by purifying the air with a built-in filter

Side panels can be adjusted

What We Don’t Like –  

Responds slowly to remote control 

Noises problem rises suddenly    

5. FRIGIDAIRE Energy Star Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner  


Features – 

Power Source – Corded Electric 

Warranty – 1 year

Multi-Speed Fan – 3

BTU – 6000 

What We Like – 

Direct the way of air with the 6-way comfort control

Flexibility of cooling on a higher level

Sleep mode 

Uses less energy     

What We Don’t Like – 

Less work efficiency 

Hard set up process

Above mentioned window air conditioners are today’s top-rated Energy Star AC. You can look at them with your needs and see if any of them can meet your demands. 

They are best to use with the up-to-date world and have the best quality to serve us.   

Not to forget, all of these window air conditioners are Energy Star certified. That means they are friendly to the environment and don’t affect the climate. 

Great advantages to having them.  

Using Experience

When we are looking for the answer to “Is Energy Star a good window air conditioner?” Then using experience can be a good help.  

Using experience shows us the actual pros and cons of an AC. That’s why we are providing you with some of these AC using experiences. I hope they will help you choose your window air conditioner.          

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner – Energy Star    

When I got the AC box, I was a little bit shocked why it was light in weight. But the AC units were perfect in place. I opened them one by one and got the manual also.  

It was so easy to install. I called an expert to install it, and it took less time than other standard ACs. Then I thought I could even install it using the manual.     

I ordered it in the summertime to have some cool air in the scorching heat. I don’t know how to describe its heating and cooling system’s ability. 

Till now, I did not find any difficulties in maintenance. The noise control is awesome, and the air comes so smoothly that you can feel it deeply. 

No damage or air leakage didn’t happen till now, and I love it already. 

I highly recommend it.     

Amazon Basics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner 

This AC was also my favourite when I bought it. I used it for 6 to 7 months and then suddenly I heard a different kind of noise coming from the AC. And it responded slowly to the remote control. 

Then, I fixed them and started using the AC again. But it disappointed me again. This time it was having a freezing problem. I was so furious as it was a new AC back then. 

Somehow, I used the AC by fixing it, and the noise problem was still there. But it had no problem in heating or sleep mode or air filtering system. 

I suggest you not buy this window AC.    


If you are already using Energy Star AC, you know how efficient it is. And if you are thinking of buying a new window AC, then Energy Star should be your first choice. Look for the best window AC meeting your demands and grave your perfect one.  

“Is Energy Star a good air conditioner?” we already got to know the answer with so many facts. As there are many benefits, it’s obvious that comfort will be high. Environment-friendly air conditioners should be our choice as the environment is the most essential for the world.      

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