Evaporative coolers and other air conditioners are not the same. An evaporative cooler is a device that evaporates water and cools the air, and other air conditioners cool the air using vapor compression or absorption. So you can’t use evaporative cooler as air conditioner. 

U.S. Department Of Energy research on the evaporative cooler. According to them, an evaporative cooler can successfully reduce 5 to 10 degrees. And then DOE quickly clarified that it only works in low humidity. 

The evaporative cooler cools the water to cool the surroundings, so no

fog or mist spray is produced.

is evaporative cooler air conditioner

What Is The Benefit Of An Evaporative Cooler Rather Than Other Air Conditioners?

There is no shortage of coolers in the market. Many products are available in the market to suit every demand. So think about the benefits of an evaporative cooler. Buy it to solve problems.

Benefits are :

  • The main advantage of an evaporative cooler is that it is much easier to operate than all other air coolers and lowers operating costs.
  • Air cooler means that the door and window are closed. We can get out of these things, and you don’t have to be completed.
  • The initial and running cost of the evaporative cooler is relatively low.
  • This is environment friendly.
  • It has fresh air.

The Significant Advantage Of Evaporative Cooler Rather Than Other Air Conditioners:

One of the significant advantages of these coolers is that they can be installed at half the price of all other refrigerated air conditioners. 

It has low operating and electrical costs and is only stuck between the fan and the water pump, which is 1/4 of the cost of other air conditioners.

Is An Evaporative Cooler Good For Human Health?

Of course, it is suitable for your health. Because first of all, it kills the bacteria in the air and sanitizes the air.

The main thing is it uses natural cooling. Fighting harmful substances that come with dry air like sinusitis and bleeding from the nose creates the proper humidity.

How Many Windows And Doors Do I Need To Have Open For My Evaporative Cooler To Work Effectively?

For an evaporating air conditioner to work virtually, windows or exterior doors must be available. Or there must be some other type of ventilation system. So that hot air can be drained out of the building. 

The best approach is to open the windows or doors that are the farthest from the year conditioning vent.

Add it is better to double the size than more relaxed.

When they are very humid, the level of evaporation becomes low, which means that the cold effect is reduced.

Even after following all the states, if you feel that your evaporative cooler is not working, however, you must take the advice of an expert and check the cooler.

How Long Can An Evaporative Cooler Last?

Evaporative coolers are usually durable devices, and their life span is 15 to 20 years. Even if it is damaged, it can be repaired, so there is an advantage.

Is there a portable evaporative cooler?

Yes, portable evaporative coolers are available nowadays, which added a new chapter to the evaporative cooler. In the below, I will try to tell you about some portable evaporative coolers:

Honeywell 588-647: 

Suppose you live in an area with a hot climate or where the humidity level is less than 60%. In that case, you should invest in the Honeywell 580-8647 portable evaporative air cooler to boost the airflow in your medium or large-sized room. 

Like how the cool breeze suits your body, this unit provides almost the same comfort wherever you install it. Even without consuming much energy. 

However, it looks like flow standing air conditioner. This is not an A.C. because it neither uses a heavy compressor refrigerant gas to cool your room. 

Instead, it evaporates water vapor into the heart and looks like humidity air in your space to reduce the heat and provide some level of comfort.

This evaporative air cooler uses a large water tank for regular use and a continuous water supply option for more demanding applications. 

Well, its built-in fan absorbed warm or hot air through the honeycomb panel to allow evaporation to take place. The OSCE lading livers released the cool and humid air to this tributed evenly. 

Using this air cooler ensures that you keep a window or door open to allow for proper ventilation.

So that your space has the right amount of moisture and fresh air can easily circulate with every gallon of absorbed air. Dust or other large particles can be a problem for this cooling system.

But there’s no need to worry because the dust philter and honeycomb cooling media will trap these particles. After a while, you could remove and wash them under running water. You’ll find it easy to operate a system with the included remote control and digital control. 

It has three speeds. Choose between 3 speeds for cooling and humidifying and program it to work for up to 7.5 hours without any supervision. 

Furthermore, a slim design and smooth gliding wheels enable you to Move it quickly and fit it anywhere, even in compact spaces.

It is energy-efficient. These high-performance air coolers save space, and it is easy to operate. 

However, its power cord may get in the way when filling the tank. 

The Honeywell 580-8647 is ideal for those who want increased airflow and humidity in their spaces.

Pure Air Today:

Feel the comfort of cool breeze and humidified air in your space with the pure air today. As the name employees, this evaporative air cooler offers more than an evaporative cooling function.

A highly efficient particulate air system collects air from your room through its bamboo evaporation philter and an inbuilt drying media to trap air pollutant particles. 

Once the air is purified, it will go through an evaporation process and come out through the adjustable vents as clean, humidify and cool breeze, which will not only enhance your body comfort level but prevent skin dryness and allergies as well. 

This unit uses a 1.8 to remove the water tank that provides up to 10 hours of cooling before the next refill. It even allows you to add thermal blocks or ice cubes to customize the cooling effect you want.

You can use this evaporative air cooler in your sizeable-sized living room, bedroom, play area, office, or any outdoor space with a canopy or roof covering. Use the included remote control or inbuilt control buttons to operate this cooling system. 

You can select from 4 custom modes. Intelligent, outdoor, sleeping, cooling, or humidifying modes and four fan speeds suit your cooling needs.

In the case of a power outage, this unit retains your previous settings and picks up their once power restores. Its pros are; it is Garvan ETL certified, produces clean air, and offers a 10-hour cooling capacity. 

However, its air philters need regular cleaning, and replacing the pure air today is ideal for anyone looking for an evaporative cooler.

The Comfy Home Two And One :

This air cooler is a unique product that will lower your room temperature and provide optimum humidification so that you can live comfortably all through the most oppressively hot months without allergies or dry air symptoms. 

Once you feel it’s a one-gallon water tank, you will enjoy cool and moist air for a while before the next refill; and if you want a more substantial cooling effect, you should answer ice with the included double ice packs. Unlike the other air coolers on this list, this unit has a blade list design that makes it easy to maintain and see for use in houses with kids or pets. 

Please do not mistake this unit for an air conditioner because it neither uses a refrigerant nor a compressor, harmful to the environment. Ideally, it uses only water, thus being environmentally friendly and safe for your health. 

This unit offers four modes, three fan speeds, and an actress wing feature, which are all easy to operate with the included remote control even from 20 feet away or the top-mounted control panel. 

For your safety and to protect this cooler, you should set the auto shut-off timer between 18 hours to limit the running time and alert you once the water tank dries up. Use the built-in handle to carry it anywhere to enjoy its 40 degrees even air distribution. Its pros are: it is energy saving, it is affordable, and it operates quietly. 

However, it is not ideal for large rooms.  

There are many portable evaporative coolers in the market, so you must look at the reviews and verify the purchase before buying. 

The evaporative cooler is not the same as the air conditioner. Air conditioners use refrigerants to cool a place by absorbing heat and moisture.   

On the other hand, evaporative cooler, the steam cooler uses water to draw air through a fan. When air is drawn using a medium, it interacts with water, and heat molecules are blown out of the air, cooling the surroundings and reducing humidity. 

They work best in an open environment. Evaporated coolers cannot be used in confined environments. But temperature reduction cannot be selected based on ambient conditions.   

So it can be said that there is a huge difference between the two methods of cooling. 

Can You Use The Air Conditioner And Evaporative Cooler Together?  

Air conditioners and evaporative coolers cannot be used together. Because two systems work against each other, A.C. cools the house by reducing air moisture, and evaporative coolers cool air by creating moisture in the air.

So using two at the same time will ruin each other’s effectiveness. Neither will work.  

Again the rules of use of the two are also different. When using an evaporative cooler, the windows and door must be kept quite open, and when using A.C., the doors and windows must be closed. So here to the problem will be bound. 

The job of both is the same, and it is the cool the house but in a different way. So ac and evaporative cooler cannot be used together.  

Is Evaporative Cooler Worth It?  

Definitely, worth the evaporative cooler. Because firstly, the cost of an evaporative cooler is much less than about half the cost of all other air conditioners. Easy to operate. And the electrical cost of an evaporative cooler is about ¼ off that of all other air coolers.

It works best in large offices, hospitals, and all places where doors and windows are always open, and at the same time, it is necessary to keep the place cool.   

Many portable evaporative coolers are also available in the market. With the help of these portable evaporative coolers, it is possible to keep the place cool, even if a meeting party or conference is organized in an open place.   

Worth the evaporative cooler. So there is no need for a second thought before buying it. There is no chance of cheating if you buy it from a good company.  

Do Evaporative Coolers Work In High Humidity?  

Evaporative coolers do not work in high immunity its work only in low humidity. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) clarified that it. According to them, an evaporative cooler can successfully reduce 5 to 10 degrees.  

Since evaporative coolers can reduce air humidity by 5 to 10 degrees, an evaporative cooler in a richer place will reduce it by 5 to 10 degrees. 

Then maybe it will feel a little less hot than before, but the atmosphere of optimism will not make the environment cold, which does not fulfill the expectation of an evaporative cooler. So it can be said that it does not work in high humidity. 


An evaporative cooler is environmentally friendly and, at the same time, affordable and easy to buy.

So it is much more efficient than all other year coolers. So choosing another air conditioner as an alternative to the evaporative cooler in low humidity is nothing but foolishness.

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