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In this blog post, I’ll cover the details of slippery laminate flooring and how to make sure it is safe for your family. Read on to learn more!

Is laminate flooring non-slip: 7 Benefits Of quick-Step
Is laminate flooring non-slip: 7 Benefits Of quick-Step

Is laminate flooring non-slip?

Non-slip laminate flooring is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, such as hallways and kitchens, where slips and falls are a risk. Its special surface makes it slip-resistant, easy to clean, robust, and durable.

Quick-Step’s non-slip laminate floors are especially suitable for people with disabilities or mobility issues, as they offer a comfortable and secure footing. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective option, as it comes in various colors and styles that will blend into any interior. So if you’re looking for a safe and stylish solution, non-slip laminate flooring is a perfect choice!

7 Benefits of Quick-Step Non-slip Laminate Floors

Regarding non-slip flooring, Quick-Step’s laminate floors offer many advantages. Not only are they comfortable, durable, and slip resistant, but they are also easy to maintain. With their scratch-resistant surface and a huge range of colors and styles, Quick-Step laminate floors can bring a touch of elegance to any room.

They can also be installed directly on a heated subfloor, making them even more cost-effective. Plus, they come with a warranty of up to 25 years, so you can rest assured that your floor will last for years. What’s more, their non-slip surface provides extra security and peace of mind. Benefits:

1. Easy to install

Quick-Step laminate floors are not only non-slip, but they are also incredibly easy to install. Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, you can lay down hundreds of square feet of laminate flooring in one weekend. Quick-Step can install directly onto heated subfloors, making it a quick and easy process.

2. Waterproof and stain resistant

Not only is Quick-Step’s laminate flooring waterproof, but it is also incredibly stain resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about spills or stains ruining your floor. With a scratch-resistant surface, you can be sure that your floor will always look like new.

3. Scratch-resistant surface

Not only is Quick-Step Laminate Floors slip-resistant, but it also features a scratch-resistant surface. This means you won’t have to worry about scratches or dents ruining your floor.

The patented ScratchGuard technology helps protect the photographic layer beneath the wear layer, making it even more durable and long-lasting. You can rest assured that with proper care, your Quick-Step Laminate Floor will look beautiful for years to come.

4. Variety of colors and styles

If you’re looking to make your home stand out and make a statement, Quick-Step laminate flooring is the way to go. It comes in various colors and styles, from traditional woods to modern shades and textures.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or more contemporary, you’ll find an endless array of options. With Quick-Step’s ScratchGuard technology, your laminate floors will look great for years to come.

5. Cost-effective option

Are you looking for a cost-effective option for your home or office flooring? Quick-Step laminate flooring is a perfect choice. Quick-Step’s laminate flooring is affordable, ranging from $1 to $2 per square foot.

It is also relatively easy to install, meaning you won’t need to break the bank to have it installed. Plus, with the wide variety of colors and styles available, you can find something that fits your budget and aesthetic.

6. Long-lasting durability

Quick-Step laminate floors are not only stylish and beautiful, but they are also incredibly durable. They are made from high-quality materials and can last up to 25 years with proper care.

This makes Quick-Step non-slip laminate floors a great investment for your home. Not only do they look great, but they will also stay looking great for years to come.

7. Non-slip surface

One of the major benefits of Quick-Step laminate floors is the non-slip surface. The Scratch Guard Technology ensures that the flooring has a ten times better scratch resistance than other laminate floors, making it incredibly durable.

Additionally, Quick-Step offers a Grip X Stone Sealer, which increases the slip resistance of wet and dry natural surfaces. This sealant is completely transparent and can be used indoors and outdoors, making it a great choice for those looking to improve the safety of their flooring.

Cleaning and Maintaining Non-slip Laminate Floors

Cleaning and maintaining your Non-slip laminate floors is also important to ensure it stays non-slip. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor regularly with the hard floor attachment can help prevent dirt from building up, which can make your floor more slippery.

Additionally, you should avoid scouring pads or steel wool as they can scratch the material. You can use diluted distilled white vinegar and water solution to eliminate stains. Lastly, you should never wax, buff, or use harsh chemicals on your laminate floors, as this can cause damage.

1. Sweeping and Vacuuming

Sweeping and vacuuming are the best ways to keep dirt and dust at bay and make your laminate floors look new. Regularly using a clean microfiber dust mop is more gentle on the floor than a bristle broom, and it can be used to easily remove any small particles of dirt that may have been missed.

Vacuuming can also help to keep your laminate floors looking clean. Be sure to use the appropriate attachment when vacuuming your laminate floors to prevent scratches or damage.

2. Mopping with Appropriate Cleaners

Always use a microfiber dust mop and laminate floor cleaner in a spray bottle when mopping. Spray the mop and not the laminate floors. Avoid commercial floor cleaning products formulated with harsh chemicals, which can damage the flooring.

Instead, you can use a weaker distilled white vinegar and water solution. For deep cleaning, an alcohol solution is surprisingly effective. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s notes for specific cleaning instructions.

3. Using Anti-slip Coating

In addition to regular cleaning, you can also use an anti-slip coating to further increase the non-slip properties of your laminate floor. This coating is applied to the surface and helps create a rougher texture that prevents slips and falls.

It is important to make sure you choose a product specifically designed for laminate flooring, as some may be too harsh and can damage the surface. Once applied, your floor will have a better grip, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your floor is safe.

4. Spot Cleaning and Stain Removal

Besides regular cleaning and maintenance, it’s important to spot-clean and remove stains from your non-slip laminate floors. A water and vinegar solution is the best for most household spills and stains. For deeper cleaning, you can use a solution of vinegar and water, mixing one cup of vinegar with one gallon of warm water.

You can also make your cleaner using ZEP Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. Rubbing alcohol will remove paint, nail polish, crayon, and ink; soap, water, and vinegar should take care of most other stains. 


In summary, laminate flooring is a cost-effective, durable, and waterproof option in various colors and styles. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, it is scratch-resistant and has a non-slip surface for extra safety. With proper cleaning and maintenance; laminate floors will last for many years.

The SlipDoctors non-slip spray for wood, vinyl, and laminate is also an ideal solution to drastically increase the slip resistance of floors and stairs. Therefore, if you’re looking for a flooring option that is both stylish and safe, you should consider laminate flooring!

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