Do you feel a little less comfy in summer? If yes, then you might be wondering how to cool your room’s temperature! Staying cool at home is likely keeping your mind too. So, air conditioning is the best option for you.

But there are many air conditioning systems in the market. You must be wondering what you should choose. Let me help! If you’re searching for a single room air conditioner, space-saving material, and a cheap air conditioner, you should choose a window air conditioner. 

Is the window air conditioner efficient? Would a window unit be the right choice for your home? Let’s take a look at how a window AC unit works also explain all so that if it’s something you can take advantage of when it’s summer. 

is window air conditioner efficient

Is Window Air Conditioner Efficient?

The efficiency is dependent on your need and the size of the room. If we compare window air conditioners and portable air conditioners, window air conditioners use energy more efficiently than portable air conditioners. Again, compared with central air conditioners, window air conditioners are bound to use more energy than central air conditioners.

However, energy efficiency can vary from company to company, model to model. You need to research a lot with the local HVAC to choose the right model. You should check the energy ratio EER. The higher the EER is, the better the window air conditioner is.

But even a highly efficient window unit is bound to use more electricity than a central unit. But it will cost you less if you want to cool one or two rooms with a window air conditioner.

So, before deciding the efficiency of an air conditioner, just find out your needs…

Window Air Conditioner: How Do Window Air Conditioners Work? 

The window air conditioner is mainly a room air conditioner. It is the simplest form of the air conditioner. It is referred to as a room air conditioner because it cools down a single room, not the entire house. It is mounted on windows or walls and plugs into traditional outlets. 

How Does A Window Air Conditioner Work?

The working principle is the same and simple as other air conditioners. It uses refrigeration properties to remove heat and humidity from your room while cooling down air or circulating cool air to your room. The basic components are also the same, including a thermostat, a fan or a blower, refrigerant-filled tubing, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and a compressor.

The working process of the window air conditioner is the same as other air conditioners. But a portable unit uses a pipe to exert air out of your window. Where a window unit is already outside. It simply expunges hot air outside that way. 

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Determining Your Need

We have already discussed the basic functions of air conditioners. Now you can address your current needs to determine which kind of air conditioner would be the best for your space. Before taking any decision, think twice about two factors.

  • Size of your space 
  • The place you want to install it.

Most of the business owners or homeowners install central air conditioners as they cool down space centrally. However, central air conditioning systems tend to be costlier than other systems.

On the other hand, you can choose portable or window air conditioners to cool down one room at a time. It will save your money and electricity bill too. 

Now the question is portable air conditioners or window air conditioners, what should you choose? It depends on the place you want to install air conditioners. If your room doesn’t have sufficient space, you should choose window air conditioners. If you are a renter or staying in a dorm, or your room has sufficient space, you should choose a portable air conditioner. 

So, determining the air conditioning system is also a serious task. Do it wisely according to your needs

Sizing Guide

Generally, you need 0.12 to 0.15 KW power per m². Now you can calculate how you need to. Here giving you a chart showing the capacity of air conditioners. 

Room SizeRoom TypeSystem size
10-25 m2Bedroom | Study | Small lounge |Small kitchen | Small office2.6 kW
25-35 m2Mid-size Bedrooms | Bedrooms with ensuites |Mid-size lounges | Mid-sized kitchens |Small rooms with high ceilings | Offices3.5 kW
45-60 m2Large bedroom | Bedroom with ensuites |Mid-size lounges | Large kitchens |Mid-sized rooms with high ceilings | Offices
5 – 6 kW
60-80 m2
Large lounges | Large open plan areas |Small shops | Offices
7 – 8 kW

*source- Google 

Ten Things You Should Consider Before Installing An Air Conditioner 

Air conditioners are a must need the item in our daily life. Often people purchase air conditioners without paperwork though it is an expensive item. Thus, they fail to choose the best AC according to their needs. 

Here I’m suggesting to you ten important things. You can follow these 10 factors to choose the most suitable AC for your home.

  1. Cost: Budget is an important factor before buying anything. It’s a good practice to buy expensive air conditioners to save up costs. How? The costlier the units are, the more cost-effective in the long run. So, expensive and more unit air conditioners are the most efficient ones. So, you can look for a healthy budget for your air conditioners. Conder your budget before choosing it.
  2. Size: You must make sure that your air conditioner has a suitable size and can easily be placed in the desired location. For installing air conditioners in your home, make sure you’re installing them with a professional.
  3. Quality: The quality of any product is the main feature. So, before buying any air conditioners, make sure their quality is up to the mark. Generally, more expensive items are of higher quality. You can invest more money to buy an expensive one to avoid repairing or replacement.
  4. Air quality: Some air conditioners are predefined by the requirements of air quality while manufacturing. These specifications can cause problems while installing any air conditioner. So, before buying a new air conditioner, check and double-check its such type of specifications.
  5. Air conditioners rating and EER: EER means Energy Efficiency rating. The green tick rating provides a lot about the quality of the air conditioners. EER tells you how much energy your air conditioner is going to use. Try to buy air conditioners that have 3 or more 3 green ticks.
  6. Multipurpose: Nowadays air conditioners are not only used for cooling rooms. They are advanced to more than cooling. The market is now filled with different air conditioners with different multipurpose functions like auto-restart, wifi facilities, control from your smartphone, automatic temperature adjustment, and so on. So, while buying a new air conditioner you can consider these features too.
  7. Condenser: The capacity and the expected working life of an air conditioner depends on the condenser and the coil. Generally, there are two condensers, copper condenser, and aluminum condenser. Aluminum condensers are cheaper but need more maintenance. It’s not efficient enough. However, copper condensers are expensive with low maintenance costs. So, it would be a great idea to buy an air conditioner.
  8. Energy consumption: Everybody knows that air conditioners consume more power. So, power consumption is a must-watch factor before buying an air conditioner. The higher EER, the lower the energy consumption air conditioner is. So, before buying an air conditioner, make sure the air conditioner has a higher green tick.
  9. Noise: Air conditioners produce noise while working. Not necessarily every air conditioner produces noise, most of them produce. Always prefer air conditioners that produce noise less than 50-60D. These types of air conditioners are good for working and sleeping in a noise-free room or condition.
  10. Installation and maintenance: You should install your air conditioner in such a place where it can work freely and cool your room continuously. Also, it should be kept in a steady place and the place where you can clean it regularly. So, before buying a new air conditioner, choose the place and buy the air conditioner according to the place.

Also, after using a good amount of time, your air conditioner may need repairing or replacement. The professional workers can perform maintenance in the situation. You shouldn’t try to perform the maintenance by yourself. 

Why Choose A Window Air Conditioner? 

As you have so many options available, you might be thinking about why you should choose a window air conditioner! What are the best features of the window air conditioners? Is buying a window air conditioner worth my money! Right? To help you in this situation, I’m giving you a shortlist of the benefits you can get from a window air conditioner. 

  • High Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is the most important benefit you can get from window air conditioners. The vast majority of the window air conditioners have a great energy efficiency ratio EER). If you want to purchase a window air conditioner, you should purchase the Energy-Star certified air conditioner.
  • Low cost: One of the major advantages of window air conditioners is that it is very much affordable. You can find the low units within $100 and higher units will cost up to $2000. So, most of the time the average cost is $300.
  • Save space: The window air conditioner doesn’t take any square space in your room. They are designed to stay inside the window. 
  • Simple installation: The installation process of window air conditioners is very simple and easy. It may vary from model to model, still so easy that you can install it by yourself with the help of some tools. It will save you money too.
  • Multifunctional: Many window air conditioners are multifunctional. They do more than cooling. Some of them can provide both heating and cooling for your home. Again some window air conditioners are working as air purifiers. These units come with antimicrobial agents or HEPA filters to reduce odors, allergies, and other airborne particles. 

So lastly one thing can be said that window air conditioners are very efficient for a smaller room.

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Window Air Conditioner Vs Portable Air Conditioner: Which Is More Efficient?

Window air conditioners and portable air conditioners are two popular air conditioners nowadays. Each one has its features, selling point, different size, shape, and physical ability too. I’m not going to tell you which one is better. It depends upon your needs. 

Let’s explore the differences between them so that you can understand which ones make the best use for your home! 

DifferencesPortable air conditionersWindow air conditioners 
Price/ BudgetPricing depends on BTUs units.It may cost you $300 to $400 per 100 to 300 square feet.For the same space, window air conditioners may cost you $150 to $500.
InstallationIt does not need much installation. You can place it in any room and easily install it by yourself using the kit.It requires hard and heavy installation. It could be difficult or even be dangerous to install it by yourself.
Portability It is meant to be easily portable. It’s not easily portable. You have to keep it in the same place after installing. 
NoiseBoth of the air conditioners create noise, but portable air conditioners create more noise.Both of the air conditioners makes noise, but the window air conditioner create less noise.
Saving Space It will take your floor space. It won’t take your floor space. So it’s more space-saving. 
Energy SavingMore energy saving. Less energy saving.
ductless heating and cooling systems cost

Most Efficient Window Air Conditioner And Its Price

Air conditioners efficiency is calculated by EER. The more EER is, the higher the efficiency of the air conditioner is. The air conditioners which have higher EER cost low electrical energy. 

Some window air conditioners can achieve an EER rating of 12+. Anything above that rating is known as a great efficient air conditioner. The most energy-efficient air conditioner is Della 048-TL-WAC6K with the best EER rating of 12.5. 

The price of the model is $319.56 


Hopefully, after reading this article, your concept has been cleared about window air conditioners. I promised you that I would explain every single question you have. 

Efficiency depends on model and structure. Any air conditioner can be efficient because of manufacturing. So, it depends on your needs too.

But I just can suggest that if you need an air conditioner for a small room with low space, you should try a window air conditioner. You had the question like, is window air conditioner efficient? And the answer is all yours! 

Hope that you will have a beautiful and joyful summer with the cool air of the window air conditioner. Enjoy! 

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