Do you know your air cooling systems sometimes can show some specific signs or codes? Do you know the reasons behind them? Today we will learn about one of these signs and codes. 

Why does my air conditioner say E8? Can you tell me how many times this question has crossed your mind? Have you seen this code before? Are you familiar with this or not? No matter what the answer is, we all know that sometimes our air cooling system shows us signs or codes so that we understand that there is some problem going on inside of our air cooling system. 

But not every time we are familiar with these problems. But to understand the problem, we must know about these codes. But not every time it shows on our screen. In this case, we must read the manual and know the model number so that we can find out about the code. 

These codes basically show when there is a disconnection or discontinuation between the features. So whenever you see these codes on your screen, fix them as soon as possible by calling a service person. 

I hope this article will help you to know what E8 means. So without any further delays, let’s get started. 

Why Does My Air Conditioner Say E8

Why Does My Air Conditioner Say E8?

Before using a machine, we must know about that machine first. For example, what features does it have, what kind of services it can give, what are the signs or codes that show on the screen, why that happens, etc. So today, your question was, why does my air conditioner say E8?

Your air cooling system’s screen shows E8 when there is a fan speed breakdown. When the indoor and outdoor fans are working slowly for a long time, that’s when the screen shows E8 in your air cooling system. 

What Does An E8 Mean?

Do you have a mini-split air cooling system? If you have, then maybe you are familiar with the term called E8. 

E8 actually happens in a mini-split air cooling system when its fan speed creates malfunctions or crashes. This mini-split air cooling system has an evaporator and a compressor. If these two inside and outside components slow down for some reason for a long time, then the air cooling system will stop working correctly. That’s when its screen shows Error 8 code. 

So, I hope you got that now for those of you who did not know what an Error 8 means. 

What Causes An Error 8?

There are some reasons why an Error 8 can happen. Let’s learn that today. 

The causes of an Error 8 are- 

  1. Dirty indoor air filter- Air filters were installed in your air cooling system so that they can trap out any dirt and pollutants or impurities when air is pulled inside. But when an indoor air filter gets dirty and if not get cleaned at the right time, then it can cause many problems. It can create a clog, and it can trap cold air inside, which can later form ice in the coil. It can be the reason for lowering down the durability of your air cooling system, and it may be the reason why your aircon won’t be able to lower down the warmth inside of your house, etc.
  2. Faulty fan motor- Error 8 can happen if there is a fan motor crash. Your fan motor may not work, maybe because of a voltage problem, dripping water, faulty capacitor, not enough lubricant, etc.
  3. Wiring problems- If you put your air cooling system in the wrong way, then wiring problems will indeed happen. Faulty wires can create problems in the outdoor condenser, and it will also cause problems in the boards. You might need a replacement if these problems occur. 
  1. Bad control boards- If you have a mini-split, then I guess you know what a control board is. Every mini-split has two or three control boards. You will find Error 8 has happened if these control boards stop working correctly. 

How Can You Fix Or Reset An Error 8 On Your Air Conditioner?

If you want to fix an Error 8, then you have to follow a very easy step. First, you have to switch down your air cooling system and also detach the breaker. 

After that, you have to wait for at least three minutes and then restart it again. If an Error 8 does not show anymore on the screen, then it’s okay, but if it is still visible, then you have to troubleshoot the component so that you can find if there are any other problems. 

Troubleshooting A Mini-Split System 

Do you know what troubleshooting is? Troubleshooting is checking your air cooling system, which is the main problem for creating an Error 8. 

First, you have to check your motor fan and air filters. If you have found your air filter dirty, then maybe this is the reason for creating an Error 8. You also have to check your motor fan and your component’s PCB board. 

When you finally find it, then fix it as soon as possible. If you can do it by yourself, then you are welcome to do it, but if you don’t, then call a professional to do your job. And always remember to take care of your system and do the maintenance regularly if you want to increase the lifespan of your air cooling system. 

Why Does My Air Conditioner Say E8? Also, What Is The Signs Of Air Conditioning Problems? 

Error 8 happens when your air cooling systems indoor and outdoor components fan slow down for a long time. That’s when your air cooling system stops working and shows an Error 8 on your system’s screen. 

Here are some signs of a faulty aircon system. They are- 

  1. When your air cooling system blows warm air instead of cool air. 
  2. When your air cooling system’s thermostat stops working. 
  3. When vents can not release too much air. 
  4. Unwanted loud sounds. 
  5. Bad smell coming out of your air cooling system. 
  6. When your aircon can not consume too much moisture from the air. 
  7. You will find your air cooling system now needs more servicing every now and then. Etc. 

What Is An E8 On The Gree Air Conditioner?

Do you know what it means when your Gree air cooling system displays an Error 8? 

When your Gree air cooling system shows an Error 8, then it means that there is a crash or, you can say, malfunction in your indoor fan motor. When your indoor component does not get a signal from your fan motor for 30 seconds when the fan is supposed to be working, that’s when the breakdown of indoor fan motor. 

That is when the display shows an Error 8. But the component might get restarted automatically for working again after it gets stopped for a while. 

What Is The E8 Error In Godrej Ac?

The reason for an Error 8 in the Godrej air cooling system is different from that of the Gree air cooling system.

When an error 8 fault code shows on display for a Godrej air cooling system, it actually means Anti-Hi Temp Protection. It might start working after getting stopped for a while so that you can stay comfortable but if you see it on your display, then call a service person as soon as possible. 

How Can You Fix Your Voltas Ac’s Error8?

Voltas is a famous Indian air conditioning brand situated in India. If you see an error 8 showcasing in your voltas air cooling system, then it means it happens for overload malfunction. It happens when there is a fault in your AC’s thermostat. 

Here are the steps you can take when it displays Error 8 so that you can fix or restart your AC’s thermostat- 

  1. First, you have to switch off your air cooling system and its thermostat. 
  2. Then you have to find your circuit breaker box.
  3. Switch off, then again switch on your circuit breaker and then wait for at least 30 seconds. 
  4. Then turn on your air cooling system and its thermostat again. You will find there is no Error8 written on your display. 

These are the steps you can take to fix your Error8 in your voltas air cooling system. 

Why Is A Portable And Window Air Conditioning System Displaying An Error Code? 

Error 8 in a portable and window air cooling system means an overloading error. It happens when your air cooling system’s components are working in high moisture or in a high heat area. In this case, you have to check the temperature again and again so that it stays lower than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep an eye on the filters, exhaust ports, and air inlets so that it always stays clean and free from any blocks. 

But remember, error codes vary from model to model. Therefore, each error code is different depending on the models. Also, not every model shows the error code on your system’s screen. So always read the manuals to find out your model number so that you can know the error code for your specific model. 


Every code has its own meaning. All you just need to do is find it out. It is okay if you don’t get it at first, but if you want to know about that, all you just need to read the manual and know is the model number that’s it. 

When someone asks, why does my air conditioner say E8? It means they are a very attentive person who wants to know every aspect of their machine and thinks a lot for the betterment of their machine. So it is safe to say that those air cooling systems are in good hands. 

I hope this article has helped you to understand the code E8 and what it means. From now on, if you see an E8, don’t waste time and troubleshoot your problem before it gets worse. Instead, call a service person to fix this problem for you.

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