Hi! I’m Rafi

I created Home Queries to make it easier for you to understand what’s going on in your home and how to fix things.

I am the owner of Home Queries, is a freelance blogger and home improvement enthusiast who spends his days in and out of homes.

After realizing how difficult it was to find information on all aspects of home maintenance online, I decided to create this blog as a place for people to get answers when they don’t know who else to call.

With topics ranging from DIY projects like installing new cabinets or painting walls, up-to-date guides on replacing an air filter or understanding your water heater’s warranty period – everything you need is right here!

This blog is a resource for people who have questions about home maintenance, repair, and renovation. The goal of this site is to help people understand what they need to do in their homes, how it can be done, and when they should do it again. This way you don’t have to call your dad every time.