After getting an air conditioner, a surge protector is the first thing we think about. 

A surge protector is an electrical appliance protecting the air conditioner from power surges. We need to install it with our air conditioner and electrical panel.       

Many homeowners think of surge protectors as power strips, but it is a misconception for them. Power strips can not protect the air conditioner from heavy power surges and get melted. That’s why surge protectors are so demanding nowadays. 

But we get the question, “Can an air conditioner be plugged into a surge protector?” almost every time. This is because we are concerned about our AC’s protection. We will discuss this question and many more related details to secure our AC. Let’s not delay and get into the discussion.  

can an air conditioner be plugged into a surge protector

Can An Air Conditioner Be Plugged Into A Surge Protector? 

An air conditioner can be plugged into a surge protector. Encountering small to heavy power surges, the AC needs a surge protector without any delay. During storms or lightning, AC attracts lightning, and it causes power surges. 

A power surge can be dangerous for the AC as it produces high voltage and currents. That’s why a surge protector is the best solution to prevent it.         

Importance Of Surge Protector      

Many want to know the importance of surge protectors. It is normal to see the importance before buying it. We understand your care. 

Therefore, we are presenting to you the importance of surge protectors – 

When the AC is not getting the proper power supply, or the current flow is not normal, power surges can help quickly. It observes the power flow and protects the AC from fuse or blowout. 

Sudden power surges are the riskiest thing for AC. The heavy flow of power or the high voltage from the power surge damages the AC units. A surge protector can prevent this type of sudden power surge. 

Surge protectors help the air conditioner run correctly and have no power issues. Also, the surge protector can solve the overheating problem.   

Not only the AC, but the surge protector is also the solution for other electrical appliances in your home. Because power surges can also attack them.   

Surge protectors don’t need much power to operate. It doesn’t consume extra energy. It only requires the exact number of energy to run.      

Surge protectors have a meager price, and it’s affordable. It saves our high cost of repairing the damaged AC units. When using a surge protector, you can save your money and be at peace. 

The Urgent Time of Getting A Surge Protector   

A surge protector is always needed to protect the air conditioner. But if you do not have it yet, get it done before something wrong happens. 

Even you can look below to know the urgent time of getting a surge protector – 

When power surges try to attack the AC units, it leaves a scorch mark on the outlets. It is a serious situation if you notice such a mark on your air conditioner outlets. Get a surge protector before a heavy power surge. 

Power surges cause power circuits, and it gets frequent if there are power surges. These power circuits can harm the AC units gradually. So, don’t delay buying a surge protector when power circuits rise. 

Burning smell from wires, AC units, or outlets indicates power surges. It causes heavy power flow and overheats the cables or outlets. This burning smell is the hint of getting a surge protector.         

So, you should not delay getting a surge protector when you notice these issues.      

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10 Things To Consider Choosing A Surge Protector 

Who doesn’t want to buy the best surge protector?

While choosing a surge protector, we get confused about which one to get. Almost every surge protector is equal, but some unique features make them different.   

However, here are the following ten things you need to consider choosing a surge protector –

1• Capacity

Capacity is the first and foremost thing to consider. It means how much energy the surge protector can imbibe. A surge protector should have at least 600 to 650 joules.  

2• USB Connection/ Ports

USB connection with two amps is better, and it gives an extra advantage of charging anything. Even the USB ports are concerned,  and try to look for a surge protector with more USB ports.   

3• Protection Modes 

Surge protectors have three protection modes: NG, NL, and LG. These three protection modes send the power surges, overflowing power, or any spikes to the ground. 

Look for these three protection modes in your surge protector.  

4• Safety Rating

The safety rating is combined with UL or ETL ratings. Search the surge protector with these ratings as it tested already to be ensured.    

5• Absorption Rating

Absorption rating refers to energy measurement. While buying a surge protector, a low absorption rating should be the choice because it indicates the more guaranteed protection for the AC.           

6• Warning System

Warning systems give an extra benefit of knowing when the surge protector will stop working or the time of its weakening. Seek for such a feature in a surge protector.     

7• Number of Outlets

Surge protectors with multiple outlets are better nowadays. Choose the multiple outlet ones.    

8• Proper Size

Choose the properly sized surge protector that can handle your air conditioner’s power supply. Otherwise, it will get overloaded and can cause overheating issues.   

9• Price

A high price doesn’t mean the surge protector is the best one. First, evaluate its quality and features. Try to find a surge protector low in price and high in quality.     

10• Warranty

Warranties are a secured option to buy a surge protector. Look for a surge protector with more warranty.          

Considering these things, you can buy a great surge protector for your air conditioner.     

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10 Safety Tips For Using A Surge Protector  

A surge protector can cause damage, too, if it is not used correctly. There are ten safety rules for using a surge protector to keep it from damaging anything. 

Let’s have a look at these ten safety tips – 

Only buy ETL, or UL certified surge protectors to be safe. These certifications mean they are already tested and proven secured by professional safety organizations. 

Isn’t it better to stay safe without following any safety tips?         

Plug the surge protector correctly. Inappropriate plugging can cause power circuits. Use a three-prong grounded plug for better performance.   

Touch the surge protector to check its temperature. If it feels too hot due to overheating, unplug it immediately. If this situation goes on frequently, replace the surge protector.        

Don’t overload the surge protector with more electric supply. Choose the exact surge protector that can carry the air conditioner’s power supply.    

Place the surge protector in a safe place. Don’t place it under the sofa or carpet. It won’t face any tear issues. 

Keep it away from touching the water. It may cause danger.  

Unplug the surge protector quickly if it is damaged or needs repair. Get it repaired and then use it.  

Children or pets should not touch the surge protector.   

It is vital to check your surge protector after a period. It helps to know if there is any problem or how the surge protector’s condition is.    

When the surge protector’s lifespan is about to end, replace the surge protector and get a new one. It is not safe to use an older one as its efficiency has weakened.    

When we use something with care and follow the safety rules, that thing lasts longer. That is how you should use the surge protector. Then, it will then give you better performance with protection.       

Top 3 Surge Protector      

We are here with the top 3 surge protectors to help you clear the confusion to buy the best surge protector. They are already loved by many people and efficient till now. 

Let’s look what’s their specialty – 

1. Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV Surge Protector 


Features – 

Surge Rating – 2880 Joules

Outlets – 12

Plug Type – 5-15P right angle

Voltage – 120 

Diagnostic LEDs 

Tel/ Modem/ Coax Protection

Tripp Lite is today’s top-rated surge protector because of its efficiency and quality. This surge protector is famous for its surge rating as we know more surge rating means more protection for air conditioners. Its surge protection service is something extraordinary. It leaves no room for complaints. 

The extra-long 8 ft extension cord is one of the specialties. Buying an 8 ft extension cord is necessary and also a high cost. But this surge protector is going to save your money with more protection.        

The built-in breaker is useful for avoiding the overload of the power supply. The LED light indicates the surge protector is on or off. It gives extra protection for children or sudden touch. 

Its noise protection works so well and avoids unwanted noises.                  

It is worth the price and looks reasonable with these advantages.   

What We Like – 

UL listed with 1449 ratings, which means safer to use

No extra noise because of EMI/RFI noise filtering  

8 ft extension cord   

No overloading issue due to circuit breaker

Transformer outlets for AC adapters 

High durability and fire-resistant       

What We Don’t Like –  

Plastic material may not meet the quality.   

2. SUPERDANNY Surge Protector with 22 AC Outlets 


Features – 

Surge Rating – 2100 Joules

USB Ports – 6, 15A

Outlets – 22

Plug Type – 45° Angled Type B – 3 Pin

Input/ Output – 110-240 V

SUPERDANNY Surge Protector can be your second choice if you want a surge protector at a lower price with good features. SUPERDANNY is such a surge protector that will meet your requirements. 

Its fire-resistant feature will give you a safe feeling. The rate is 1382°F which is worth mentioning. The space between outlets is alright and can plug power bricks quickly.      

The USB ports’ fast-charging capability is time-saving.     

This power surge includes an extension cord of 6.5 ft which is excellent. You don’t need to buy an extra extension cord for your air conditioner. 

We suggest you get this surge protector if you want a good one within a low budget.   

What We Like – 

USB ports offer fast charging 

Fire resistance – 1382°F

6.5 ft heavy duty extension cord 

10 anti-slip feet

What We Don’t Like –   

Light indicator seems brighter

3. JACKYLED Fireproof Wall Plug Surge Protector


Features – 

Surge Rating – 2100 Joules

USB Ports – 4, 15A

Outlets – 10

Plug Type – 45° Angled Flat 

Voltage – 125

JACKYLED Fireproof Wall Plug Surge Protector is ETL listed, which means it is already tested by the ETL organization. ETL listed surge protectors are highly fireproof and safe to use for the air conditioner. You will be astonished to know the rate is 1382°F. 

Also, the surge protection rate is fit to prevent sudden power surges. It has three color light indicators to know the working status. 

It has a 14 AWG copper heavy-duty extension cord that is extra protection for your air conditioner – already saving your money for an extension cord.   

Also, a good quality surge protector within a low budget. 

We highly recommend this surge protector.    

What We Like –

ETL listed 

8 Fold safety protection

Fire resistance – 1382°F

5 ft heavy duty extension cord    

What We Don’t Like – 

Fewer USB ports than others 


A power surge or damage in AC units, and can cause a great loss and cost high. That’s why prevention is the best solution to stay safe and secure. 

Now, we don’t need to think about the raised question, “Can an air conditioner be plugged into a surge protector?” as we already got to know the answer with a lot of information. A surge protector is a perfect protection that the air conditioner needs. We can agree that a surge protector is really needed for our AC.   

So, why don’t we hurry and get a surge protector?          

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