Has this question ever crossed your mind, do all air conditioners have heat pumps? 

Air cooler and heat pump these two machines work magically. One removes the heat from the house and helps to cool down the temperature. Others remove the cool air and help to warm up the temperature. But can these two systems work in the same machine? For now, let’s just say these two have made our life easier. Nowadays, it is very hard to live without one of these two. 

So without any further delay, let’s learn today if all air coolers work the same. I hope this article will help you to clear your question. 

Air Conditioners Have Heat Pumps

Do All Air Conditioners Have Heat Pumps? 

Air coolers and heat pumps are two different machines. One removes warmth and then cools down the air. Others remove cool air and warm up the room. However, heat pumps can also work as a cooling system. 

So you can say, not all kinds of air conditioners have a heat pump because its only job is to cool down the temperature by decreasing the heat. 

Nonetheless, both of them are important no matter how they work. Because sometimes it is more profitable to think about the facilities than to think about the differences. 

The Dissimilarity Between An Air Conditioner And A Heat Pump

The main and basic dissimilarity between a heat pump and an air conditioner is that a heat pump is a machine that brings in the heat inside a building or room from outside. On the other hand, an air cooler is a machine that moves the heat outside from a building or room. 

Another dissimilarity is, a heat pump can do both functions, as in providing warm or cold air inside a room while an air cooler can only provide cold air inside the room. 

How Do I Know If I Have An Air Conditioner Or A Heat Pump?

Sometimes it is very hard to understand just by looking at the features of a heat pump or an air conditioner. If you want to know if you have an air conditioner or a heat pump, then you have to check some things. For example- 

  1. First, check out your outdoor component. You will find an iron plate that includes the number of the machine.
  2. Read that guideline, and you will find your information. 
  3. If that doesn’t help, use google to search the model number, and you will find your answer. 
  4. There is another solution. If those previous opinions still don’t work, then you can turn on your power supply in heat mode. Then wait until it activates the healing process. Now go outside and check the outer component. If it is on and the air is running through, then it means it is a heat pump. 

Which Is A Better Option: An Air Conditioner Or A Heat Pump?

A heat pump works as an air cooler, along with the functions of an air cooler, which can do the reverse function too, which is providing heat to the room.

A heat pump can do both warmings and cool down, but an air cooler has the only function, which is cooling. So you can say a heat pump is a better option. 

But there is a catch. The heat pump needs regular maintenance, which is often costly. However, good things don’t come for free. 

An air conditioner is a refrigerator or a heat pump? 

The air cooler is a refrigerator. Just like a refrigerator, it pulls out the heat from our houses to make the inside cooler. It makes use of a thing called “working fluid” which can deliver heat from our houses. This working fluid can turn over from a gas to a liquid. This working fluid goes in circles in an air conditioner’s three main units. 

However, what is more, important to us is how air conditioners give us so many facilities even though it is just a small machine which comes in a small box. 

Does A Window Air Conditioner Have A Heat Pump?

Who doesn’t love a thing which can come with a solution of 2 in 1? For example- a window air conditioner. 

If you install a window air conditioner, you can experience this 2 in 1 solution. You can ask me how is this even possible? It is possible because it can provide a cooling system along with heating. When it’s come to its cooling potential, it has an EER rating for cooling energy ability. When it comes to its healing potential, it has an HSPF rating for its heating energy ability. This type of air cooler can supply 10,000+ BTU in both cooling and heating results. 

So you can say if you want a good thing with a low price along with an energy-saving ability which can provide both a cooling and heating system, then a window air conditioner can be your best choice. 

Does A Split Air Conditioner Have A Heat Pump? 

Among all of the air coolers, split air coolers are people’s favourite. The first reason is, it is only used for small spaces or maybe a room. The second reason is that it doesn’t require large spaces. Third and the most important reason is, if you use its reverse cycle mode, then you will see it can also work as a heating system along with cooling down the room. 

So you can say, buying a split air cooler can bring you a win-win situation. You can utilise it in summer to remove the humid and hot air and to cool down the room. You can also utilise it in the winter by reversing the feature, by removing the cold air and bringing down the warm air inside. 

So if you want to install an air conditioner at a cheaper cost, which also looks good in the house, which also saves energy, then this one is for you. 

How Does A Heat Pump Cool Your Home?

A heat pump can do a dual job when it’s turn to do heating or cooling your home. A heat pump can cool your home the same way, just like it can warm up your home in winter. But in a slightly different way. In summer, it uses the indoor coils as an absorber, but in winter, it uses the outside coils as an absorber. 

Even though in winter the air is cold outside, the coolant still can soak up the heat and make it warm. Then the warm heat goes to the HVAC system. That air triggers the heat and then moves it around your whole house. 

Pros And Cons Of Using A Heat Pump

There are some benefits along with some problems if you want to use a heat pump. So you should know them before you want to buy- 


  • The cost of using heat pumps is cheaper.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Ensures good safety. 
  • Helps lower down carbon emissions. 
  • Besides heating, it also has a cooling program.
  • Long-lasting.


  • High energy cost
  • Fitting in is very difficult.
  • Needs serious work.
  • Faces problems if the weather is down 0 degrees. 
  • It is not totally carbon uninvolved.
  • You need permission.

Which One Is More Cost-Efficient: A Heat Pump Or Air Conditioner?

Air coolers are cheaper, as even if a house is duct wired, a heat pump will cost 1.5-2 times more than a whole-house Air conditioner. A heat pump has a high upfront cost. Fitting in is difficult and also needs permission, so it is costly. But on the other hand, if you use the air cooler all day long, it will increase your energy bills. 

So you see, it depends on how much money you want to spend and how you want to spend it.


No matter how many debates we do, we all know how important an air conditioner and a heat pump is playing. 

On some days, it is unbearable to suffer because it is too hot outside. On some days, it is unbearable to face winter cold. And we can say these two little boxes are saving us from both too much heat and too much cold. So even though you ask, do all air conditioners have a heat pump? It is now safe to say even though they don’t work the same, they both are very important. 

However, I hope I was able to give you a proper answer to your question ‘Do all air conditioners have a heat pump?’. I hope from now on you won’t face any problems deciding which one to buy or which one is better. But no matter what you buy, if you want to save your money from too many utility bills, then try to use them less. Trust me, and if you do so, it will both save energy and also your money.

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