Does air conditioning qualify for capital allowances? Air Conditioners are used all around the globe. Almost every single household has an air conditioner. Even though they were an appliance of luxury in the beginning, as days went by and global warming got worse, air conditioners became a staple in most households. 

Nowadays, it’s impossible to even think about going a single summer day without an air conditioner. Air Conditioners not only make life better for us, but they also help with our working skills. For example, working in an air-conditioned environment can focus on work and increase working speed.

Air Conditioners cool a particular space. They also work in controlling humidity. Air Conditioners keep insects away from our rooms.

Having an air conditioner solves many problems. For example, we don’t have to suffer from the blistering heat on hot summer days by just installing an air conditioner. Air Conditioners are the best way to get relaxed, calming air.

does air conditioning qualify for capital allowances

Does air conditioning qualify for capital allowances?

To qualify for capital allowances, it’s essential to have an integral feature. Without these integral features, the government does not allow capital allowances.

Air Conditioners do have some of these integral features. However, the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme allows 100% first-year claim capital allowances on air conditioners with energy-saving features. 

This is a piece of excellent news. As it encourages air conditioner companies to start making energy-saving air conditioners. This is a helpful step for the Universe and people all around the world.

Integral Features Needed To Claim For Capital Allowances 

Without integral features, claims for capital allowances are not granted. So to get capital allowances, it’s imperative to have integral features. 

These integral features will be stated below for better understanding. 

  1. It has to have electricity and a lighting system.
  2. It has to include a cold water system. 
  3. It has to have external solar heating.
  4. It needs to have a moving system or a life or an escalator to move it.
  5. It needs space or water heating system,
  6. It has to include a powered system of ventilation.
  7. It should have an air cooling or air purification system. 

As long as the electronic appliances contain these features, they are eligible for capital allowances. For example, air Conditioners mostly have these features.

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Capital Allowance And Types Of Capital Allowances 

Authorizing a certain amount of money spent by a company on fixed assets to be taken off the profits of the company before tax is imposed is called capital allowance.

There are four types of capital allowances. They are

  1. Investment Allowance
  2. Initial Allowance
  3. Balancing Adjustments
  4. Annual Allowance 

What Are The Conditions For Claiming Capital Allowance?

To claim capital allowance, there are a few conditions. These conditions are stated below:

  1. The person making a claim has to be a taxpayer, and they must own the qualifying capital expenditure. 
  2. The person making a claim must be the owner till the end of the basic period.
  3. The asset must be in use wholly, reasonably, exclusively, and necessarily used for the company at the end of its basis period.
  4. The person making a claim must get an acceptance certificate from the inspectorate division. 

Are Air Conditioners Treated As Integral Features?

Air Conditioners are essential electronic appliances. We use them daily.

Air Conditioners are treated as integral features because they follow all the qualities of an integral feature. Air Conditioners have these integral features, so they are eligible for capital allowances. 

Items That Are Considered eligible To Claim For Capital Allowances 

Not all items are considered to be eligible to claim capital allowances. To be eligible for capital allowance, items need to have a few integral features. As long as the items have those integral features, they can be eligible for capital allowances. 

Here’s a list of items that can be considered eligible for capital allowances:

  1. Air Conditioners
  2. Heaters
  3. Research and development materials and costs 
  4. Renovations 
  5. Business proposals

These are the things that can be considered as capital allowances, amongst other things.

Things That Are Not Considered Eligible To Claim For Capital Allowances 

Not every product can be considered eligible to claim for capital allowance. For example, items that do not have integral features are not counted as eligible to claim for capital allowance. 

Here’s a list of items that are not considered to be eligible to claim for capital allowances 

  1. Leased items
  2. Buildings
  3. Shutters
  4. Water
  5. Gas systems
  6. Land
  7. Structures
  8. Bridges
  9. Roads
  10. Docks etcetera 

These are the items that can’t be considered eligible to claim capital allowances. 

Are Websites Considered As Capital Allowances?

The website can cost a lot of money. They are starting from buying a domain to paying someone to do the graphics, the layout, and writing the content. Website costs are often capitalized in a company’s accounts.

Capital costs are seen as non-tax-deductible because they are akin to a business window because they do not qualify for capital allowances. So, it can be said that websites are not considered capital allowances. 

Are Air Conditioners Personal Property?

Objects bought with one’s money but remain uninstalled are personal property. However, it’s no longer personal property as soon as it gets installed or is made part of the original property.

As long as the air conditioner you bought is installed in your property or remains uninstalled, it is considered personal property. So if it’s not your house, then it is best not to get an air conditioner installed. Instead, you can always call the landlord and ask for a new air conditioner. 

Is It Possible To Claim Insurance On Air Conditioners?

Insurance protects your property against damage, theft, and loss of personal possessions. However, insurance does not include permanent fixtures to a house or anything of that sort.

Air Conditioners are installed into houses. That is why it is impossible to claim the insurance on air conditioners. 

Difference Between Depreciation And Capital Allowances 

There is a considerable difference between depreciation and capital allowances. In the paragraphs below, we will discuss these differences. 


Spreading the value of a fixed asset over its helpful value is depreciation. Deducting the value of an item from the profits is unfair and inaccurate. However, spreading the cost seems like a better option.

Capital Allowance 

Authorizing a certain amount of money spent by a company on fixed assets to be taken off the profits of the company before tax is imposed is called capital allowance.

Are Capital Allowances Granted?

Capital allowances are granted on a straight-line basis on the balance of construction. A taxpayer must own the asset. It must follow integral features and the conditions to claim capital allowance. Then and only then will the capital allowance be granted.

If it fails to follow any of the conditions or is owned by someone who’s not a taxpayer, then it won’t be granted.

Can Employees Claim Capital Allowances?

Even though it’s not widely known, capital allowances can be claimed by employees who work on plants and machinery used in business. This rule is stated in CAPITAL ALLOWANCES ACT 2001. s. 15(i).

However, employees claiming capital allowances also have restrictions. For example, they can claim capital allowances on machinery, but they can’t claim car or vehicle expenditures. 

Does Capital Allowance Help Reduce Profit?

Capital allowances are just another way of getting some relief on types of capital expenditure. However, capital Allowance is another business expense and can reduce table profit within the basis period. 

Capital Allowance Rate

The rate of your capital depends on what the item is. For example, the introductory rate of capital allowances is 18%. However, the special rate is 6%.

The easiest way to reduce your capital allowance is by using the asset outside your business. This is an ingenious tactic that you can use.


Air Conditioners do qualify for capital allowances as they follow all criteria of integral features. Air Conditioners are essential electronic appliances in our daily lives. They last for about 27 years or even more at times. 

Does air conditioning qualify for capital allowances? As we use air conditioners every day, we can easily say that we are getting profits from its usage. The reason why it’s considered a capital allowance is that we get profits from it, but the main cost is paid before tax is imposed on it.

An air conditioner is the best example of a capital allowance. It’s easy to understand how capital allowance works when the example is air conditioners. As we use air conditioners daily, we know a fair amount of information, so it’s easier for us to grasp how capital allowance works.

We should all be aware of capital allowance. This is a fundamental concept that everyone should be aware of.

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