Do I need to drain my Delonghi portable air conditioner? Every time when a new Delonghi user or buyer comes they ask this question. 

Portable air coolers are very convenient and easy to use. But if it is a Delonghi portable air cooler then it is like a cherry on the top. This air cooler model is one of the best and leading air coolers in the market at this moment. 

But every aircon is different from one another including how they work. It is not necessary that all the air coolers will work the same. Some have a feature that others do not have. Some need to drain water from their system, others do not need to do that.  

However, with the help of this article today you will learn about your Delonghi portable air cooler including its water draining system. I hope this article will help you to clear your confusion. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

do i need to drain my delonghi portable air conditioner

Do I need to drain my Delonghi portable air conditioner?

Delonghi is a leading brand in the air cooler’s market. Only Delonghi users know how good service it can give and why it is leading this market. 

But every time a buyer wants to buy this aircon they always ask this question: do I need to drain my Delonghi portable air conditioner? 

Well, the answer to your question is, Delonghi portable aircon was created like this. You have to drain your water when your machine shows FT. 

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What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

If you want to buy a portable air cooling system but do not know what that is then how would you buy it? Today I will tell you what a portable air cooling system is.

Well, a portable air cooling system is an independent air cooling system. It was made for a small space or single room. It is very easy to use and does not need a huge space. A little space is enough where you can put it. It comes with a fitting kit so that you can easily fit it by yourself.

It has wheels which are the most convenient thing of a portable aircon. You can take it with you to whichever room you want.  

How Does It Work?

Do you know how your portable air cooling system works? If you don’t then it is fine because today we will know how this works. 

Just like every other air cooling system, portable air coolers also work by consuming hot air from your room. Then the hot air goes to its motor system where it cools down the air so that it can release the cold air into your room.  

But here is the catch, you might be thinking portable aircon only take the warm air inside then make it cool through its motor then release it again. Well, this is not the case actually. It only uses some and throws out the extra warm air and humidity outside of your house by using a hose. 

So, this is how your portable air cooling system works.   

Do I need to drain my Delonghi portable air conditioner? 

Even though a portable air cooling system is very easy to use, the main problem comes when we have to drain water. Even the Delonghi portable air cooling system was created so that you have to drain water. 

For better service, you have to drain the water every one hour since it collects water from our room’s air humidity. But the problem happens when we have to sleep at night. In the morning we can easily drain water from the system but how are we supposed to drain water if we are asleep. 

But if we unsee this problem it is really a good option to buy a Delonghi aircon.    

Is Delonghi A Good Brand For An Air Conditioner?

Do you know why Delonghi is people’s favourite? Why is it a good brand? Let’s know why. 

Delonghi is one of the most popular brands for air coolers, with owning air coolers of great quality along with wrapping up the basics necessary for an air cooler, along with providing decent feature options. 

Money can be saved by clients if they pick a basic unit along with a few features. Their air coolers are so famous because of lower energy bills and have a very easy setup system without having any heavy system or tools requirement, along with being very efficient. 

Does Delonghi Pinguino Need Water?

Delonghi Pinguino air coolers need water for functioning, as they gather water from the room’s humidity, and that water is utilised to keep the warmest part of the device, the condenser to let it in a cool state. 

What Does Ft Mean On Delonghi? 

FT on the screen of the Delonghi air cooler is a warning message, stating that the air cooler’s safety tank is filled with water (Full Tank= FT) and it is time to drain that water immediately as the component needs to function again. 

Why Is My Portable Ac Filling Up With Water So Fast?

It is very normal for a portable air cooling system to fill up the water, as these air coolers need water to cool down the condenser so that it can function properly. A Portable Air cooler that fills up with water fast actually indicates that the air cooler is working more than it should for cooling down the room.

It’s not a big deal or a serious issue, all that is needed is that the tank is drained every hour or so to keep the air cooler running smoothly. But it is a big problem at night, as it’s impossible to drain the water every hour while sleeping. But there can be other reasons too for the air coolers filling up with water so fast, one of them being that the user might be living in a highly humid area. Other reasons can be dirty filters, clogged lines etc. reason. 

What Happens If You Don’t Drain Your Portable Air Conditioner?

If you can not drain water properly from your portable air cooling system then the system might get overloaded, leading the air cooler to switch down and not being able to start. 

How Does The Delonghi Air Conditioner Work?

The Delonghi air cooler works as an air purifier. Your room’s air is consumed by the fan of the air cooler and by means of special filters, the air is purified. During Summer, it absorbs the warmth from inside the room and releases it outside the room, meanwhile, during Winter they collect the latent heat from the external environment and pass it inside the room to increase the room’s temperature. 

How Do You Empty Your Delonghi Internal Tray?

To totally make the Delonghi internal tray empty, first, the cap is required to be removed. Then the existing water inside the tray will flow down to the provided bowl.  Thus, the tray will become empty. Once the tray is completely empty, the cap needs to be replaced. The filter needs to be wiped clean and is required to be dried out totally until its being replaced. 

Pros Of Using A Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner

Only the users know why Delonghi is a good choice. But today I will reveal some pros of the Delonghi portable air cooling system so that it gets easier to choose why you should buy this air cooling system. 

Here are some pros of using Delonghi portable air cooling system:

  1. They are easily movable from one room to another.
  2. No heavy setup/ tools are required.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Lower energy bills.
  5. Helps save money.
  6. Water can be drained easily.
  7. Good quality. Etc.

Cons Of Using A Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner

Every coin comes with two sides. The same goes for machines. Every machine comes with some advantages and also some disadvantages. 

Here are some cons of using a Delonghi portable air cooling system- 

i. The air conditioners are very loud, even at the lowest volume.

ii. Unable to cool large spaces.

iii. Provides a bad smell during functioning. Etc. 

Cost Of A Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner

If you are willing to buy a Delonghi portable air conditioner but do not have any idea about the cost then I have got your back. 

Depending on the size and features of your portable air cooling system you can buy a Delonghi AC for about $350 to $750. 

I know it is a bit costly but you see every good thing come with a price. It really depends on you which one you want to buy and which one your home needs. By the way, the labour charge is excluded here. If you are unable to install it then you have to pay some labour costs.   


Delonghi is a king brand among all the aircon brands. If you are willing to buy a portable aircon then you can buy it with your eyes closed. 

But here comes the question, do I need to drain my Delonghi portable air conditioner? Well, if it is recommended then you must drain your water. 

However, I hope this article was helpful for you. So, don’t get doubtful if you want to own a Delonghi portable aircon just for draining water. Always remember all the best things need care. 

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