You are finding it hard to understand How Do You Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Jalousie Window.

Are you finding it hard to understand how to install a portable or any air conditioner in your jalousie window? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Also, If you are thinking about installing an AC unit in a jalousie window, you may be confused about which Air Conditioner will be more suitable for your needs. Let’s find the answer to this confusion here.

Whichever AC unit you decide to install, finding it hard and confusing installing a Window AC unit or a portable AC unit is pretty common. Following some simple steps, described below, you can adjust your air conditioner to your jalousie window easily and properly.

Moreover, you may be wondering if your AC unit is capable enough to cool down your room. Find it out here as well.

How Do You Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Jalousie Window

How Do You Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Jalousie Window – 10 Steps

These 10 easy-to-follow steps below should be enough to install your Window AC unit to your jalousie window.

  • Measuring the Jalousie Window: 

The first thing that you need to know is to find out what type of ac you need. For that, measure your jalousie window with a measuring tape. Make sure you keep track of the numbers properly and keep a note if needed. Do not measure the distance from corners to corners. Just take the measurement from the horizontal sides of the window and the vertical sides. Be sure to measure the window along with its panel. 

  • Purchasing the Air conditioner :

Now comes the part of buying the right shaped air conditioner for your window. For that, you need to do some simple calculations like finding out the BTUs needed for your room. You need to make sure to count the areas of your room where airflow is interrupted as air will go out through those places, and it will be hard for the air conditioner to cool down the air in your room. If the measuring indicates the maneuverability of a window AC unit is possible, then install a window AC unit. Otherwise, you can even check out the Portable Air Conditioner Units. They are also worth it if it’s a small room. But, It is best to opt-out of a window ac unit instead.

  • Purchasing a window vent kit : 

Now, you need a way to fix the AC unit to your window. For that, try purchasing a window vent kit. The vent kit will be attached to your AC unit to accommodate the airflow in and out of your room. You most probably won’t find the perfect fitted vent kit for your window. So, try purchasing one that can be changed to different sizes. 

  • Measure one of the window sash :

Measuring the length of your window sash is important to find out your equipment as well as your window AC unit. The measurement will determine whether it is possible for you to fit the AC unit there or not. Moreover, it will also conclude which size kit you can use in your window. Therefore, be sure to measure the sash and take notes of the measurement to purchase the perfect equipment. 

  • Removing the flaps : 

After you have bought your equipment and AC unit, now it’s time to fit it in the window. For that, take a screwdriver or the hardware you need to unscrew the top flap of your jalousie window. Now loosen up the screws in your vent kit and Attach your AC unit. The screw should be at either end of that section.

  • Screwing the flaps on the AC unit :

Once you have detached the window section, you need to add the AC unit there. Put screws through each hole located on the edge of the AC unit wall and into the top of the jalousie window. Be sure to install it with proper care and fix the screws tightly. Now, attach the other flap. Secure it properly by tightening the screws. 

Everything should seem perfectly fitted, and now you can install the AC unit to your jalousie window. If your window is high above the ground, keep a look at the outside for people. If anything goes wrong, the AC unit might fall and cause an accident. So, make sure there is no one outside your window.

  • Sliding the window vent kit into place:

Now it’s time to fit the window vent kit. Using the bottom flap as a guide, secure the vent kit in and flush it against the AC unit. This will keep it secure when your room is being cooled.

  • Checking the AC through power outlet:

Now plug your AC unit into the power outlet and see if everything is okay. Turn the AC on and see if there is enough airflow coming from the vents.

  • Cut out hole for the power cable :

If your AC unit has a power cable on the back of your window, then you need to make a hole to bring them into the house. You can directly use it without making a path through the wall. 

However, there might be air leaks, and you don’t want to waste your power. So, take a jigsaw or any other cutting machine to dig a hole inside the wall (if needed) or make a hole inside the sides of your window. 

Be careful not to damage any electrical wiring or gas lines. The jalousie window should already have plastic film covering it from when you first took off the flap on top of the window.

  • Covering the AC unit :

When the hole is made, now it is time to cover the AC. You can cover it with plastic film and also tape the hole around so that there are no air leaks or gaps between your AC unit and the jalousie window. This will keep the cool air inside your room.

Put Flap Back In Place And Finish Installation

Once cut open, a hole is finished, put the back flap in place and tighten screws to ensure it is secure. Reattach any other louvers that have been removed from the jalousie window as well.

Cleanup And Ongoing Maintenance

When you have installed the AC unit, make sure you clean the AC unit properly. You can use a vacuum to clean it. Keeping the window air conditioner clean can help the airflow stay consistent as there will be dust that will always pose a problem.

Try using the manual that came with your window air conditioner to know more about the cleaning process.

Is it cheaper to run a window air conditioner or central air

How do you install a Window AC unit in a Metal Frame?

A window AC unit can be installed inside a metal window frame. However, the AC unit should be slightly smaller because of the size limitations of the opening.

In addition to that, there might be the possibility of having less insulation than a wooden window, as well as an additional layer for added protection.

All sides of the AC unit must be grounded electrically. As a window AC unit is heavy, you need to check the installation guide and also check if your window can bear the weight.

If there is no such guide, then you can look at the weight rating of your window AC unit and calculate your window opening. If it is not sturdy enough, then you should definitely use brackets to set the window AC unit properly into the window opening.

What do you need to know before you buy a Window Air Conditioner for your Jalousie Window?

Before you install a window AC unit, you should gather some information.

  1.  First, determine where you are going to install your window air conditioner. You may not find a proper power outlet, or the outlet might be far from your window. So, make sure to buy an extension cord if needed.
  2. Check the load on the circuit you are going to use. If that particular circuit is powering other machines or devices, then you should prompt out for another circuit. This will ensure that no tripping of the circuit breaker or blowing any fuse.
  3. Not every AC unit fits the window. So, make sure that you buy a window AC unit to avoid such problems.
  4. To avoid any rainwater issue, make sure you have enough materials for insulation and change the window if needed.
  5. Suppose everything is okay and done, then you need to check if your window is in good condition or not. Sometimes having bad wooden windows might cause accidents, and that might break your window AC unit by dropping the AC to the ground if your window is too high from the surface. You’ll also want to clear the area around the window and leave yourself plenty of working space with no tripping hazards.
  6. If you have curtains or drapes at the window, avoid blocking the A/C by adding blinds or shades, which can also be adjusted to give you privacy.

What is the Difference Between a Portable Air Conditioner and a Window AC unit?

The simplest answer to this question is that the portable air conditioner is movable, whereas the window AC unit is not so flexible to move. A portable AC can be used for those situations when you have to switch places a lot. However, if you are living in a permanent residence, then buying a Window unit is much better.

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Is it okay to adjust a Portable AC to a window instead of a Window AC unit?

Well, it is certainly a matter of convenience. If you are likely to move a lot, then you can, of course, buy a portable AC and also use it in your jalousie window. In this way, you can have flexibility in your hand rather than changing the window AC unit every time.

Can my Window AC unit cool my entire home?

It depends on your window AC unit’s power. If you have a small home, then a small power window AC unit can easily keep your home cool. On the other hand, if you have a big home, then it is probably better to change to a whole home AC system. 

However, if you wish not to use a home AC system, then you can certainly make your home cooler by using a few window air conditioner units in different parts of your house.


If everything goes well, then you can easily fit your Window AC unit in your Jalousie window. But, remember to tighten the screws and also seal the window AC unit properly. Or else you might get a good feeling in your home, but the bill won’t be on your side.

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