Do you know whether AC will stop the leak fix the air conditioner evaporator core? Well, let’s get sure about that.

Air coolers have some beautiful features and so many functional essential parts. But if your air conditioner is old enough, I bet you are similar to some problematic scenario: damaged parts. 

Fix one damaged part, and another one will show symptoms in a few days. In this case, replacement is the ultimate solution, or fixing them is the solution. 

Well, it really depends on what part of your air cooler is damaged. If it is fixable, then fixing can be a solution. If it is not, then replacement is a must.

So today, we will explain the solution to your problem: will AC stop leak fix the air conditioner evaporator core or not. I hope this article will help you with this. 

Will Ac Stop Leak Fix The Air Conditioner Evaporator Core

So Will AC Stop Leak Fix The Air Conditioner Evaporator Core? 

At the end of the day, an air cooler is just a machine. It will get old, and its part will get damaged, we have to fix or replace it. So will AC stop leak fix the air conditioner evaporator core? 

The answer to your question is an air cooler leakage binders, or you can say sealers can not stop numerous leakage at a time for pinholes of evaporators or condensers. Also, it can not stop leaks at seals on all sides of rotating parts, rubber O-rings, hose fitting, etc. These are the most regular things where leakage actually happens. 

What Is An Air Cooler Evaporator coil?

Have you ever wondered which part of your air cooling system consumes all the heat from your home? It is the evaporator coil of your air cooling system. 

The evaporator coil in your air cooling system is a unit that soaks up all the heat from your home by working with the condenser coil so that your home stays cool. 

You will find your evaporator coil connected with the furnace or inside of the air handler. 

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How Does An Air Cooler Evaporator Work?

The work of your evaporator coil is effortless. Whenever heat is detected at your home, the evaporator coil of your air cooling system soaks up all of it from your home and supplies it outside. 

Your evaporator core helps to soak up the heat from your home, and then it transfers it to the condenser coil. The condenser coil then grasps the heat then lets it go out of your home. 

What Does It Mean By AC Stop Leak?

An air cooler stop leak is a leakage sealer made for all air cooling systems. It is attached to these air coolers with enough refrigerant. It has so much refrigerant that the compressor unit moves around on and off to move the AC stop leak into the leak point. 

How Does An AC Stop Leak Work?

The air cooler stop leak does not work that really well. They are unable to stop any leaks at the same time. It comes with the lowest success rate but comes with the highest rate of harmfulness. It can solidify inside of your air cooling system. They react if it is exposed to humidity and oxygen at the leak point. However, it can somewhat seal the leak and work properly for at least a few months.

How Much Does An AC Stop Leak?

Even though it does not work really well, if your air cooler needs a replacement of a stop leak, then you don’t have any choice left apart from buying it. But you have to spend a lot of cash on this product. If you want to buy an excellent model to stop leaks, then it can cost $877. If you want to buy an average one, then it can come in at $699. Both are listed without labor cost. If you can not install it by yourself, you have to spend extra cash on labor costs.

How Long Does AC Stop Leak Last?

How long your air cooler stop leak will last depends on the leakage of your refrigerant. It won’t last more than a few weeks to a few months if it is new. But if it leaks more than one time, then it will cause it to die sooner. 

Can AC Stop Leak Fix The AC Evaporator Core?

Leakage is the most common issue for an AC evaporator core to get in bad condition. But will ac stop leak fix the air conditioner evaporator core? 

Stop leaks can only work correctly for minor leakage problems. But if the leakage is severe, then a stop leak is not a good option for stopping it. Moreover, a stop leak can not even work on more than one leak. This means it is unable to stop any leaks at a time. 

So, an Ac stop leak can only fix a minor leak, not a server one of the Ac evaporator core. 

How Do You Know If Your AC Evaporator Is Bad?

Your air cooler evaporator will show some symptoms that it has gone wrong. For example- 

  1. Instead of cool air, your vent will release warm air.
  2. Your air cooler will start and stop many times but still won’t be able to cool down your home. 
  3. You won’t be able to switch on your air cooling system.
  4. You will hear unwanted noises. 
  5. A bad evaporator will cause a refrigerant leak. Etc. 

What Happens If The AC Evaporator Goes Bad?

You will face some troubles if your AC evaporator goes bad. Something like- 

  1. You will find a foul odor coming from your air cooling system. 
  2. You will notice even though your air cooler is on; still, your home is not getting cold. 
  3. You will find your AC compressor is not working well. 
  4. If your air cooler evaporator is badly damaged, then your home’s temperature will always stay high. It will be unable to cool down your home. Etc. 

How Long Do AC Evaporator Coils Last?

If you can adequately take care of your evaporator coil and regularly do maintenance, then it can last about 10 to 15 years, which is a massive deal for an evaporator coil. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Evaporator? 

The evaporator core of an air cooler is already very expensive, and if you count the labor charge, then you have to pay a humongous amount of cash. Depending on the quality and model, you can find an evaporator coil from $600 to $2,000. If you can not install it by yourself, then count an extra 40% for labor payment which will cost from around $400 to $1,000. 

Is The AC Stop Leak Really Bad?

Even though an AC stop leak is made for your air coolers and is also a part of your air cooler, but it is still awful for your air cooling system. It can solidify inside of your air cooler unit. It can create a clog in your air cooling system, especially in the expansion valve, evaporator, or condenser. It can not also seal many leaks at a time. It can only work for a small leak, but it does not work really well if the leakage is severe. 

So you can say AC stop leaks are more harmful to your air cooling system than they can do any good things.

Can An Evaporator Core Be Repaired?

Your evaporator core can not be repaired if it is damaged. Therefore, the best option for a damaged evaporator to fix is the replacement.

If you can not do it by yourself, then you will need a technician. You need to replace your evaporator coil if it is badly damaged. Your technician will help you to do so. He will also fix your evaporator coil leak because most of the evaporators get damaged from this leakage. 

After tearing down your whole air cooling system, your technician will also recover the last leftover refrigerant gas and connect a new one. A new filter will also be attached if it is needed so that it can soak up all the humidity and impurity. 

Why Would An Evaporator Coil Leak?

Evaporator leakage is the most common issue for an evaporator coil to get damaged. But do you know why the evaporator coil leaks? 

The main reason for an evaporator core leakage is oxidized copper tubing. If your evaporator coil can somehow reach out with copper, water, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it creates formic acid, which can pile up on the evaporator core. 

This is the reason why your evaporator core leaks. 

How Can You Stop Your AC Evaporator From Leaking?

The best thing you can do if you want to stop your evaporator from leaking is the replacement. If it is on the guarantee, then it will save you so much money, but if it is not, then it can be a bit costly. But money is not the big thing here. Your evaporator is. 

If you have a bad evaporator, your air cooler will be unable to provide you with cooler air. What is the point of having an air cooler system if it can not provide you with cool air? 

Here are some steps that you can follow if you want your evaporator to stop leaking. They are- 

  1. Put money into the filter system.
  2. Do not use those things that can discharge high VOCs.
  3. Try to use fewer air cooling systems. Too much air-cooling systems usage can lower its lifespan, including its parts.
  4. Let air come through your windows. It will also help to cool down your home’s temperature. 
  5. Try to use UV lights. 
  6. Check your air cooling system every now and then. 


Air cooling systems can be a bit tricky, especially if it is older one. As time goes by, its durability gets lower little by little. The same goes for evaporators. Evaporator core leakage is widespread but also very costly.

If you want to fix an evaporator core, then the only option is a replacement because it can not be repaired. But will Ac stop the leak fix the air conditioner evaporator core?

I hope by now you have got your answer. I hope this article has helped you to explain this problem. So from now on, don’t get confused about this matter.

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