Portable air conditioners are quite affordable and easy to use. How easy is it to move a portable air conditioner? It is an easy method to move a portable air conditioner, and one can do it in person with no risk. 

A portable air conditioner (PAC) is simply defined as a self-contained portable system ideal for single cooling rooms. It is an air conditioning system where it usually sits on the floor, and it also has an installation kit for quick setup. Probably most of the models are required with wheels so one can move them to different rooms and give them an excellent alternative to window units. 

Portable air conditioners are very easy to use than other air conditioners. From its installation to the moving method, it is quite easy to say. So one can rely on it rather than choosing other air conditioning systems.

How Easy Is It To Move A Portable Air Conditioner

How Easy Is It To Move A Portable Air Conditioner?

I will explain the whole thing step by step, and that does not mean one can move the unit from room to room that easily. It simply means that it can be installed and uninstalled for easy moving of homes though it is not centralized in the home system. So, let’s get started – 

  1. Unplug and drain the AC unit 
  2. Detach the AC unit very carefully 
  3. Find a way to seal up the window again
  4. Pack the portable AC unit cautiously 
  5. Reinstall the portable air conditioner 

I do not belong to a higher class family who lives a lavishing life, but it is nice to have an air conditioner on hot summer days, however. As I always want an affordable air conditioner that can give me its best in every criterion, my favourite option is to have a portable air conditioner in this situation. So, I can explain how to move a portable AC unit that may help someone to enjoy cool summer days without any hassle.

Step 1: Unplug and Drain The AC Unit –

This is a crucial step, mainly the draining section. First, I have to unplug the AC unit, then comes the drain part; all portable AC units will not collect water in the same way. Some might dispose of as they go. Others may have a dish to manage it. When someone wants to go through this part, one needs to know where does the condensation goes so it can not mess up the whole thing; condensation is similar to collecting.

Draining the air conditioner means giving the AC unit a good clean. It may help the air conditioning system to perform smoothly in the future. 

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Step 2: Detach The AC Unit Very Carefully –

Air conditioners are not so light to carry, especially portable air conditioners are really heavy to move. One needs to be extra careful if the air conditioner is sitting on the window sill; otherwise, one may drop it while unscrewing it from its mounting points. Anyone near the stairway or outside the window also has to be careful while moving the AC unit. 

For this step, I will need:

• Screwdrivers and gloves to grip

• A towel for soaking up water that leaks from the unit

• An extra pair of helping hands as one person is not enough 

• A bag or a small box to store removable parts

• A dolly that will roll the AC unit out of the room and into the moving truck

First, I need to find out where the hose connects to the window or where the hot air escapes, as this is an obvious fact when one wants to detach an AC unit to move it. As my air conditioner is not window type, this is definitely going to involve a tube. Then I have to disconnect the hose, but I have to remember that I can not lose all the little parts; I usually keep them in a bag or small box and label them on it. 

It is nice to have a dolly handy because, obviously, I am not going to want to carry the unit to the moving truck. Some portable air conditioners might have small wheels that one can use to roll them around easily. 

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Step 3: Find A Way To Seal Up The Window Again –

When I installed a portable AC, my window had a gap left behind. Some AC units are designed with plastic pieces to hold up the window from where the air needs to escape, and at the same time, they do not let the warm outside air in. Depending on how the air conditioner was set up, one needs to remove it, and also it needs to make sure the window can shut closed again. 

I take that adaptor piece with me. There could be manufactured ‘window openers’ or could be a makeshift one, whatever they work the same. They are made of different types of custom cut plastic, plywood, styrofoam, or even cardboard. 

I need to keep those pieces handy, but I need to keep in mind that I may need something new that fits the size of my window after I have moved into my new home. The makeshift one was there in the first place for this reason, as the manufactured kit did not come with one that fit the window. Similarly, this is applicable for an AC unit that is installed through a sliding door. 

Though, hopefully at my new home, I can find a better place for it. In such a case, I will surely need some sort of window opener or adaptor for the appliance to work. My portable AC tubing can lead through a wall, or maybe to the sealing or attic; then, I will follow the same rules, but one thing needs to make sure that it will be installed by a professional for the safety purpose. 

So in case, it is not obvious how to uninstall it, I will need to call a professional again. Such as, there may be caulk holding parts in place that I will need to remove and holes that I’ll need to re-seal. Hopefully, I will not run into any troublesome or scary wiring either.

Step 4: Pack the portable AC unit cautiously –

I have to be very careful and attentive while loading the portable AC unit into the moving truck. Anything wrong can happen during this time, so I can not be less attentive at this moment. As I would not want to get my other belongings wet with goop water, no doubt I will drain and dry out the whole AC unit before moving.

It would be the best decision to get the AC unit in a box with Styrofoam or padding. I need to secure them in place so they do not understand the role with tape as they must have wheels, so I have to put extra care on that. Also, if there are detachable parts or weak parts, such as mounting plates and all, I have to tape them to the machine. Otherwise, I have to find a way to contain them.

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Step 5: Reinstall The Portable Air Conditioner –

Reinstalling the portable air conditioner after moving is another vital part. After moving into the new home reinstall, the AC unit is like going through all the above steps, now only backward. The first thought that will come to mind is which window I will sacrifice to get the appliance working again.

As I have to keep the window open and sealed properly for the right temperature effect, I have to select the right window for it. In case, I can install the tube through a ceiling, attic, wall, air vent, or otherwise. I may need professional help in this part.

After all the conditions are solved the above, the first thing I recommend is looking up the model name of the air conditioner. If someone is a second-hand user or someone did not keep them when the air conditioner was bought, one can find manufacturer instructions from the websites also. Those instructions will be the safest bet when figuring out how to install it.

How A Portable Air Conditioning Unit Works? 

When it comes to the working process of air conditioners, they are nearly similar; no matter it is a portable air conditioner, a window unit, or a central air exertion system. Principally a chemical refrigerant flows through a series of curled tubes that absorbs the heat from indoors. Also, the heat is released outdoors through an exhaust sock.

In the window air conditioning system, the heat is released by the portion of the unit, which usually seems to be hung out of the window, and that’s how this AC unit is different from others. For movable units, warm air is guided outside through a single or binary sock that looks like a flexible teetotaler articulation. A movable AC unit will generally come with a single sock and a window tackle that allows you to set up the venting system snappily and fluently. 

It is a bit of a misconception that movable air exertion systems can be moved into different apartments on vagrancy. Because of the need to exhaust air through a window, moving a unit around will also bear moving its exhaust articulation. This is simpler with a window tackle, but numerous people won’t find it as accessible as carrying a space heater from room to room.

Can I Move A Portable Air Conditioner From Room To Room?

Moving my portable air conditioner from one room to another is a quite possible thing to do. As I am a portable air conditioner user, I have to move my AC for several causes, and I like to do it myself. If the windows in the house are the same size, one can simply unplug the portable AC by removing the window adapter kit and rolling the device into the next room. 

Then I just have to install the window kit in the same manner as described above. The next thing to do is to plug the unit in and turn it on in the new room. One thing needs to make sure is that I have to drain the water reservoir before I move my unit.

A portable air conditioner is the best solution to my cooling issues. In case I am going with a central unit, a window unit, or portable A/C, I may want to learn ways how I can save money on my air conditioning. Also, if someone is already on the go, one can even build their own portable air conditioner out of an ice cooler.

The benefits of Portable Air Conditioner :

The benefits of portable air conditioners are many –

1. Save Energy Costs : 

A portable air conditioner can save money as much as five times as much as the central AC unit. It will be able to keep the house cool all day long along with reducing the electricity bill from $300+ per month to under $100 per month. It is an excellent choice for all kinds of AC users, I think.

2. Roll From Room to Room : 

A portable air conditioner is usually made with wheels, so one can easily move it from room to room. Portable AC’s are generally lightweight, so they are easier to lift. If someone intends on cooling separate rooms on different levels frequently, buying two units could be the better option in this situation. 

3. Carrying method is easy : 

One can even take it on the road, which means road trips, where it can be difficult to stay cool in trailers, RVs, or pop-up campers without it. Many people have no idea how easy it is to carry a portable AC. So, without getting caught hot and sweaty on the road, follow the easy method from now on. 

4. Cools and dries at the same time : 

Most portable air conditioners come with two in one – they cool and also dehumidify at the same time. If someone lives in a humid climate where it is uncomfortable in high humidity in the summertime, a portable air conditioner is an excellent solution for them.


How easy is it to move a portable air conditioner? I think I already described the whole thing along with some other important information that will probably help someone who is looking for it. Following some simple steps, one can easily move a portable air conditioner without causing any damage to it. 

For safer applications, one can get help from professional mechanics who is expert in this.

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