Do you own a GE window aircon system? Have you ever faced your GE window aircon not cooling down properly? Have no fear because I have come up with ten solutions to this problem. 

Someone asked me to write about ten reasons why GE window air conditioner is not cooling. It is common for window air cooling systems to show problems or not cooling enough. If you own a GE window aircon, you might have probably faced this problem also. Don’t worry if you are facing these problems because I have solutions for you. 

I hope I am able to give you proper justice to this wonderful question and can give you a proper solution. So let’s know without wasting any more time.  

ge window air conditioner not cooling

10 Reasons Of Why GE Window Air Conditioner Not Cooling

You have asked me to give you ten reasons why the GE window air conditioner is not cooling down, and here I have come up with an answer to your wonderful question.

Here are the ten reasons why a GE window AC is not cooling down properly-  

  1. Air fitter.
  2. Dirty Condenser Coils.
  3. Compressor thermostat.
  4. Control Board.
  5. Main Control Board.
  6. Temperature Control Board.
  7. Thermistor.
  8. Run capacitor.
  9. Faulty Thermostat.

Here are the detailed versions of those ten reasons: 

Now I am going to write about the detailed versions of those ten reasons why a GE air cooling system is unable to cool down the air. They are-  

1. When The Air Filters Are Dirty

Just like any other air cooling system, the GE window aircon also has an air filter. And it is also one of the reasons why GE window aircon does not cool down. 

An air filter is one of the important parts of an air cooling system. If an air filter is built Clogs, it stops the aircon system from blowing cool air properly. It lowers down the cooling capacity of an aircon system. 

Not just that, when an aircon can not provide cold air properly because of clogs, it gets stuck inside. As a result, it freezes the coils inside, which later can damage the whole air cooling system. 

That is why you need to clean your air filter regularly if it is washable. And if it is not, then you need to replace it every 90 days max. A dirty air filter is not just harmful to your air cooling system but also harmful to your health.

 It can be the reason for many respiratory problems. So always make sure that your air filter is clean no matter what.  

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2. When The Condenser Coils Are Dirty

Condenser coils help the aircon system in the cooling process. Condenser coils vanish the heat as it passes through the refrigerant. 

If your condenser is dirty and full of dust, it won’t be able to vanish that heat properly. As a result, your aircon system won’t work properly because of the clouds of dust in the coils.

It will take time for your aircon system to cool down your room because if dust builds into the coils, your aircon system will work harder to cool down your room, and the process will be slower than usual. 

Your aircon system will be unable to maintain the proper temperature if your coils are dirty. On the other hand, your compressor will work nonstop to lower down the heat. So that’s why always keep an eye on your aircon’s condenser coils. Always keep them clean if you see them dirty. 

3. When The Compressor Gets Defective

If you see your GE window aircon system is unable to cool down the room, then don’t forget to check your compressor. 

Sometimes your GE window aircon is unable to cool down the room because of a damaged or defective compressor. 

So check your compressor also if you find your GE window aircon is not cooling down properly. Also, don’t forget to check the other commonly damaged units like an overloaded protector and compressor capacitor. These two things can also get damaged along with your aircon’s compressor. 

If you find your compressor is damaged or defective, don’t waste time and replace them as soon as possible. But remember, don’t try to replace it by yourself if you are not a professional technician. Always call a professional serviceman to replace your AC’s compressor for you. 

4. Faulty Thermostat 

Do you know what the work of the thermostat in your air cooling system is? Basically, thermostats always keep on checking the temperature of your room.

If your room’s temperature is more than 72 degrees, your room’s thermostat detects that and then automatically switches on the power mode of your aircon system. 

If your GE window aircon system’s thermostat gets defective or is not working properly, that’s maybe the reason for your room not cooling down because a defective thermostat is unable to figure out the room’s temperature perfectly. 

To check out if your thermostat is working properly or not, turn on your air cooling system and then set it on cooling. Then use a multimeter to check the thermostat’s flow. 

If you find your thermostat does not have proper flow even if it is set on cooling, then be sure that your thermostat is defective, and that’s why your GE window aircon is not cooling down properly. 

5. When The Control Board Turns Out Faulty

Control board failing is the most common issue for your GE window aircon system to not cool down properly.

A control board’s duty is to supply the voltage throughout the compressor and the fan motor. If your control board fails, the units which are connected with the control board won’t work properly or won’t work at all. 

Sometimes it looks like your control board is alright, but the nearer units are defective. So that’s why before replacing the control board, check out the other commonly defective units first. 

6. Defective Main Control Board 

Sometimes your main control board fails without you even noticing. It can also be the reason why your GE window aircon is not cooling down. 

A control board is the brain of an air cooling system. It basically controls the voltage and then supplies it to many units. 

So when your main control board fails, it becomes unable to supply voltages to the AC units. As a result, your aircon systems stop flowing cool air or sometimes won’t work at all. 

That’s why always remember to check your main control board if you see your aircon is not flowing cool air properly. 

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7. Damaged Temperature Control Board 

A defective temperature control board can also be the reason for the poor cooling service of a GE window aircon system. 

Your temperature control board of an air cooling system might get faulty for some reason. A faulty temperature control board is not able to supply power to a fan motor or your aircon’s compressor. 

As a result, you won’t be able to control your room’s temperature with a temperature board. As we all know, a temperature board helps the aircon system to higher or lower down the temperature. 

So if you find any faulty problems in your temperature control board, then replace them. But don’t forget to check other units besides the temperature control board because sometimes it might not be the problem in your temperature board. 

8. Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat 

The temperature control thermostat basically works like a sensor. It detects your room’s temperature, and then if it can find out your room’s temperature is more than 72 degrees, it turns on the air cooling system automatically. 

Then again, if it has reached a certain point where your room gets the perfect temperature, your temperature control thermostat again turns off the aircon system automatically. 

If your temperature control thermostat is not working properly, your air cooling system will work not stop or won’t work at all. To check if it is flowing the air properly or not, use a multimeter and set your air cooling system in a cooling mode. If it is not flowing cool air properly, it means your temperature control thermostat is faulty. 

So check before you replace your temperature control thermostat occasionally to figure out if it is working properly or not. 

9. Damaged Thermistor

A thermistor is also a sensor. It is attached to the control board and then continuously checks the temperature of the air. Its resistance value keeps changing with the temperature of the air. 

If the temperature of the air gets high, the resistance value gets low. If the temperature of the air gets lower, the resistance value gets higher. 

To check if your thermistor is working or not, use a multimeter to see it flowing. Or keep an eye on the resistance value. If it does not change, then be sure that your thermistor is faulty. 

If you are unsure about the perfect resistance value and a certain temperature, then find your user’s manual and then read it. You will find everything written over there. 

10. Faulty Run Capacitor 

The run capacitor of an air cooling system is attached to the compressor with many electrical leads. Sometimes your run capacitor burns out for some reason, and as a result, your compressor stops working. 

So your run capacitor can be one of the reasons why your GE window aircon system is not working properly and why its cool airflow is poor. 

To check your run capacitor, use a multimeter and then check its flow. If it is not flowing properly, it means your run capacitor is faulty. Replace it as soon as you can after that. 


I guess this article has helped you to know ten reasons why GE window air conditioner is not cooling down your home. I hope I was able to help you to solve your problems. 

So from now on, if your GE window airconditioner is showing bad symptoms or not cooling enough, don’t forget to check those things which I have mentioned earlier.

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