As the weather starts to heat up, many homeowners begin to search for ways to circulate cool air in their houses. While air conditioning is certainly one option, there are a number of other things you can do to beat the heat.

In this post, we’ll discuss some tips on how to circulate cool air in your home without AC. Read on for more information!

how to circulate cool air in a house

Now, many of you probably know the strategy of filtering your windows, not letting that radiant sunlight come in a while, keeping your windows open. So, you should start your day, keeping the windows cracked and keeping the shades drawn. 

Later on, the day, when the heat and humidity build-up, it’s time to crank your AC unit. Cold air falls to the bottom of the floor, and warm air rises, so what happens with these window units is that you’ll have a room here that will be very cool. 

The only problem is that your other rooms are not as cool because the cool air is staying in that back room. So what you want to do if you are on a budget, and you cannot afford to get central AC or even buy a window AC for every room, just get yourself a fifteen-dollar box fan. 

Set up the box fan in the doorway between the cool room and the warm room. Set that floor level that will take the cool air on the floor and move it into the warm room. And the warm room, within half an hour, is a lot cooler. You can feel the cool air from the AC in the back room moving into the front room. 

I hope this simple tip helps you get the most out of your window air conditioning unit, specifically if you’re on a budget and you gotta stay cool during hot, sweltering, humid summer months. 

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So, How To Circulate Cool Air In A House?

Whole house/Attic fans

The whole house fan system can save you money. Let you enjoy better health and keep you cool for pennies an hour. The patented whisper quiet system will cool and ventilate your home with fresh, natural air and can cut fifty to ninety percent off your air conditioning usage. 

The whole house fan is not a new idea, and what the latest companies have done is redesign it and make it whisper quiet and very versatile. This is a product everyone needs whether they have air conditioning or not.

First, let me tell you how it works. A giant vacuum cleaner connected to all the attic vents of your home then cracking open a few windows and sucking all of the hot state air out of your home and attic in just three to four minutes while bringing in a fresh, natural breeze through the house.

Doing this will cool your home in three ways. First, this breeze that comes through your home, which you can control by opening selected windows, cools you 5 to 10 degrees. It’s just like having a giant ceiling fan blowing on you.

Second, it cools your home up to 20 degrees by replacing all of the air in your house 15 to 20 times every hour. Now you can do this at any time when the outside air is cooler than the inside air in your home. This is usually in the morning, in the late afternoon, evening, and night time depending on the time of the year. 

Third, it flushes all the hot air out of the attic, making it up to 50 degrees cooler if you picture your house and the attic baking from the sun’s rays beating down on it all day long. You are heating up like a giant oven trapping all that heat inside. 

If you come home at the end of the day without having had your air conditioner on, you’ll find your home like a large oven, and like an oven stopping the heating by having the sun go down does not stop the heat any more than turning off your oven. The cool, quiet system replaces the hot air in your by exchanging it with cooler outside air and rapidly cooling down your home ten times faster than your air conditioner can. 

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Window fan

For those of you who have a room in the house that gets very hot, you may have a pedestal fan that you use to try and cool yourself down. Now the issue with that is all you’re doing is blowing around the hot air that’s in the room already. 

So one solution is to get a window fan. Window fans are great because they pull in cool air from the outside. Now that’s assuming that you live in a climate where it’s not too hot outside and not too humid. Most of these window fans have two settings, and you can either suck air from the outside in or suck air from the inside out. From my experience, the best way is to suck cold air in. In the region where I live, we get the high 20s to maybe sometimes 30s in the summertime, and this works best in the evening. 

So, when you’re going to sleep, and it’s hot in your room, this is the ideal solution if you don’t want to buy an expensive AC and you want to be a little bit more environmentally friendly.

During the day, the room can get up to 27 degrees celsius, and if it’s 27 outside, the room gets up to 30 plus, and it’s so unbearable and very difficult to sleep if the room is still that temperature in the evening. 

Other solutions

Sweltering in the summer heat with no AC and no hope for relief, the good news is, it’s possible to cool your house with nothing more than a strategically placed fan and a few small daytime measures. At night, the key is to take advantage of cooler outside temperatures and swap out the warm air inside your home for cool outside air. How??

You can do this by pointing one fan out the window. Pick the room in your house that you want to cool the most. Say your bedroom! Open a window there. This is where the cool air will eventually rush in. Move to a different room located across the house from the one you just picked. Open the window there and place a fan by pointing it outward. That fan will blow warm air out and create a low-pressure system in the house, which should suck cool air into your home through the window you left open in the other room. 

If you have a basement, chances are it’ll be a few degrees cooler than the upper floors of your house. Spread that cool air through the house with a basement fan that points upstairs. During the day, it’s essential to shut your windows as soon as the outside temperature climbs above the indoor temperature. 

You want to keep as much of that cool night air in as much as possible. Try to block out direct sunlight by drawing your curtains and blinds. The sun’s rays will heat the air in your house, but they’ll also warm up your counters and floors, which tend to have a high heat capacity. So they’ll store that heat and continue to radiate it throughout the night. Then let your house insulation do the majority of the work to keep your house cooler than the outdoors.

How Can I Make My Central Air Conditioner?

  • The outdoor condenser coil should be clear of dust and debris. 
  • During the cooling season, try to put a new air filter every month. 
  • Be active to find out the leaks in your home and fix them as soon as possible. 

Best Ways To Circulate Air Conditioning

  • Open windows. Try to keep a few windows open. It’s an easy solution by which you can get the proper air circulating in your house. 
  • Run your HVAC system. 
  • Change filters. An important step is to keep an HVAC filter. 
  • Run Ceiling Fans.
  • Unplug appliances you are not using. 
  • Opt for breezy clothing. 


How to circulate cool air in a house? A common question on the hot summer days. When everyone is looking for peaceful cold air, sound sleep in cold weather, you can present these fascinating ideas in front of them. They will be astonished after applying some of these techniques. 

So, in the following summer days, I hope you and your family, friends will be grateful for these techniques. Enjoy your life with the blessing of nature and live like a butterfly. 

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