Nowadays portable air conditioners are very much famous for their easy transposable. However, like other components of an air conditioner, some kits come with the unit when you buy a portable conditioner. 

How long the exhaust hose can be on a portable AC? In some of the terms, the exhaust hose is universal in size. And it is 5 inches/13 cm is the outer edge to outer edge diameter. So it fits most of the portable units with a 5-inch diameter port—the mouth of the unit of both ends of the hose counter-clockwise threads. The installation direction to the connector and adapter is anti-clockwise. 

how long the exhaust hose can be on a portable AC

how Long The Exhaust Hose Can Be On A Portable AC?

Among these, an exhausted hose is the most visible kit. So, you need to know how long the exhaust hose can be in a portable air conditioner. Here’s the answer, in a portable air conditioner, the standard length of the exhaust hose is  5-7 feet

If your window is far from your unit, you need a longer hose, these can be easily found at a local hardware store; avoiding hoses over 12 feet or 90-degree bends is good.

What is a portable air conditioner? 

Generally, we used to see the window AC in our homes and offices. A portable air conditioner (PAC) has been a popular air conditioner for the last many years. That is usually a free-standing unit that is ideal for a single cooling room or small space. 

When you buy a portable air conditioner, it comes with an installation kit for quick setup. It’s a window kit that comes along with an exhausted vent hose, which is used to close the rest of the window to stop the cold air from getting out and the hot air from getting into your room. A portable air conditioner usually runs ten years a lifetime. 

However, it can double its lifetime if you use it occasionally. And if you do not load its cooling system. The renowned AC companies produce more portable ACs than before due to increasing consumer demand.

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Is there only one exhaust hose in the portable air conditioner? 

Mostly when you buy a portable air conditioner, you see one unit exhaust hose with your package. But there is a two-unit exhaust unit portable air conditioner also. So, let’s introduce the top 5 brands of one-unit exhaust hose and a two-unit exhaust hose portable air conditioner. 

One hose portable air conditioner brands: 

  • Honeywell 
  • Haier 
  • Black+ Decker 
  • LUKE 

Two-unit hose portable air conditioner brands: 

  • Whynter 
  • Midea 
  • Honeywell 
  • Haier 
  • Elite 

How does the single exhaust hose work on a portable air conditioner?  

The exhaust hose work is by pulling static air from inside the chamber. The motor inside the Unit then cools the air for circulation throughout the space. The hose also takes the excess warmth and humidity out of it through the channel. 

How does the two-unit exhaust hose work on a portable air conditioner?  

Which portable air conditioner has a two-unit exhaust hose one drains the heat and humidity generated in the air conditioning process. Another one is used to stand off fresh air from the outside to undertake the harmful pressure problems. 

What differences between single and dual exhaust hose portable air conditioners? 

Single hose portable air conditioner:  

Advantages of single hose portable air conditioner: 

  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Easy mobility. 
  • Exhaust excess humidity from the room. 
  • Cover small areas. 
  • You don’t need any window to set it up. 

Disadvantages of single hose portable air conditioner: 

  • It cannot cover ample space. 
  • When it comes into a covered large area to cool, it can’t load negative pressure. 
  • It makes too much noise when it comes under more pressure. 
  • Sometimes a single exhausted hose is bent instantly when you have to transfer it from one place to another room or space. 

Two-unit hose portable air conditioner: 

Advantages of two units portable air conditioner: 

  • Can balance temperature. 
  • Can reduce heatstroke.
  • It can cool faster than a single unit AC.
  • It is more suitable for large spaces.

Disadvantages of two units portable air conditioner: 

  • Heavy units are challenging to move.
  • Making high noise.
  • Need a large window to fit. 
  • Limited cooling space. 
  • Draining the water. 

Can you extend the exhaust hose for your portable air conditioner? 

It would help if you didn’t extend the exhaust hose that came with your portable air conditioner. Because that exhaust hose is specifically designed for use with that particular unit. It will be harmful to your portable air conditioner if you lengthen, modify or use a longer hose. If you do that, the cooling effectiveness of your portable air conditioner will be reduced. And it may behave abnormally in other parts of your AC unit. 

Does your portable air conditioner fill up with water so fast? 

Due to high humidity, dirty air filters, or clogged drain hoses, a portable AC unit can quickly fill with water. To solve this problem, you have to fix your AC unit, Clean the filters, stream hose, and drain the tank to clear any blockage. Also, remove excess moisture; you have to use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture and stop your air conditioner from filling up too instantly. 

Does exhaust hose work as a dehumidifier?

A portable air conditioner is used for its cooling capacity, not for dehumidification. Suppose you have dehumidification mode on your air conditioner; you can dehumidify your room. You only need to do it in dehumidifier mode whenever you need to warm up your room without a vent hose. 

Do you know how to clean a clogged exhaust hose of a portable air conditioner?  

First, you need to detach the pipes and hoses; then, you need water and vinegar with a 50-50 ratio. Then rinse the pipes with clean water. After you are done with this process, you have to run the air conditioner on for-only mode for 30-45 minutes. Afterward, alleviate the odor of vinegar and completely dry your unit.

How often do you have to stream a portable air conditioner? 

Every eight hours, you have to stream your portable air conditioner. And it relies on the humidity of your place. If your place is dry, you’ll rarely need to stream your portable air conditioner. 

What is the most vulnerable situation about portable air conditioners? 

In an annual report of the National Fire Protection Association, a portable air conditioner can average 20 deaths,140 injuries, and approximately $82 million damage in a year. In addition, when it overheated, it started a fire very quickly. So, you need extra care to cool it down when you run it for a long time. 

And you should also check sometimes if you feel it sounds abnormal. 

Top five exhaust hose brands in a market:  

  1. Haier 
  2. TURBO 
  3. Honeywell 
  4. Kraft 
  5. GSM  

What to do if the exhaust hose is damaged? 

Most of the exhaust hose is made of plastic. Few are made of aluminum foil. As a result, the exhaust hose may damage due to various reasons. For example, it may damage during installation, such as lengthening, curving, twisting, or moving a portable ac from one room to another. 

So, by this time, you may face several problems like flooding around the unit, water leakage around the hose area, or the unit failing to operate. To solve this problem, you must check the exhaust hose to locate holes and ensure the hose is securely attached to the unit. 

To fix this problem, you may replace the hose or can order from the manufacturer. Or you may install. After inspection, you will call a plumber or consult with the manual owners if the hose is needed to repair. 

Does leakage hose raise electricity bill? 

Yes, it does. When any leakage occurs in the hose, it drains extra moisture through the hose. As a result, a portable air conditioner consumes extra energy to perform its functions. Typically a 15000 BTU (British Thermal Unit ) portable air conditioner costs an average of .20$ per hour to run. It costs 1.60$ per day if the ac is used for eight hours. In a month, it will cost around $48.But due to leakage in the hose, it may raise 20 to 40 percent.


How long the exhaust hose can be on a portable AC? Now having a portable air conditioner is not a luxurious Staff, it is a necessity of regular life. The exhaust hose is one of the vital kits in a portable air conditioner. In this writing, we wanted to give a complete idea about the length, brands, and other factors related to the exhaust hose and portable air conditioner. Hopefully, you will get a great idea by reading this blog. And you get the answer about how long an exhaust hose can be on a portable air conditioner.

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