When it is time to buy a new Air Conditioner, we want the best one updated with time. It is good to keep pace with the modern world. For that, we consider many things when we are going to buy it such as warranty time, HVAC unit, compressor, better air quality, SEER ratings, the size suitable for our house and many more things. 

We get this question frequently, “Is Goodman as good as Trane?” as these two are the most renowned heating and air conditioning companies in the world. 

People get confused very easily when they compare these two brands. It is a usual thing to get confused.

Trane is an older brand compared with Goodman. However, these two brands are compared for their different quality and unique features, making them the best. Today, these two names are the first to be heard for the new AC. 

So, in this content, we will talk about is Goodman as good as Trane and how to compare to get the best one between them. So, let’s get started without any delay. 

Is Goodman as good as Trane

Is Goodman As Good As Trane? 

This is a tough question to answer as these two brands are different in quality. However, both Goodman and Trane are competitive with their features. 

These two brands are famous for serving qualified AC to consumers. Trane is already qualified highly, and now Goodman is also holding an equal place in the market. If one is less in a way, it improves in another way. No one is ready to lose.  

Comparison Between Goodman And Trane –

Comparison is easy to do between two AC models, but when it comes to comparing the two best brands such as Goodman and Trane, it is indeed not a get-at-able task. 

Let’s look at the comparison between Goodman and Trane –  

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1. AC Units 


If you are searching American standard AC, then Goodman is the name. Goodman’s all units are made in the U.S. They produce units with more durability and resistance to the weather features.

They use a powder-coating technique that ensures that the AC lasts longer before repairs are needed. 

Its energy star is rated up to 18. In 2019, Goodman upgraded its AlumaFin7 indoor coils. 

So, you can trust their products to the highest standard. 


Trane is genuinely successful as the first choice of homeowners. For its units with more features and variable stage AC units. 

Trane has a unique way to test its cooling and heating units which continue for up to 16 weeks. Trane is so well-constructed while in production. 

Its energy star is rated up to 20. In addition, it has all-aluminium Spine Fin outdoor coils, which are exclusive in the AC industry.

So, we can see what makes the brand exceptional.      

2. Control Using Smart System


Goodman has ComfortBridge, which is a Hi-Tech connected control system. It is a technology that is installed in the factory. It is now secured as it is placed into the HVAC equipment.

To make an intelligent indoor comfort system and the thermostat more flexible, ComfortBridge is used. And now, you are not locked into one particular system as the new HVAC is installed. It also makes adjustments to lessen the amount of energy to comfort your home’s temperature.

While installing Goodman, you will get the selected HVAC system using the app on your mobile. It can show you any problem with your AC without opening any panel. So easy for you to take action. 


Trane provides ComfortLink II smart system. It is a built-in system in Trane. Most useful is that you can access it from a mobile or tablet or computer. 

It minimises the energy use as needed for your room. 

You can use it from outside of your house also. It’s like connecting and controlling your thermostat even from a distance. Two hundred smartphones are the number where you can get access to it. 

Marvellous. Isn’t it?   

3. Two-Stage Cooling 


Goodman uses a single two-stage scroll compressor for staging. In competing with others, it has proven reliable already. Moreover, keeping pace with today’s world is effective. 


Trane uses two compressors for two-stage operations. It is upgraded with modern features. Having it in your AC is like it is safe to use. 

4. Humidity Control 

Humidity control is one of the primary keys to look at carefully because we choose an AC with a more flexible humidity control system.  


Goodman has this service at a better place. Its humidity control system is incredible as it uses a smooth process for humidity control. 

The AC runs in slow motion for the first 5 or 10 minutes. This is for removing the humidity from the air using the evaporator coil.


Trane is also the same as Goodman in this regard. In addition, Trane has Comfort-R, which helps in humidity control.

Humidity control is essential in the summertime to comfort the room temperature.       

The reduced speed of the fan in AC is usually used for humidity control. And Trane has gained a good name for this system. 

5. Warranty Program 


We can’t assure if any AC with the same features can beat Goodman’s warranty program. It provides a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor. Yes, you heard me right. 

And for the rest parts, it provides a 10-year guarantee. Also, the time for the replacement of units is 10-year. 

But to get this, you need to register your product while buying—excellent coverage of the warranty provided by Goodman.  


Don’t tell us you are looking for the same warranty in Trane. We are sorry to inform you Trane has a tiered warranty program which means the warranty time varies from model to model. If you want to get a more extended warranty, they would be their variable speed compressors. 

But Trane gives a 12-year warranty on compressors and 10-year on the rest of the parts. 

The difference is vast to describe. But, unfortunately, it looks like Goodman is too good at it. 

6. Which One Is More Costly? 


Goodman should be your choice if you are thinking about your budget and looking for an affordable AC. Because with these great features, Goodman is cheaper than Trane. It is budget-friendly to buy.

 Installation costs are not included, but the buying price is significant to bear. 


Trane is not budget-friendly if you get to know the price. But you will get the answer that Trane is worth the price because it provides high-quality services to the customers. 

One more thing to know about, fixing the price would cost you as high as its buying price. However, Trane’s price was not worth it in 2019 and 2020. So now, in 2021, it has updated its features.   

7. Using Experience 


I installed Goodman in 2017 as my old AC was too old to be true. I was glad to get it within my budget. At first, I was afraid it would function flawlessly. My fear turned out to be not true. It is still working so smoothly that I love it. 

But its compressor was locked suddenly in 2019, and I contacted their customer care as I had a warranty on it. You won’t believe how good their service was and their technicians were professional and trained. 

They came and fixed the problem without any delay. Such a great AC I got.


As I used a few AC brands from earlier, I trusted Trane. Therefore, I repurchased Trane in 2018 for my office. At that time, it was working great. I thought the high price it took was worth it. Even I suggested that many of my friends use it.

But in 2021, I’m changing my opinion. Because of some reasons, my AC had a leakage problem and made a sound while working. So, I tried to use my warranty and take their service. 

The dealer said he would contact Trane. But there was no result. So, I had to fix it on my own, and it charged almost around the buying price.

But what I got to know is Trane have updated their features and service for customers now. 


We get to know in the content is Goodman as good as Trane. But if you are still confused about making your choice, in the end, there are some key ways to solve your problem.

If you want an affordable AC with high-tech, Goodman can be your choice as it is lower in price and has a great warranty program. It won the Gold Award for Dealer Design 2019.  

But you won’t get some more features and variable-speed compressors in Goodman.

For that, you need to choose Trane with a legacy and a reputation for reliability. It might not meet up with your budget and warranty program. But the extra features like the intelligent system they provide is worth it. 

This is it. Make the decision wisely before getting your new AC.

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