Medium-pile carpet is a good compromise between low and high piles, providing an excellent range of alternatives. Consider it a nice medium with benefits from both sorts. This carpet is softer than low-pile carpet and easier to vacuum because it traps less dirt than high-pile carpet. Vacuuming medium-pile carpet with a normal vacuum is still relatively simple.

This article explains many things you need to know about medium pile carpets.

Everything You Need To Know About Medium Pile Carpet : 

You’re probably thinking about color and fiber patterning when shopping for a new carpet. Still, carpet pile height is equally vital for the floor covering’s look, feel, and durability. Compare the many pile kinds and height options to see which one can withstand the amount of foot activity in your area.

A medium pile carpet is a good compromise between ease and comfort. Medium pile carpet has fibers taller than low pile carpet, making it gentler to the touch but still holding up to moderate foot activity and grime, making it a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

Medium Pile Carpet

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about medium pile carpet.

1. What is the definition of a medium pile?

While pile heights in rugs and carpets vary, they normally fall into three categories: low (less than 14 inches), medium (14 to 12 inches), and high (12 to 34 inches). Longer than 34-inch piles are less typical. Because the longer the pile gets, the softer the rug feels. These types are usually designated as “plush” pile height.

2. What is the height of a medium pile carpet?

One of three heights is commonly used to describe carpet: Low-pile carpet has a pile height of less than 1/4 inch. 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch for medium-pile carpet. 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch high-pile carpet. 

3. What is the thickness of a medium pile carpet?

Carpets with a medium pile are those with 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness.

4. What is the ideal pile height?

Recommendations for Pile Height:

Choose a pile height of 14 to 12 inches in the living room. Use a medium to high pile in the dining room. In the dining room, less is more.

5. How do I determine that my carpet is a medium pile carpet?

A tiny ruler or measuring device is used to measure the pile height of a carpet from the top surface of the backing to the top of the pile. Remember that the surface of the backing is not considered when measuring the pile. The rug’s pile is just the soft surface that rises from the rug’s backing.

6. On medium pile carpet, do I need a chair mat?

This is the case because rolling office chairs damage flooring surfaces without mats. Chair mats guard against indentations, scuffs, other blemishes, and spills. Chair mats also make it much easier to maneuver around your workspace—rolling your chair on a mat takes 80 percent less effort than on a carpet.

7. What is the best way to protect the medium-pile carpet in front of a chair?

Chair mats are made of tempered glass, plastic, rubber, and PVC, among other materials. However, polycarbonate plastic is the best material for a chair mat on a carpeted surface. This thermoplastic is extremely durable, easy to form, and frequently see-through.

8. How can you know if a medium pile carpet is good quality?

The thickness of the fibers and how firmly they are packed define density. The greater the quality of the carpet and the less prone it is to crushing, the thicker and heavier it is. It’s a low-density (lower-quality) carpet if the backing is visible.

9. What is a good carpet pile height? 

Check the pile height after that to discover which is ideal for the given region. Low pile rugs have less than 6.35 mm of the pile, medium pile rugs have 6.35 mm to 12.7 mm of the pile, and high pile rugs have 12.7 mm to 19.05 mm of the pile. Some plush rugs may exceed this height measurement.

10. What does a carpet with a medium pile look like?

Low and high-pile carpeting have traits in common with medium pile carpeting. Their fibers aren’t the world’s tightest but are also not the longest. Dirt and debris can still get stuck in them, but not to the same extent as in a high-pile carpet. Their height is only 1/2 inch; thus, frequent maintenance would be best accomplished with a motorized brush roll. For medium pile carpets, vacuums with automatic height adjustment are not suggested.

11. Do we use brush roll for medium pile carpet?

While a brush roll is useful for vacuuming carpets, it can cause harm to hard surfaces and some rugs. Turning off the brush roll is a fantastic feature that improves the vacuum cleaner’s usage. There will usually be a button or lever to turn the brush roll on or off.

12. Which vacuum cleaner is best for carpets with a medium pile?

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright is the best upright vacuum for medium pile carpets. This bagless upright effectively removes pet hair and fine and big debris on low and high-pile carpets. Its floorhead has three degrees of surface adjustment, and there’s a slider on the handle to fine-tune its suction force if we’re having difficulties pushing it about on specific surfaces. We can disable the brush roll on its floorhead, which will help it avoid getting stuck on carpet tassels.

13. What’s the difference between a carpet with a medium pile and a carpet with a high pile?

Both low and high pile carpeting qualities are present in medium pile carpeting. Their fibers aren’t the world’s tightest or longest, but they aren’t the shortest either.

14. What are the benefits of a carpet with a medium pile?

Consider it a happy medium that offers the best of both worlds. This carpet style is softer than low-pile carpet, and it’s easier to vacuum than high-pile carpet since it traps less dirt. Vacuuming a medium-pile carpet with a normal vacuum is still relatively simple.

15. Pros and Cons for medium pile carpet : 

The medium pile carpet combines the best features of both low and high pile carpets. As a result, they will have equal advantages and disadvantages depending on whether they are closer to low or high types. The following are some general advantages and disadvantages to consider.


1. Can impart softness.

2. Compared to heavy pile carpets, it is easier to clean and maintain.

3. This is a good option for a medium-traffic area.


1. Low pile carpets are more prone to accumulating debris, hair, dirt, and other contaminants than high pile carpets.

2. Cannot be cleaned using a vacuum with automatic height adjustment.

16. Important features of medium-pile carpet: 

1. Texture: 

Medium pile carpets, which fall in the middle of the pile spectrum, can benefit from low and high pile carpets. Their fibers are softer and more comfortable to walk on than those with tighter filaments. They have a luxury appearance, similar to a thick pile carpet.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: 

The cleaning aspect of a medium pile carpet can still be handled. They don’t have long threads, and their density is high enough that dirt can’t get stuck between them and the ground.

3. Best for:

Medium pile carpet benefits short fibers; it can easily withstand moderate foot traffic. As a result, you may use it in the living room, kitchen, or even bedrooms, as they provide similar softness to the high-height type.

4. Expense :

Shorter fibers equal a lesser price, so medium pile carpets may be a good option if you’re on a budget.

Features Table Of Medium Pile Carpet :

Features Medium Pile Carpet 
Length1/4 inch to 1/2 inch
TextureSofter and more comfortable than low ones
Cleaning and maintenance Easy
Convenience and safety Suitable for an allergic person
Best used inModerate-traffic areas (e.g., living room, kitchen, or bedroom)
Cost Affordable 


The carpet backing is not included in the pile carpet’s height (or length). It’s simply the soft strands on the surface that you can see. When deciding on the right size, there are six elements to consider.

Medium pile carpets transfer your belongings or furniture; however, high pile carpets make it difficult.

Furthermore, when we place heavy items on shorter-fiber carpets (such as low and medium piles), the chances of leaving dents are reduced or non-existent. People have also demonstrated that the higher the pile density (soft and medium-pile carpet), the less the carpet deforms. 

Low or medium-pile carpets are better if you have allergies because they do not hold as many allergens on their surface.

Isn’t it true that medium-pile carpet isn’t the best choice for comfort and safety? These high types are still an excellent option when your children are older. Because of the lengthy strands, these medium types are still suitable for your children when they fall on the carpet.

A medium pile carpet is a winner if we require superior insulation and soundproofing since it can retain the heat and separate the sound.

Cut Pile, Loop Pile, and a mix of Cut and Loop Pile are the three primary forms of carpet piles. These sorts can be manufactured from a variety of fibers, including natural (e.g., wool) and synthetic (e.g., nylon) (e.g., polyester, nylon, acrylic, triexta, etc.).They also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Everyone has various needs and wants. Thus there is no such thing as a good or poor carpet, especially when choosing one based on the height of the threads.

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