All of us can relate that loop pile carpet is today’s one of the most commonly used carpets. One will surely get a suggestion of loop pile carpet while buying a new carpet. But there is much confusion regarding the carpet and for a person to get a clear vision.            

So, stay with us till the end to know 30 amazing things you need to know about loop pile carpet. These will help to satisfy your query.          

30 Things You Need To Know About Loop Pile Carpet 

Here you will find the answers to loop pile carpet’s definition, types, price, maintenance, differences with others, pros and cons, etc.         

About Loop Carpet

One needs to know these facts to purchase the perfect loop carpet. Buying a loop pile carpet without knowing anything about it is useless. It won’t help you much if you don’t know how to maintain it. Again, no one can fool you with a higher price if you know its price. Not only these, but there are also many more things you need to know about loop pile carpets. So, let’s not delay learning together.        

Below are the 30 things one needs to know about loop pile carpet –       

1. What Is a Loop Pile Carpet? 

A loop pile carpet is a carpet made from looped fibers. These loops form strong patterns. Some say that this carpet’s definition is similar to its name. Today this carpet is widely used for its quality, better performance, high-traffic bearing feature, etc.   

2. What Is This Carpet Made From? 

Loop pile carpet is made from fibers. This carpet uses natural and synthetic fiber; in some cases, both are mixed. These fibers are wool and polypropylene, which have different features and benefits. 

People choose wool fiber for softer carpets in houses and synthetic fiber for harder wearing in high-traffic areas.            

3. What Is A Loop Pile Carpet Frequently Called?   

A loop pile is frequently called a cut pile. Cut pile is another type of carpet, which is also widely used. Many people confuse these two due to their names and other reasons. Cut pile carpet results in loop pile carpet, and these two have a few similarities. Therefore, one must be clear about what type of carpet he buys.     

4. What Are The Types of Loop Pile Carpet?   

There are many types of loop pile carpets. But the most frequently used ones are Berber loop carpet, sisal carpet, multi-level loop carpet, textured loop carpet, and level loop carpet. One will find these types of loop carpets while choosing the carpet. Each of these has some unique characteristics that make them extraordinary. While buying a new loop pile carpet, know the features of these carpets to find your suitable one.                     

5. Where Is the Loop Pile Carpet Most Commonly Used?   

Loop pile carpet is suitable for high-traffic areas where many people walk daily. This carpet is most commonly used in offices, clinics, shops, commercial areas, etc. This carpet is made to endure high traffic, worth praising. Even some families with many members use this carpet. Also, small families use it, but they choose low-density ones.            

6. Is Loop Pile Carpet Good? 

Yes, the loop pile carpet is good overall and gives some excellent benefits. One can expect full-on performance from this carpet, which fits anywhere in the house or office. High density and more looped fiber are for offices made to undergo high traffic. Again, homeowners use low-density ones as they have fewer members. 

As you can see, the loop pile carpet is quite good to use. Most of the users love its soil and stain-resistant benefits. One will get the service of a fashionable carpet and high-traffic bearing features.            

7. Is This Carpet Durable? 

Yes, this carpet is durable. Many users claim that loop pile carpets are easy to use, and their stability is worth mentioning. But one will get a plus point in expanding durability if he gets a high-quality loop pile carpet and takes care of it regularly. Not to forget that it is still more durable though it needs low maintenance.                

8. How Long Does a Loop Carpet Last? 

A loop carpet lasts from 12 to 15 years on average. One can assume these are huge numbers. But this longer lifespan depends on factors like high or low-quality materials, regular maintenance, etc. So, one can purchase a high-quality loop pile carpet for long-lasting use.           

9. What Is The Best Thing About Loop Pile Carpet?    

The best thing about the loop pile carpet is its stain-resistant feature. We can relate to the fact that we suffer from great difficulty cleaning the stains on a carpet. It is quite hard to remove the stains easily. Also, we feel embarrassed about the stains. 

But loop pile carpet allows us to catch the spills on time. This carpet has lower power to soak the spills, and it takes a long time to soak them. Therefore, we can easily clean the spills, and there won’t be any stains on the carpet.            

10. Is Loop Pile Carpet Good For Stairs?   

No, the loop pile carpet is not good for stairs. Usually, homeowners use twisted carpet or cut pile carpet for stairs. This is because these carpets are low to 3/4 inches or lower. This pile size is suitable for stairs to be resilient to traffic, comfortable, and stable underfoot. As loop pile carpet differs from this aspect, it is not recommended to use on stairs.  

But changes can happen if you prefer a loop pile carpet for your stairs. You can customize the carpet’s density and looped fibers to a lower range to make it compatible.              

11. Is A Loop Pile Carpet Hard Wearing?  

Yes, a loop pile carpet is hard-wearing, made of dense fibers, and tightly woven. It is used for heavy traffic and heavy use. So, it needs to be hard-wearing. Also, it is a plus point for not being torn easily and expanding lifespan. Thus, the loop pile carpet is people’s first choice for being hard-wearing.       

12. Can You Join Loop Pile Carpet?  

Yes, one can join loop pile carpet through a careful process. Many people like to join two carpets together for these reasons. One can join two Berber carpets or two level loop carpets. A carpeting strip cutter is needed for joining the carpets. But this work should be done by professional carpet installers.              

13. Is Loop Pile Carpet Easy To Clean?   

Yes, the loop pile carpet is easy to clean as it doesn’t catch much dust and dirt. As it is resistant to stain, there is a lower rate of discoloring. Many people choose the Berber carpet, the most popular carpet of loop piles, because this carpet’s cleaning process is easier than others.         

14. Can You Shave A Loop Pile Carpet?  

No, you can not shave a loop pile carpet. It is not suitable to shave down the rug side. If anyone tries to do it, the carpet will become a cut pile and useless as a loop pile. So, don’t try to shave a loop pile carpet.       

15. What Colour Loop Pile Carpet Is Easier To Keep Clean? 

A neutral or vague color loop pile carpet is easier to keep clean. These colors are faded black, taupe, olive green, etc. These colors better hide dirt, dust, and any carpet stain. But one should not go with dark black as it easily highlights the dirt and dust.        

16. Can You Have Cats or Dogs With A Loop Pile Carpet?     

You can not have cats or dogs with a loop pile carpet. These animals like to play with everything and mostly lay on carpets. They scratch and stretch anything with their claws. Due to this habit, the loops will often be pulled out, leading to the torn carpet. Thus, the carpet will be damaged with time. Therefore, a loop pile carpet with cats or dogs is not recommended.                  

17. How to Clean a Berber Loop Carpet?      

Berber loop carpets are easy to clean with a steam cleaner. But it holds more water, which is not good for its fibers and tight loops. For this reason, it should be washed periodically and carefully to avoid damage to the carpet. 

Another important thing is that vacuuming a Berber loop carpet is not recommended.      

18. Can You Use A Carpet Cleaner on A Loop Pile Carpet?  

You can not use a carpet cleaner on a loop pile carpet as beater bars, and brushes will harm the carpet. You should vacuum a loop pile carpet with a cylinder cleaner, and only the suction head should be used. Thus, one can clean the carpet properly without any damage.         

19. How Do You Care For A Loop Pile Carpet?   

A loop pile carpet does not need much caring, and it is a low-maintenance carpet. It is easy to vacuum 3 times a week with a cylinder cleaner. Walking or stepping on the carpet without shoes will make it more durable and look cleaner. Cats or dogs will easily damage the carpet if you have a loop pile carpet. So, try to find a suitable solution regarding it.          

20. Is Loop Pile Carpet Expensive or Affordable?   

A loop pile carpet is more expensive than other consistent carpets. But it depends on whether the loop carpet will be expensive or affordable. It is expensive if one is going for high density and high-quality loop carpet. Similarly, low-quality or low-density will make the carpet affordable. Also, the price depends on added patterns. Types of loop carpet are another factor regarding it. 

So, we can say a loop pile carpet is expensive and affordable.                       

21. How Much Does A Loop Pile Carpet Cost?    

A loop pile carpet costs $6 to $7 per square meter. But the price depends on the types of loop pile carpet, density, size, quality, etc. But we can guess the price will be around this range according to the requirements. From our point of view, the cost is worth its features and benefits. We should spend money on this carpet as it provides longer durability.              

22. Is The Price Worth It? 

Yes, the price of a loop pile carpet is worth it. We know that a good, high-quality product with benefits will be expensive. This price is due to its proper and strong materials that will last longer. The loop pile carpet is not different from that. It uses many intricacies to make patterns and creates a dense carpet for heavy use. 

We already saw that this carpet is perfect with low maintenance for high-traffic areas and lasts for so long. Its efficiency and lifespan attract us easily. As the carpet is durable, it saves the cost of buying new carpets. So, the price is worth it, and we highly recommend loop pile carpets.                      

23. What Are The Advantages of Loop Pile Carpet?   

We are still talking about loop pile carpets, so we already know many advantages. These carpets are resistant to stains and absorb spills slowly. These are much more durable than others and are considered the best carpets for high traffic. We have discussed these advantages so often that they don’t need further explanations.              

24. What Are The Disadvantages of Loop Pile Carpet?   

Loop pile carpets have very few disadvantages that don’t affect their efficiency. These are not suitable for houses with cats or dogs. We saw that these animals could damage the carpet easily. These are made hard-wearing for enduring high traffic, which lessens the softness of the carpet. We found no other defects than these two.      

25. What Is a Loop Woven Carpet? 

Loop woven carpet is a loop pile carpet manufactured from uncut loops of yarn. While making a loop pile carpet, the loops are created as the piles are woven in and out. Thus, a loop woven is made this way, and this one is also a helpful carpet.       

26. What To Look for While Buying A Loop Pile Carpet?   

While buying a loop pile carpet, one must look for fibers, piles, carpet pads, density, weight, carpet treatments, maintenance process, etc. These are the essential factors that affect the carpet mostly. One must also look for stain-resistant features and a lower chance of catching dirt and dust. Thus, one can get the best loop pile carpet.             

27. Which One is Better Between Cut Pile and Loop Pile? 

A loop pile is better than a cut pile for its better qualities. Loop pile carpet is stain-resistant and leaves fewer marks on the carpet, far better than a cut pile. Also, the loop pile is better for hiding footprints. 

One can get many designs in loop pile carpets and customize the design. But the cut pile has less chance to customize.        

As a loop pile carpet doesn’t soak the spills easily, it is also easy. But a cut pile carpet is a bit hard to clean or wash. 

Talking about durability, a cut pile carpet can not beat a loop pile carpet. Therefore, a loop pile carpet is better than a cut pile.                    

28. What Is The Most Hard Wearing Type of Carpet in Loop Pile?        

The most hard-wearing type of carpet in the loop pile is the Berber carpet and level loop pile. We have already learned about these types of carpets. These are the best carpets in loop piles with their amazing ability to endure traffic from low to high and expand durability with time. 

Also, these carpets are made with a high density of intricacy and patterns. These carpets absorb leakage and are resistant to stains. All of these features can gather together when the carpet is hard-wearing.                

29. Why Is a Berber Loop Carpet More Popular?  

Whereas many people say the Berber loop carpet is outdated, it will be more popular in 2022. Looking at its advantages, one will see the clean vision behind its popularity. It is easy to use, needs low maintenance, is resistant to stain, and fits perfectly in high-traffic areas. It gives the chance to catch spills as the carpet soaks too slowly. Thus, one does not need to worry about its lifespan.                    

30. Can I Use a Loop Pile Carpet In My House?  

Yes, you can use a loop pile carpet in your house. But you need to follow some things for this. Some say that the loop carpet is unsuitable for houses or areas with fewer people. But the information is partly true. As this carpet is normally used in commercial areas, its density is high. Therefore, you can purchase a loop pile carpet with low density and less looped fibers to make it suitable for your house.               


We can agree that loop pile carpets are popular for their efficiency, quality, and durability when everything has been said. These are a perfect relief for high-traffic areas; their lifespan is also worth mentioning. We can start praising a loop pile carpet, but it is hard to stop as it effectively serves. 

We are delighted to share 30 things you need to know about the loop pile carpet with you. We hope you are already certain about your thoughts regarding loop pile carpets through our writing. Here we presented the most common factors to help you buy the loop carpet. As the writing clears all confusion, you can relax to avoid mistakes. 

Moreover, share your loop pile carpets user experience with us and tell us more interesting things about them.                              

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