From time to time, we have heard Panasonic air conditioner owners complain about the abnormal behavior of the timer light blinking on their Panasonic AC. Most of them say that the light is turning on and off irregularly. 

We call it timer light blinking. It puts the air conditioner users into a panic. Professional mechanics take advantage of that. They make it look like a big deal and charge more. It will be harder for them to fool you if you have the basic idea. 

Besides that, it is better to know about the machine you are using daily. So, fewer chances of taking the wrong step. You can fix the minor problems. Ask for a professional hand for a more complex problem. 

Let us find out why the timer light of your Panasonic air conditioner is blinking. I will also provide tips on eliminating the problem and preventing further trouble.

why timer light blinking on panasonic air conditioner

Why Timer Light Blinking On Panasonic Air Conditioner

There can be one or more reasons why your Panasonic air conditioner’s timer light is blinking. It can be a loose connection, damaged parts, or something else. But every reason indicates one point. 

The Panasonic air conditioner timer light blinks mainly because of internal abnormalities. It is the machine’s way of telling you that it faces trouble inside.

Now, what kind of internal abnormality is your Panasonic air conditioner facing? That can differ from one air conditioner to another air conditioner.

You can figure out the problem by opening the machine yourself if you have the skills. Detecting and fixing this kind of mechanical issue is relatively easy. You do not have to be a mechanical genius to do this job. 

But sometimes, the problem may be more significant than expected, or you may have zero skills in this sector. Then it will be safer to take help from a mechanic.

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Types Of Internal Problems That Cause Timer Light Blinking

Why timer light blinking on Panasonic air conditioner has one basic answer. It indicates internal trouble. But is it all? Of course, we need to figure out what internal chaos is causing the machine to act this way. 

There are several possibilities. I have mentioned those problems in the following list.

  1. Unsuccessful Installation: Your air conditioner lets you know that you did not install it properly by blinking the timer light. Unsuccessful installation mostly happens when someone inexperienced installs the machine. So, be careful of who you hire for installing it.
  1. Faulty Wiring: The wire connection can be loose or damaged. It is a dangerous situation, and you should fix it in no time.
  1. Printed Circuit Board Issue: If the printed circuit board has damage, your AC will try to draw your attention by blinking the light. It is an electrical problem. So, fixing it yourself can be a little dangerous.
  1. Servicing Irregularity: If you do not service your air conditioner regularly, its performance will drop. The timer light may blink when it needs servicing.
  1. Improper Circulation Of Air: If the air cannot circulate smoothly, it causes the timer light to blink. Poor installation or faulty AC drive motor can be the cause for that.
  1. Obstruction In Air Filters: Why timer light blinking on Panasonic air conditioner is a question you should not ask if you do not clean the machine regularly. If you do not clean the air conditioner regularly, it will not function correctly. Check the air filter. 

You may find it clogged. It is one of the leading reasons why the timer light blinks on the Panasonic air conditioner.

  1. Evaporator Coils Getting Frozen: Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil may be frozen. This kind of issue can lead to water leakage. It is an emergency stat for your air conditioner. You should seek an experienced mechanic to fix this.
  1. External Problem: Besides internal issues, other issues can cause your Panasonic aircon timer light to blink. For example, there can be a problem with your air conditioner’s thermostat. So check if that is working fine or not.

Detecting The Problem

Detecting why timer light blinking on Panasonic air conditioner is not that tough. The easiest way to figure out the problem is to check the remote control or your air conditioner. It may have valuable information regarding the problem. However, if you can not find out much, physically check the AC.

For internal error, open the air conditioner. Check if the air conditioner is clean or not. Specially check the filter area. Next, check the evaporator coil, wires, and PCB. Also, check all the connections related to installation. Check if all the connections have been made correctly.

For detecting external issues, check the performance of the thermostat.

Tips To Solve The Issue

So, now you know how to detect the problem. But what will you do after that? You will need to take steps to fix it, of course. So, here are some small tips that can help you get rid of this trouble.

  • Clean It Properly: If the timer blinking is for uncleanness, cleaning it will be the obvious choice. Try to clean the air filter properly.
  • Correct The Installation Faults: Go for it if you know how to do it. But it is better to let an expert do it.
  • Tighten The Wire Connections: You can reattach the loose wires inside the air conditioner if you have the skills. But do it only if you have the knowledge and are confident that you will not mess it up.
  • Unfreeze The Evaporator Coil: Turn off the compressor if the evaporator coil is frozen. So, the temperature will rise, and the coil will be free from its frozen state.
  • Change The Damaged Parts: If any air conditioner part is damaged, do not hesitate to change it. Like you need to change the PCB if it is not unscathed. It is best to let a mechanic do this task for you.
  • Do The Simple Tasks By Yourself: I advise you to do only the simple tasks yourself if you are not an expert. Hire a technician or call for the help of an expert for a more complicated situation.

When To Call For A Mechanic

Why timer light blinking on Panasonic is a question that a mechanic can quickly answer. But not everyone is honest enough to answer it directly. Some of them will scam you by making a simple issue look like an emergency. 

You will suffer some unnecessary expenses for this. So, it would be best to find out the answer yourself.

After figuring out the problem, you need to calculate whether it is a problem you can solve by yourself, or you will need to hire someone for that.

Some issues are so simple that you can fix them by cleaning or turning off the compressor, like obstruction in the air filter or a frozen coil.

Some are intermediate-level problems that anyone with basic knowledge and skills can fix. But it is safer to give a professional the responsibility of checking the wire or fixing installation errors.

 Many problems are complex and best for an expert to handle. Like changing any parts, and other tasks that have a safety issue.

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Taking Care Of Panasonic Air Conditioners

Proper maintenance is vital for your Panasonic AC. Here are some tips for you to keep your AC performing better, stay problem-free, and have a long life.

  • Keep It In A Clean Environment: Clean surroundings will prevent the machine from getting dirty.
  • Clean It Regularly: Even after being in a clean place, it will get dirty. So, do not forget to clean it regularly. Pay special attention to the filter and coils.
  • Supervise Performance: Keep an eye on its performance level. Check whether its performance is dropping. Stay alert for abnormalities.
  • Ensure Safe And Flawless Power Supply: AC runs on electricity. A faulty electrical connection can cause severe damage to your air conditioner. So, make sure you do not have a safe and smooth power supply system.
  • Regular Check-Up: Regularly provide servicing to your AC by an expert. It will ensure your Panasonic air conditioner has a long life.


Why timer light blinking on Panasonic air conditioner is a widely asked question. Fixing this problem is easy as well. So, you need not worry. But gadgets can be unpredictable. Things may get messy if you do not know enough about your gadget. 

So, whatever gadget you have, make sure to study about it properly. Be acquainted with gadget specialists. Always hire honest, trustworthy, and expert mechanics to fix your air conditioning problems. 

Make sure you do not lose connection with them and always maintain a good relationship with them. This will help you a lot in future problems regarding your AC.

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