How can I control my air conditioner without a remote? It is a very wonderful question to ask. I’ve heard many people asking me this question. But do you know if an air cooling system can work without a remote? 

There is no doubt how useful a remote can be. You can control the whole air cooling system by using it. From switching on and off to controlling its temperature, you can do all the things by just clicking your remote control. But is it possible that you can run an aircon system without its remote?

Today we will learn about this thing. I hope this article will clear your confusion, and by reading this, I hope you find a proper answer. So without any further delays, let’s get started. 

How Can I Control My Air Conditioner Without A Remote

How Can I Control My Air Conditioner Without A Remote?

Earlier, you asked me how I could control my air conditioner without a remote. Here is the answer to your question if it is possible to use it without a remote control system. 

So the answer is, you can use your air cooling system without a remote by using a mobile app or by using it manually. All you just have to do is download an app if you want to use it on your smartphone. Another way of using an aircon without a remote is to use it manually by pressing buttons.

Is It Possible To Use It On A Mobile Phone?

Controlling an air cooler without a remote is very much possible. These days with modern technology, air coolers are easily controllable without a remote.

Mobile devices have additional features of remote control, which are used to control air coolers. Also, portable air coolers and windows air conditioners have manual control options/switches, which too can be used to control.

So yes, it is very much possible to control air coolers without a remote.

How Does Air Conditioner Remote Controls Work?

The main functioning power of remote control is infrared technology (IR). A remote-control releases pulses of infrared lights, which the receiver receives by detecting. These infrared beams of light are not detectable by empty eyes; they won’t work, i.e., the signal won’t be received by the receiver (air conditioner) if there is any object in the way creating a blockade.

Those signals sent by the remote-controlled via means of infrared beams of light go to the receiver and pass the command of turning off/on or increasing/ decreasing temperature.

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Common Air Conditioner Remote Control Problems? 

Some standard air cooler remote problems are,

  1. If there is an object in the infrared beams of light path while passing from the remote to the receiver in the air conditioner, it won’t work.
  1. If the remote is being used from a distance, it won’t work.
  1. Most air cooler remotes run on battery, so the battery will run out of battery at one time or another. Because the remote won’t work, the display of the remote air cooler won’t work.
  1. Error codes in remote control can lead to damage in an air cooler or even start a fire.

How Can You Control Your Air Conditioner With Your Phone? 

These days, almost all mobile devices have in-built mobile software within them, which has various operation options such as television, air cooler etc. For example, in the air cooler option, the model of the air cooler is asked to be set; after setting up the model, the app asks to let it scan the air cooler to reach for a signal.

If the app is able to scan and connect to the air cooler, it is able to run. And if it can’t, it can’t operate on the air cooler as it can’t put the signal.

Can You Control Multiple ACs With One App?

You can actually control multiple air cooling systems with the help of “Global Control”. So now it’s possible to control multiple air coolers with one app, despite the geographical location issue. 

All you need to do is make a profile, and then boom. You can use all the air cooling systems with that same app. If you want, you can even name those devices—for example- kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, office etc., as per your wish.

Can You Monitor Your AC Temperature From Your Phone?

With the help of “smartphone air conditioning”, changes in the air cooler can be made quickly, along with keeping updated with the air conditioner’s humidity level and temperature. 

From changing the settings of your air cooling systems to monitoring them, your mobile phone app can do it all.

You can actually see through your phone if your house moisture and heat is in a perfect position. If not, you can switch on your air cooling system by turning on the geofencing mode and then keep your home moisture and heat-free before you enter your home from work or outside.

Isn’t it nice to come back home with the perfect temperature in it?

Best Apps To Control Your Air Conditioner From Your Smartphone?

Some of the best and popular apps to control air conditioners from smartphones are:

  1. IR app.
  2. AirTouch.
  3. Cielo Home.
  4. Ambi climate.
  5. Tado Smart Air Conditioner App etc.

Can You Control Your Air Conditioner With An App Even Staying In A Different Location?

Do you know you can actually turn on and off your air cooling system by staying anywhere in the world just by activating geofencing mode? 

You heard me right. You can actually do that. For example, suppose you are on a trip. Still, you are thinking about cooling down your house for some hour so that your house doesn’t get moldy, or you are coming back home and want your house to cool down before you enter your house; all you just have to do this turn on the geofencing mode and then switch on your aircon system. Then you can again switch it on whenever you want. 

The same thing can happen if you leave your house without turning off your AC. All you need to do is turn on that mode, and then you can easily switch off that AC of your house. 

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Can You Use Your Power Button Instead Of The Remote To Control Your Ac? 

Suppose you find out your toddler just lost your air cooling system remote control one day. What would you do then? Will you just leave it like that? Won’t you gonna use your air cooling system anymore? 

In this case, you can use the power button of your air cooling system. You will find it under your aircon filter plate’s cladding. All you just have to do is lift that plate, and then you will find the power button. 

But remember it is only for a brief time. It is not safe to reach the height of your aircon system many times a day just to switch on and off your AC. Look for another remote or use your mobile as a replacement as soon as possible. 

Can You Replace An Air Conditioner Remote?

You can replace an air cooling system’s remote by using a smartphone and its inbuilt remote apps or popular mobile apps like AirTouch, Cielo Home etc. Air cooling system’s remote can be replaced. Also, one can get a new remote if the previous one stops functioning or get a universal remote.

Do Universal Remotes Work On The Air Conditioners?

Universal remote do work on the air coolers, and they are built in such a way so that they can perform tasks on any sort of air coolers globally. 

How To Turn On The Air Conditioner If You Lost Your AC Remote Control?

If one loses his remote control, he can turn off/on his air cooler using the manual air cooler switch, which is the switch the port is connected to. Using that switch, he can turn on/off the air cooler. Also, another way can be the smart air cooler apps on mobile phones. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Mobile Phone App Instead Of Remote Control For An AC?

If you want to replace your remote control and then download a mobile phone app, trust me, you will experience a very comfortable and convenient situation.

There are so many modes and extra facilities an app can offer for using an air cooling system quickly and adequately. For example – 

  1. You can control many air cooling systems at once.
  1. You can monitor your home’s moisture and heat by staying anywhere in the world.
  1. There is a comfy mode. If you activate that mode, your aircon will automatically start if it can detect your home’s temperature is less than 72 degrees and then turn it off if it is more than 77 degrees.
  1. You can weekly schedule your cooling time by your mobile time. This will help you to fix the time for when to cool down your house or when to turn on the fan mode.
  1. You can use geofencing mode and then switch on and off your aircon system by staying outside.
  1. By tracking through the apps, you can find out when it is the right time to replace your air filters. Etc. 


You have asked me, how can I control my air conditioner without a remote? I guess by now you have got your answer. 

Everything has a replacement, or there is always a second way to solve any problem. All you just need to do is find it out. For example, if you cannot find your AC’s remote, use it manually or download an app on your smartphone and use it as a replacement for your remote. 

I hope this article was helpful for you. So from now on, don’t get upset if you lose the remote control of your aircon system.

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