Bissell carpet cleaner can be your trusted little carpet cleaning machine. But the question is, are Bissell carpet cleaners good? Is it enough to clean the carpets completely? What about durability and efficiency? 

To find out the answer I have done multiple types of research, testings, and reviewing some best Bissel carpet cleaners by their overall performance, usage, efficiency, value, and durability.

Read this article till the end to find out the answer, which can make your life easier and your home’s overall decoration tidier. 

I also covered some of the best Bissell carpets cleaners at the end of this article.

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good? 

Bissell carpet cleaners are one of the best cleaning machines you can find on the market. Its performance, efficiency, durability, etc make it the best one among the other machines. 

7 Things to Consider Before Buying A Carpet Cleaner? 

It is not a big deal how often you vacuum your dirty carpets. But the main trouble happens when you have to choose a carpet cleaner. Which one will be the best to remove embedded stains, dirt?

Which one is a better option to clean wall-to-wall carpeting or large rugs? Which are one pet pro and good for deep cleaning? 

So many demands need to be followed before buying just a machine. However, here is the thing, before buying a certain brand’s machine, do consider these 7 things to measure the effectiveness and overall quality of a carpet cleaning machine.

  1. Cleaning ability: This is certainly the most important thing to consider before buying a carpet cleaning machine. How much cleaning ability a machine has determines more than half of its efficiency. So do keep it in mind. 
  1. Drying ability: After cleaning, drying the carpet is the second most important thing a machine can do. If a carpet does not dry well there are huge chances of toxins which can invade your home, then there is mold growth, bad odor etc. 
  1. Comfort of ease and use: It can be tiresome to use heavy equipment. Same goes with carpet cleaners. If it doesn’t come in handy, moving it might get difficult and for that reason cleaning a carpet properly won’t be possible for you. That’s why remember to check if it’s light in weight and also if it is easy to use or not. 
  1. Attachments: There are many advantages if a cleaner comes with attachments. Some of these are used for heavy deep cleaning, some of these are for rugs and carpets, some can be used in furniture etc. Make sure to read the manual properly before using any of them. 
  1. Dirty water disposal: Well this is important. Before buying a cleaner make sure to check this part of the cleaner. Check if the tank can be detached from the machine easily or not, whether it is easier to clean the water tank from both inside and outside, and be sure to check if the water is pouring out from it well.   
  1. Storage: Some cleaning machines are collapsible. It can be a bit troublesome to fix it everytime before using. Sometimes some of them don’t even fit in the average closet because of their size. However, storage is important when using a cleaning machine for a long time. Fix the place before buying it and then buy according to it. Because it can be a burden if you are unable to store it properly. 
  1. Warranty and customer service: Warranty is necessary for every machine that you are going to buy. If you see any problem, having a warranty might help you to change it or fix it. If you are struggling with your machine, contact customer service. They will help you with everything. 

So, These are the 7 things which you have to consider before buying a cleaning machine. Fortunately, I have discovered that all these 7 things go very well with Bissell carpet cleaners. And I personally am very happy with the service of this particular brand

Pros And Cons Of Using Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Pros Or Advantage:

Every other machine has its own pros and cons. Some unique functions make a machine stand out, others are the reason behind our doubts. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, what matters to us most is its capability which overshadows every demerit that a machine holds. 

 I found Bissell carpet cleaner as a good cleaning machine overall is because- 

  1. Easy To Move: You may or may not accept the fact but to be really honest, an easy to use machine is the main reason behind a super clean house.

    I bet some of you don’t even bother to hold a cleaning machine because it is too heavy or too difficult to use. However, I’ve found Bissell Carpet cleaner very handy. Super easy and super efficient. Its cleaning capability amazes me every time.

    I am especially talking about my personal favorite one, the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro. It comes with two different modes. Max Clean & Express Clean. Max Clean mode easily deep cleans any heavy rugs or carpets.

    On the other hand, Express Clean uses less formula and water so that the carpet dries up faster than usual.
  1. Cleans Stains Well: What even is a cleaning machine if it doesn’t clean well enough? If you buy a Bissell carpet cleaner, you can easily use this for everyday cleaning. I have noticed, I now can easily clean red wine stains and egg spills smoothly with my Bissell Carpet Cleaner. 
  1. Included Attachments: Bissell carpet cleaner comes with extra three attachments. Means you can attach any of those tools with your machine as per as your need to clean any stains. It can clean any area of your home with those brushes.

    It has this two-in-one pet upholstery tool which helps to capture pet hair. But the fun part is, people who don’t own any pets can use this tool also. This tool can be beneficial for you people to clean the above-floor of your house. 
  1. Easy to clean water tank: One thing about using Bissell is,  it is very easy to clean. From the dirty water disposal process to cleaning the dirty tank, everything can be done smoothly in just a few minutes. Best thing is, it gets off automatically when the dirty water tank is full.
  2. Fast drying mode: Bissells express cleaning mode is my favorite option. Now I don’t need to wait a full day to dry my carpets. Using one hour of express cleaning mode is more than enough to get rid of wet heavy carpets. 

Cons or Disadvantage: 

After choosing from varieties of carpet cleaners that can tackle stains, are easy to use, and are a perfect fit at an affordable price, I found Bissell will be the best option for my home and also for yours. However, you can face some troubles while using Bissell also. And they are- 

  1. Power Button Is In An Odd Spot: While  it is easier to use a Bissell carpet cleaner than any other carpet cleaners, I have struggled a lot while I was looking for the power button. It was located on an odd side of the machine. I still find it very odd. 
  1. Rough Upholstery: Since I am using the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro, the second weird thing I have found while using it was the pet tool. It was rough on the upholstery. 
  1. Doesn’t Heat Water: It doesn’t heat the water itself. You have to add hot water before using it. 
  1. Easy Fill Tank Is Only Applicable For Some Specific Cleaning Formula: Easy fill tank is one of the reasons why it makes Bissell cleaner stand out from other cleaning machines.

    However, unfortunately this process is only applicable for some specific cleaning formulas. You need to fill the tank up to the mark if it does not fill in those specific categories. 

Comparison Table Between Good Brands 

Still, got some doubts about why Bissell is a good cleaning machine brand? No worries, let’s clear that confusion together now. Here is a product comparison table between VAX & Rug Doctor with our beloved Bissell carpet cleaner: 

VAX Platinum SmartWash:Bissell ProHeat 2X RevolutionRug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
SPECIFICATIONSClean tank capacity: 3.5 liters.
Dirty tank capacity: 1.9 liters.
Weight: 7.4kgs.
Cord length: 9m
Hose: 2.5m
Heater: No
Clean tank capacity: 3.7 liters.
Dirty tank capacity: 3.17 liters.
Weight: 8kgs.
Cord length: 7m.
Hose: No.
Heater: Yes
Clean tank capacity: 3.8 liters.
Dirty tank capacity: 4.21 liter.
Weight: 14.25kg.
Cord length: 8.5m.
Hose: 2.4m.
Heater: No
REASONS TO BUY: 1. Smooth cleaning.

2. Easy to use and steer.

3. Sufficient-sized water tanks.

4. Light for a carpet vacuum.

5. Comes with some proper accessory tools.
1. Has the ability to keep the water warm for great efficiency. 

2. Fantastic performance.
Excellent for all good deep cleaning.Easy to use.
REASONS TO AVOIDYou’ll need someplace to store it. Comes in heavy equipment. Can produce noise. 1. Comes very heavy.
2. Can cause storage difficulty.
3. Looks a bit tacky and old-fashioned. 

What Are The Best Bissell Carpet Cleaners

I have chosen some of the best Bissell cleaner names here to review. I have hand-picked each one of them after lots of harsh research, evaluating process, value, durability, etc. 

For best professional home carpet cleaner: Bissell Big Green Machine For Professional Home Carpet Cleaner- 

Highlighted Features:

  1. Comes with big tanks.
  2. Easy to store.You can fold it by yourself.
  3. Easy to detach and clean.

What I don’t like: 

  1.  It’s a bit heavier than other models. 
  2. Might face difficulties while moving it. 

If you are looking for a good carpet cleaner which can give professional cleaning service then this one is for you. It comes with a 1.75-gallon tank which is easy to fill, carry and relocate. Fantastic movement service and will give you an indication if it is needed to be refiled. Has strong suction power which can deep clean your carpets and after that consume most of the water so that your carpet dries out quickly. You can perfectly clean your entire body without stopping it for a moment.

  1. Weight: 42 lbs.
  2.  Cord Length: 25 ft.
  3. Attachments: Tough stain tool, 9 ft. hose

Best Carpet Cleaner For Area Rugs: Bissell Crosswave Floor And Carpet Cleaner– 

Highlighted features: 

  1. You can use it for both wet and dry processes. 
  2. Best to use for rugs and bare floors. 
  3. Has a drip to use it for no drip storage. 

What I don’t like: 

  1. Be aware to use it on silk and other delicate materials. 

Bissell crosswave floor and carpet cleaner, this model of Bissell is best to use for low flat rugs, dry dirt, and worms on the bare floor. It can carry enough water to do your cleaning. It is lightweight and has easy-reach controls which makes it easier to clean after you are done with vacuuming. What makes it more likable is, it has a spot where you can handle the wet brush until it gets dry. Another interesting thing about this model is, it has a two-tank technology, meaning it has two different spaces to store dirty and clean water.

  1. Weight: 11.5 lbs.
  2. Cord Length: 25 ft.
  3. Attachments: N/A

Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets: Bissell Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush Plus 

Highlighted features: 

  1. Doesn’t produce extra noise. 
  2. Efficient to use. 
  3. Has pre-mixed formula stored with it. 

What I don’t like: 

  1. Comes with small sized tanks. 
  2. Needs too many refills. 
  3. It Takes about an hour to charge.

Don’t hesitate if you are a pet owner and to buy this specific Bissell model. This Bissell model works by charge, which means this model is cordless which makes it very easy to use and locate. For deep cleaning, it has a built-in rotating brush and you can switch it off anytime you want while using it on a delicate fabric. Since it is lightweight and easy to move, you can use it whenever you want. What makes it more interesting is, this model has made its place for the best overall rating for pet stain and odor removal, noise, and run. It can also remove red wine stains and blueberry pie filling stains. However, if you want an overall good experience with this little fella then don’t waste more time. Buy it now and take the premium service. 

  1. Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  2.  Cord Length: Cordless.
  3.  Attachments: Stationary pet tool. 


So, my fellow mates, what do you say? Do you agree with the fact that Bissell cleaners are good? I hope you sure do.

Carpets are the most underrated object of our home. Just imagine, you have some guests to come. You have finely decorated the whole house but forgot to clean your carpets.

Isn’t this simple object enough to ruin the whole decoration? On the other hand, it is not even that cheap to clean a carpet by a professional. Even renting a carpet cleaning machine can cost you money from time to time. 

 Don’t neglect to clean dirty carpets anymore when you know you have some easier alternatives to clean them. The best thing is, you can clean it with professional tools with very little effort and without cutting down your pocket.

Remember, this underrated statement object can change your home’s overall look and can enhance your home’s beauty to an extent. So what are you waiting for? Choose the one you like from above and give your carpet a brand new look. 

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