Mohawk Carpet is a famous brand that has been around for years. It’s known for its high-quality carpets, and many people have relied on them to improve the look and feel of their homes.

If you’re thinking of buying a carpet or have already purchased one and want to know which brands are the best, read on for my rankings of the 5 best Mohawk carpet brands on Amazon.

I researched and tested more and then found the best of all. 

5 Best Mohawk Carpet

1. Best overall- Corsican Carpet Hinsdale

The Corsican of this carpet is it can be used Indoor/Outdoor. It has a rich Color that is customized as Crimson/Multicolor.

Corsican has been renowned as a symbol of elegance and quality for its magnificent area rugs for over 90 years.

Corsican Carpet Hinsdale
Source: Amazon

This mate has many styles and colors. Don’t worry if you like the idea of this performance indoor/outdoor carpeting but haven’t discovered the appropriate design or color. It is excellent for heavy-gathering areas, and it is pet friendly. 

Check Out the Corsican Carpet Hinsdale on Amazon

My ratings

Quality- 5/5 





Product details

Size:5’3″ x 7’6″

Color: crimson/multicolor

Model: Solid

Material: Polypropylene

Corsican Capet Hinsdale is a perfect product for using in Indoor and outdoors rated with a structure that has a smooth surface made of 100% polypropylene, making it durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean UV resistant to keep colors brighter for longer.

Simple to Maintain. 

When I used this carpet, I loved the thing that its color didn’t fade quickly. It gives a smooth feeling to the foot. Also, it is straightforward to wash the surface. Once you pass it, you don’t have to wash it again.

What I like most

  • Cleaning is so easy. I clean its surface daily to keep quality; I simply sweep, vacuum, or hose it down regularly. Simply dab spills with a soft, absorbent cloth.
  • Pets adore them as well! This area carpet is ideal for pets.
  • It is the flammability of the surrounding surface. Free of toxins and parabens, Colors won’t fade because they’ve been UV-stabilized.

What I Don’t like

As we can use it both indoors/outdoors, maybe that’s why it is costly. If the price may be a little less, it will be great.  


Is this carpet pet friendly?

Yes. This carpet is pet friendly. It’s simple to clean and won’t hold stains if done correctly.

Is mohawk carpet slip-resistant? 

No. Since it does not have a rubber backing, it does not slip-resistant.

Can mohawk carpet use outside?

While your area rug is safe for outdoor usage, it is strongly advised that you store it indoors during severe or extended weather.

Will this carpet can get fade? 

No. This carpet is UV resistant, and its color stays for a very long time.

How to clean it?

You can easily clean it. Regularly vacuum or sweep your area carpet. Spray the area carpet with your garden hose and let it dry in the sun. Before putting the area carpet back down, ensure it is scorched.

Need to know

Corsican Capet Hinsdale has many colors and sizes. Check before buying it.

2. Best for use in outer space of bathroom-Mohawk Home Machine Washable Royal Bath Mat

This carpet is made in the USA, the world’s largest area carpet manufacturer. Mohawk home machine washable bath mate is only made for bath purposes. Mohawk goods come with a one-year limited manufacturing defect warranty and are proudly created in the 

I noticed that this carpet is made of domestic and imported materials when I used it. These accent carpets add luxury, and I felt warmth using them in any bathroom. It is available in many fashionable, neutral, and bright hues to match any current design style.

Mohawk Home Machine Washable Royal Bath Mat
Source: Amazon

Check Out the Mohawk Home Machine Washable Royal Bath Mat on Amazon

My ratings

Quality- 5/5 





Product details:

Size:2′ x 3′ 4″

Color: Caribbean Blue/multicolor

Model: Solid

Material: 100% Nylon, Nylon, Rub positioning.

I heard about this carpet many times ago. After knowing the best facts about it, I didn’t waste time and bought this carpet very soon.

The carpet doesn’t disappoint me. It is durable 100% nylon surface fiber combined with a non-skid latex backing to provide fade-resistant color clarity, a fixed shape, and exact placement throughout everyday use.

Also, I discover that this mohawk carpet has the best luxuriously thick pile and has a superior soft feel underfoot. 

What I like most

  • The bright colors and the perfect velvety feel, and the solid durability make it more attractive to me.
  • Though it is used for the bathroom, it doesn’t fade, and the Stain resistance and color clarity are so good.
  • It has a stable shape and exact positioning.
  • The luxuriously thick and delicious soft feel of the high-profile pile adds delightful warmth to any bathroom.
  • Easy to wash.

What I Don’t like

  • Mohawk Home Machine Washable Royal Bath Mat is known for use in the bath, so I can’t use it in other areas.
  • It is always wet.


Can this bath mat wash in the washing machine?

The majority of bath mats and rugs may be machine-washed. You don’t want to expose them to heat if they’re plastic or rubber-backed, so no hot rinses and no dryer. On the other hand, it can wash your bath mats and rugs.

How do you wash a washable bath mat?

Place the mats in the washer, being careful not to overfill them. Use a moderate laundry detergent and wash your bathroom rugs in a cold setting—dry your carpets outside or on the lowest setting in the dryer.

Should bath mats be washed separately?

Bath mats can be washed alone, with other bath mats, or with towels. Do not include any clothing or bedding in the load. Use plenty of detergents and warm or hot water. Bath mats with a rubber backing should never be put in the dryer and should instead be dry.

Need to know

Wash it separately in the washing machine and use non-chlorine detergent.

3. Best for Quality-Mohawk Home Cognition Water Area carpet

I researched more and more, and many types of research show that this type of carpet was mainly invented in the U.S.A.

As I trusted the U.S.A product, so I have the curiosity to try it. So, I bought it.

Mohawk Home Cognition Water Area carpet
Source: Amazon

Check Out The Mohawk Home Cognition Water Area carpet On Amazon

My ratings

Quality- 5/5 





Product details

Size: 5 x 8 Feet


Pattern: Abstract

Material: Recycled Material, Polyester

It is known that the cognition Water Area carpet is a new invention for the home. I have learned that with Mohawk’s limitless color options, the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to color. The Prismatic Collection from Home is a game-changer.

 The best thing is that Mohawk products have a 1 Year Limited Manufacturing Defects Warranty and are pro-made in America and the US and imported materials.

What I like most 

  • Mostly its Surface is easy to clean.
  • It is an environmentally aware carpet pad manufactured of 100 percent recycled fibers and certified Green Label Plus by The Carpet & tote.
  • This carpet is made of 100% polyester.
  • It has stain resistance, so it doesn’t fade quickly.
  • Super soft. 
  • Pet friendly.

What I Don’t like

  • It is only best for its style.


Is the gold in the mohawk’s hue metallic?

It’s a lovely rug, with a matte metallic finish to the gold.

Does the rug have a scent when it is initially opened?

Not that I’m aware of. Everything appeared to be in order.


1. It has many sizes, so check before buying. The dining carpet will fit under an 8′ wide rug, but to be sure, add at least 4″ to your table’s length and side lengths.

2. A large rug in the bedroom is luxurious, but the bed will cover most of it. Another alternative is to place little, equal-sized carpets all around the bed. When stepping in and out of bed, the smooth comfort of a rug is much welcomed.

4. Best design-Mohawk Home New Wave Boho Stripe Runner Area Carpet

All I can say about this carpet is it is the carpet that it is within my budget and qualities.

This artist’s depiction of the conventional stripe incorporates intense color and blurred lines, giving it a modern twist.

Mohawk Home New Wave Boho Stripe Runner Area Carpet
Source: Amazon

Check out the Mohawk Home New Wave Boho Stripe Runner Area Carpet on Amazon

My ratings

Quality- 5/5 





Product details 

Size: 2 ft x 8 ft

Color: Multi

Pattern: Striped

Material: Nylon, Rubber nylon

Using this product, I noticed that it has a gorgeous contemporary style and striped pattern, this carpet’s pile height is 13/32 in high. 

It is easy to wash, and the best part is that the color Doesn’t fade.  

What I like most

  • The color resistance 
  • low-profile pile height This mohawk carpet is easy-to-clean 
  • surface keeps it looking great for years to come. 
  • Simple vacuum regularly.

What I Don’t like

  • You must clean it regularly if you want it to be as similar as before.  


Is this carpet fade after one month?

No, this carpet won’t fade that quickly.

Can I use this carpet in any room?

Why not? Just find the perfect shape and adjust it in any room.


  • Just get some washing powder and rube slowly and clean it.
  • Vacuuming rugs regularly keeps them looking friendly and functional. 

5. Best for Adjusting-Mohawk Home Mayan Sunset Area Carpet

If you don’t want to think about the money and go for the best quality and style, then don’t think about anything. Just go with this carpet.

Best for Adjusting-Mohawk Home Mayan Sunset Area Carpet
Source: Amazon

This carpet is a terrific addition to any decor because of its classic color scheme. This rug is incredibly durable and colorful, as it was printed using the same machinery that produces one of the world’s leading brands of printed carpets.

Check Out the Mohawk Home Mayan Sunset Area Carpet on Amazon

My ratings

Quality- 5/5 





Product details

Size: 5 x 8 ft

Color: Sierra

Pattern: Striped

Material:100% Nylon 100% Nylon

This is the nylon carpet you can use in any place, such as in your bedroom, office, or living area.

This has the perfect shape that it can adjust anywhere.  

This carpet is backed with latex and printed with a cut and Wear-Dated 100% nylon. This carpet is made in the United States of America.

What I like most

  • The color. It holds up in high-traffic areas where children and pets are present.
  •  It is easy to clean the upper area and may be difficult to wash all colorful designs. This elegant multicolor striped carpeting gives any room a modern feel.
  • It can be any space in the room.
  • It makes the room more colorful. Cleaning is simple with a bit of detergent and water.
  • Durability. Ideal for use in living design. Bedroom, office, dining room, or kitchen.

What I Don’t like

  • You have to pay much to buy this, which is not low in cost.


Can it be machine washed? 

Yes, you can wash it in your machine. Primarily if you use shampoo, it will work better.

What are the actual colors of this type of mohawk carpet? 

It can be multicolor, dust, green or yellow.

Final Choice

I have chosen the best overall Corsican Capet Hinsdale as I loved using this carpet. After using it, you will understand it will give you whole comfort.  It provides the best feeling of softness, and I can use it indoors or outdoors. At first, I was wondering what it would be, but gradually I got used to it. Now I love this one.      

I highly recommend this carpet.  

How I Tested 

I was searching for the best quality carpet and the style that fit my house. So, I tested some of the carpets one by one. Then I bought these five mohawk carpets for indoor and outdoor purposes.  I adjust the carpets, and they all fit my place.  Then as time goes on, I have chosen the best one. 

As I love to use carpets, I buy these for several rooms. As for one budget issue, I bought them one by one, not all of them in one day. 

I like to review something with experience. As a result, the above reviews reflect my personal experience with the top 5 best carpets.

The Question maybe you are thinking of that, Is Mohawk Carpet Toxic?

Mohawk carpet is not toxic as it has fiber that is not harmful to your body. Another low-toxic carpet is Mohawk’s, Ever Strand. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fibers from recycled plastic bottles are also used. The price of Ever Strand carpet is usually around $5 per square yard. CRI Green Label Plus accreditation has been granted to Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet.

How To Choose the Best Mohawk carpet?  

You can’t declare something the best without considering its efficiency, quality, and other factors. There are a few options for selecting the best ki mohawk carpet.

Let’s have a look at some of these options.


Keep in mind that the material is the first thing. If the material is not suitable, it won’t give you comfort.

Color constancy

Color constancy is the thing that should keep in mind. If the color fades, the carpet will look dusty. When it washes more and more, it will get more fade that will look so bad. So, color constancy has to be better.

Popular at time

A well-known carpet has a distinguishing feature or is more effective than others. Then, look for the most popular one and see whether it meets your required carpets.


Size is the most important thing. Customized size is available for these carpets. So, you can customize or buy the perfect size of mohawk carpet.  Just check before purchasing any of them.


Why buy a product that is not long-lasting? You will pay, but it doesn’t stay long. So, durability is the most important thing for purchasing any carpets. 

Essentials to Consider   

Consider essentials while buying a carpet; where you use this carpet matters. You can choose the carpet according to the facts, pros, and cons.


Finding the best quality and durability of mohawk carpet maybe get tricky if you can’t visit this article.

As I said, I’ve also struggled to find the best mohawk carpet. When I researched more, I concluded and found the best Five in the above.

Mohawk carpet is usable anywhere, such as an office or your home.  Some are only used outdoors, and some are used indoors.  

Always go for the best quality; thus, it can stay more and fade quickly.  This is it. Just read the article and find what the best for you is. 

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