Window selection can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re in the market for new windows, you may be wondering Can I Mix Casement And Double-Hung Windows?

In this blog post, I will answer many more relative questions, so you can make an informed decision about which windows are best for your home. Thanks for reading!

Can I Mix Casement And Double-Hung Windows

Can I Mix Casement And Double-Hung Windows

You can mix casement and double-hung windows. Both of the windows have their positive and negative sides. So, you can place them in your house according to your home’s style and design.

If you think that your house requires more light, ventilation, or ambience, you might decide to put casement windows in your place. On the other hand, if the look or appeal of the house is your top priority, try out hung windows to make it look magnificent.

Why Should You Mix Casements and double-hung windows?

  1. Aesthetic

For most houses, casement and double-hung, both types of windows are suitable. In the market, you will get wood and vinyl-style windows in a variety of colors. Many companies on the market can customize your window and color to match your preferences.

A double-hung window is an ideal option for a traditional look in your home, while a casement window could be the finest choice for a plain appearance. So a mix of both can provide a good view if well planned.

  1. Maintenance 

Maintenance is an integral part of household things. Windows fall in this category, too. Irrespective of which sort of windows you install in your house, they require routine maintenance. The sash of the window, crack, and interior-exterior pieces must all be regularly cleaned.

However, Modern double-hung windows are not so difficult to clean. This is mainly due to their design. A mix of both can give you the feature of one with the easy maintenance of another.

  1. Durability

In general, casement windows open outwardly. That’s why it gets a lot of exposure to nature. And the elements that deteriorate window hardware are quickly captured in these windows.

On the other hand, double-hung windows are set on a frame. This structure makes it more durable than a casement one. And if you live in a humid environmental area, my suggestion would be to choose a double-hung window over the casement. But if these are not a problem for you, you can try a mix of them.

  1. Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency is your top priority, a casement window is a way to go. There are various reasons you might select it. One is that it is sealed on all sides and makes your room airtight when closed. This is useful, especially during the windy season. The double-hung window also has energy efficiency but not as much as a casement. 

Are Casement Windows Out Of Style?

Although double-hung windows are more popular nowadays, casement windows are still popular. They will come back strongly, and you can not say the casement window is outdated. You must be thankful for its benefits, including energy efficiency, ventilation, and adequate lighting, all of which can be obtained simply by installing a casement window.

Is It Ok To Combine Window Styles?

Yes. You can mix and match window styles, but you must consider your home’s design and make choices based on innovation. Using windows without proper planning might ruin the look of your house and it will be permanent unless you want to build again from the ground. 

So, know what you want, plan accordingly, take professional advice if required and only then, take the decision. Once everything is decided, don’t wait anymore, install the windows according to your plan with professionals.

Can You Mix Window With Or Without Grid

Whether you utilize it with or without a grind in your window, is entirely up to you. You can apply both of them at the same time. And for your concern, I can share a piece of information with you that, nowadays, many homeowners use the mixed grind and gridless windows to make their house beautiful. 


While casement and double-hung windows both have a decent amount of advantages, they have their disadvantages as well. So, as you can mix them, you can try them out according to your need. What more to wait for, use them mixing up and let us know your experience.


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