But many of you are confused about the security protection that a casement window can provide. Some of you have asked if casement windows are secure or not. And do casement windows need alarm sensors or not?  

There are so many types of windows you will find in the market. Among them, the casement window is the most popular one. A casement window has the ability to enhance a home’s overall look very easily. This modern-styled window is quite expensive. However, if you own a house with a contemporary design then a casement window is the one for you. 

Today in this article we will talk about if casement windows do need alarm sensors or not. I hope by reading this article, you will find your answer. So without any further delay, let’s get started.  

do casement windows need alarm sensors

Do Casement Windows Need Alarm Sensors?

Casement windows can be opened by a crank, so it is not mandatory to install contact sensors. However, you can install a glass breaker sensor because these types of windows can be opened only when someone breaks the glass. 

What Is A Casement Window?

This part of this article is only for those people who are not familiar with casement windows. Let’s know about that first before continuing the further discussion. 

A Casement window is a type of window which is fixed with its frame by one or many depending on the side.

They are also called crank windows and can come in pairs or you can also find it single. They basically share the same frame and this is the reason why they always turn on the outside. You can both open and close it very easily because of its easy-to-use turn and fold-down handle. 

The overall look of this casement window is very modern and elegant. If you are an owner of a contemporary home then installing a casement window will be the best option for you because its elegant look can easily enhance your home’s look just like that. However, they are quite pricey than double-hung windows. But if you can afford it then you must install it in your home. 

Are Casement Windows Secure?

Now here comes the main discussion. Are casement windows secure? If you are worried about that then I have good news for you. 

Casement windows are considered one of the safest types of windows that you can find in the market. The crank of this window is placed on the inside part of the house. If you can make sure that you have locked the window then I can assure you there is no way a thief can come inside of your home through this window. So you don’t need to install any additional alarm or contact sensor. 

But there is a chance that an intruder can come by breaking the window glass. In that case, you can install a glass breaker sensor. Because you see, it is better to be safe than to feel sorry. 

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What Makes Casement Windows So Secure?

Choosing a casement window for your home can help to upgrade your mental peace. You can say, how is this even possible? As a homeowner, you must stay in constant anxiety by the thought that what if an intruder enters your home? What if they stole something or hurt someone? Because we never know what comes in our fate, when we are talking about a thief or intruder. 

If you are concerned about your home’s security then casements are the best choice, no doubt about that. These kinds of windows pivot outwards with hinges, which are situated on one side of the window and you can only use it by turning on the crank which is built into the windowsill. 

Casement windows basically have their lock attached with the frame from inside which makes it tamper-proof. And that’s why an intruder can never break the lock from outside that easily unless he breaks the window. So unlike any normal windows, casement windows don’t require any extra additional hardware to secure your home. 

How To Maximize Casement Window Security?

No matter what type of windows you have installed in your home, taking some simple steps can make a big difference for your home’s security. Even if you have installed a casement window that provides super security, you should still implement some additional safety measures. 

You can follow these simple steps to protect your casement window from intruders- 

  1. Make sure your windows are properly closed: Closing windows properly can solve half of your problems especially if it is about unauthorized entry. Make sure to close your windows, even if it is a casement window, properly. Sometimes, improper installations, paint build up, frame swelling and other factors can become an obstacle for closing your casement window properly. Some of the intruders might use crowbar to open your casement window. In that case make sure your casement window is closed properly with the frame. 
  2. Install an auxiliary lock: Intruders target the windows which are not visible from the street. And for that, you can install an auxiliary lock with the standard lock for more proper protection. 
  1. Choose casement windows with impact glass: Normally impact glasses are installed to prevent windows from getting damaged because of hurricanes. However, impact glasses are also a good option for theft deterrent. Normal glasses are very easy to break. On the other hand, if you install an impact glass, it has the ability to take hammer blows, brick blows, etc very easily and because of that, an intruder can never enter your home by using your window. 
  1. Install a security system: Casement windows are impossible to break. How? As I have said earlier, no bugler can break these windows to pry into your home unless they break the glasses. There are many types of electronic security measures you can find in the market but the best one you can find for your casement window is a glass break shock sensor.  Normal electronic sensors usually work after the harm is done by the burglars. But a glass break shock sensor’s alarm starts automatically if anyone tries to tamper the glasses. Not only that, if any thief tries to go near the window they will be able to see the shock sensor very easily and clearly. 

Can Casement Windows Be Pried Open?

There is a reason why casement windows are so secure. But some small added details can make it safer than usual.  

If your casement windows are not properly closed, if you didn’t choose or installed your casement window with an impact glass then there is a possibility that a burglar can enter your home by breaking your window glasses. A double-hung windows can be easily opened by a crowbar. Even though a casement window is almost impossible to break, still some normal steps like installing an impact glass and a glass break shock sensor can make a huge impact. It can easily make it more secure and safer. 

Can Casement Windows Open Inward?

If you have installed an in-swing casement window then it surely can open inwards. These features of a casement window make it easier to clean. Not only that, it is much more energy-efficient, safer and more secure than any other window.  

What Are The Difference Between Sash And Casement Windows?

Sash windows and a casement windows, both are very popular among people. Both are different from one another and also come with extraordinary features.

You can open a casement window by using a hinge. On the other hand, sash windows can be opened only by sliding over one another by using a pulley system. Both of these windows are very wonderful but make sure to choose the right one for your property since they can be found in many forms. So be sure which one you want to buy before installing your sash or casement window. 

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Casement Windows?

Every object comes with many advantages including disadvantages. Here are the problems you will face for using a casement window- 

  1. Its mechanical parts can get damaged sometimes. 
  2. You will face difficulties if you want to install a window air cooling system in your home. 
  3. Its frames are more visible to the outside elements. 
  4. If your casement sash is open, then there is a possibility that it can break. 
  5. Too much sun reflection can come through the open sashes. 
  6. If your casement windows are installed side by side, it might conflict. Etc.

How Long Do Casement Windows Last?

Generally speaking, if you take good care of your things, they will last long. The same goes for casement windows. If you have bought it from a good reputable brand and have them installed in your home by a professional then it might last long. However, your casement window can last about 20-25 years if you can keep them in good shape.


Do casement windows need alarm sensors? By now I guess you have got your answer. I hope this article has helped you to clear your confusion. Buy your casement window now if you want a more secure home. Just some minor changes can make it safer, so keep that on your mind while you are installing it. 

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