Many think that casement is better for ventilation and strong built-in quality ensures safety. When you have insects, casement windows with screens can be a satisfactory solution. At least the casement screen provides that no insects can enter your house and ventilation goes well at the same time.

So, make sure you grab the right window that ensures your sound sleep at night. Many people are again thinking of setting casement windows at their house or office. If you are here to encounter questions like “Are casement windows safe?” then one thing I must include is that no window can assure 100% safety.

Furthermore, screens can be another safety gate for your house windows and doors. However, casement windows come with both pros and cons. So it will be wise if you know all of them before taking any significant step. Please go through the article to collect all necessary information, screens properties, installation process and safety factors for a casement window.

Do Casement Windows Have Screens?

Do Casement Windows Have Screens?

Casement windows have screens in the inner part. In most houses, the screens are detachable from the inside.

As casement windows are quite different from double-hung or sliding windows, there is a hand crank to help the casement window to keep open or close according to necessity. A screen can easily be placed inside the casement to protect the house from mosquitoes and insects. The casement windows open outward like doors, and the screens open inward. It has user-friendly features. You can easily remove it whenever you want.

Moreover, it is easier to clean detachable screens. Well, casement windows do not come with screens. So, if you want to install screens, you have to buy them separately. I recommended some of the casement window screens below the article. I hope that it will guide you through purchasing the best screens for your casement window. 

There is a wide variety of windows from which you need to choose the right one. However, a casement window is not commonly used these days. Still, many people are thinking of installing them for some fundamental advantages. The reason can vary from person to person. The signature feature for a casement window is it allows you to move the whole window plate outside with the help of a hinge.

Whether it’s for insects or thieves; if you are concerned about the safety of your house, you must invest time choosing windows and doors. When you live in a virus prone area or if your office is located in a quiet place, there is a massive chance of getting attacked by insects or Bulgars.

As windows are installed later, there is always a good possibility that your window may be the entry path for insects or thieves. If you could place the windows properly considering the safety issues and other factors like moving area trust me it will work very well.

Installing Casement Window Insect Screen

I always recommend calling a professional in case of installing a window screen. However, it is an easy task. If you are confident enough, you can do it on your own. The longest side of the screen comes with compressible tabs on top and bottom. However, other sides have fixed charges on top and bottom.

First, find the compressible tabs on your screen. Then slightly put the compressible screen tab into the slide. Use one of your hands to hold it up on the decline. Now use your other hand to squeeze the screen into the frame. All you need to do is get the screen into the opening. So, continue to compress that screen towards the structure as much as possible until it fits in there.

How to remove screens in the casement window?

To remove screens in the casement, it is not necessary to open the window. There is a small clip handle on the screens. It would be best to fold it clockwise so that the screen room comes out.

Now you need to pull out the screen clip around the frame. In this case, to keep the screen constant at its position, it would be better if you could push the screen pin in and out simultaneously. This is how you can easily remove the screen in the casement window.

What Type Of Screen Is Best For Casement Windows?

The screen depends on the type of windows. There are different types of windows like casement, double-hung, sliding and many more. Similarly, there are different types of screens too. Screen types are mainly classified according to the user property. Let’s check out some standard screen windows.

Materials of Screen

Screen properties are primarily dependent on durability, visibility, ventilation and insect protection capacity. One thing you must include in your list is curb appeal. Sometimes window screens can be the reason for the dull vibe of your house. So choose the window screen wisely.

Again, the top floor poolside needs a bit larger-width screens to cover up the whole area as the screen needs to cross a wider area, so it should be strong enough. Before buying a screen, it would be better to know the size and property properly, easily fitting in your required place. That’s why screen material is essential. Let’s learn some of the standard screen material in short. 


If you need a substantial, long-lasting, durable screen, I tell you to go for a mesh type fibreglass window screen. This screen is mainly fibreglass, which works as resistance for dents, unravelling, creasing and corrosion like problems. As well as a mesh type window ensures proper ventilation and enough sunlight entry.


If you need a rust proof and durable window, grab an aluminium made window screen. Moreover, it can not be torn like a fibreglass window screen. So, this is appreciable.


No other screen can beat this screen in case of durability. Polyester made window screens can be more torn and durable than the window screen made with fibreglass. Polyester-made screens are also used for solar shades because they can also ensure resistance against rust and heat.


There is some window screen that is known as stainless. The stainless screen is famous for being corrosion and fire-resistant. The stainless screen also gave a proper ventilation facility and a fantastic outward view.  


If you are a dweller in a coastal area, choosing a copper screen for your casement window would be the best choice. There is no comparison of copper screen casement windows in case of durability, rigidity, and insect protection. Moreover, it provides an architectural accent and a vibe of a historical classic house.

Casement Window Screen Size

In general, the size of the casement window varies from a minimum of 1’1.5″ to a maximum of 4’11” in width. For height, the casement window screen may go from a minimum of 1’5″ to a maximum of 6’5.5″. The sizes are different according to the materials. I tried to give a basic idea for standard casement window screen sizes. 

Here width means the length of the window from the right corner to the left corner at the top, which is also known as warp. And height implies the size of the window from the top left corner to the bottom left corner, which is also called fill in general.


The sizes for fibreglass windows can differ from 1 foot 1.5 inches to a maximum of 2 feet 11.5 inches in width—one thing to mention is that the height of fibreglass casement window screens is the longest one. In size, the fibreglass casement window screen can be a maximum of 6 feet 5.5 inches to a minimum of 2 feet 5.5 inches.

Aluminum-Clad Wood

Aluminium clad wood casement window screen can be the most comprehensive screen as the width starts from 1 foot 5 inches and can be 4 feet 11 inches. The height can be 1 foot 5 inches to 6 feet 1-inch maximum.


The sizes for vinyl starts from 1 foot 1.5 inches to 2 feet 11.5 inches in width. It can take 1 foot 5 inches to 6 feet 1 inch for height.

Screens Purposes

Depending on using place and necessity, there are different types of screens. You can easily choose any screen according to the size of your window. There are some general cases I would like to remind you of, which will help you keep in your mind while buying a screen for your home.

Safer option

If you are concerned about house safety, I recommend going for a casement window with screening. Although nothing can guarantee 100% security, the casement window is far better compared to others with screens.

When you are not on the side of placing a smart window, bugging with a password, and you need an ordinary window for your home, then a casement window is your solution. Apart from ensuring safety, screens of casement window is also suitable for ventilation. Undoubtedly the casement window is one of the best options under budget and has been popular for a long time for its different user-friendly features.

There are some reasons I can explain to you which will prove that nothing can beat a casement window in consideration to security.

Not easy to break

Indeed the manufacturing quality of casement windows is more vital than other windows. Many casement windows made of wood are more rigid than glass. It’s nearly impossible to break the window from outside without making colossal noise. Ultimately the casement window ensures safety from Burglars.

Open from inside

The casement window cannot be open from outside. Even if someone tries to open it forcefully from outside using a crowbar, still the possibility is significantly less to work out.

The only way to open a casement window from the outside is to make it glass. A bulger can break the glass and turn the crack. Again, it’s not a safe process for any bulgar as the glass-breaking sound will cause considerable noise, and ultimately, the operation will become unsuccessful.

Again if you use a window wholly made of wood, it will not be possible ever. You can place glass in the window far from the crank. I guess that will help too.

Pet Resistance

It is so common for them to struggle with the screens with a pet in their house. Generally, pets like to scratch and shake the screens. So, if you have any cute, playful pet in your house, your window screens must be heavy, durable, robust, easy-cleanable and withstand pet damage. So that the pet can not tear or damage your favourite screen.

Solar Screens

Suppose you are a summer lover and love to enrich your house with vitamin D coming from sunlight. Sunlight and heat work as a filter in the home. So you can easily choose solar screens which will provide more light and heat compared to other screens. Solar screens are also suitable for both the UV rays in your house. Also helpful in case of protecting furniture, fabrics and sometimes wall dumping.

Insects Protecting

Screens are mainly used to protect a house from insects like mosquitoes. However, sometimes an ordinary one is not enough when you live in a coastal or marsh region and plan to set a window screen there. There is a screen called ‘No-see-um screens, also known as 20-by-20 mesh. These screens are designed with tightly woven screens typically made from fibreglass. As No-see-um screens can protect the house against tiny insects like No-see-um, for this reason, it is named after this. Although the screens are fibreglass, they would always ensure proper airflow. 

Do you want to know more about the pros and cons of casement windows? Here’s an article for you

_Do Casement Windows Have Screens -home queries

Screen Cleaning Method

First of all, detach the screens from the casement window. All you need to do for this is turn the screw and move it simultaneously. Now observe the number of specks of dirt on the screen. The cleaning method primarily depends on the amount of mud.

If you clean it regularly, like bi-weekly or monthly, the screen will be barely dirty.

You can easily use a lint brush to clean it up. Just roll the brush over the screen gently and ensure it touches every corner of the screen. Roll the bristles of the brush until it becomes appropriately clean.

Maybe two to three turns would be enough to clean it entirely. For hardened dirt or grease, gently wet the lint and apply to that place to clean the screen more efficiently.

Tips: Use a mask to avoid dust allergy issues and untimely cold symptoms. Try to do it gently and be tidy as much as possible.

If you want to clean your window after two or three consecutive months, the method would be slightly different. In this case, I prefer to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a lint brush. As a vacuum cleaner has a soft brush, it is more efficient for cleaning. Go thoroughly a few times over the screen and keep patience during both suck and losing dirt.

Tips: Make sure you place the vacuum cleaner at a safe distance during cleaning and turn the lowest setting of the vacuum cleaner as high air pressure can damage the screen.

Now, if you will clean one of the dirtiest screens that haven’t been cleaned over the last few years, then my following method is for you.

Firstly you can use a lint brush and vacuum cleaner. Then use some household cleaning essence like vinegar or liquid dishwasher missing with lukewarm water. The standard measurement for the mixture is half gallon lukewarm water with one tablespoon vinegar or dishwasher.

Using a new toothbrush would be more effective in the tiny pores of the screen. Moreover, soft bristles are a safe choice in case of screen damage. Drip the toothbrush into the mixture and flip the window screen over twice or thrice to clean it properly.

Secondly, you can use an ammonia mixture. Mix luke water with ammonia in a ratio of 3:1. Now take a scrubbing brush, drip it into the cross, and apply it on the window screen twice or thrice as necessary.

Tips: Whatever the mixture is, always use hand gloves to avoid corrosion and other safety. Please leave it to dry in the direct sunlight after cleaning it.

From the above comparison, it is clear that there is no comparison of a casement window in the case of ensuring safety. A double hang window is also a good option but a little off compared to the casement window. 

Are Casement Windows Safer Than Double-Hung?

Nowadays, many people find it confusing to choose between double-hung and casement windows. Let’s find out from the comparative table below.

Subject Matter Casement WindowDouble Hung
RigidityThe casement window is really tough to break. The closed window can only be broken if someone breaks the glass and then turns the crack. Well, it’s not a wise option.Double hang windows are easy to break. Even the latches are not for security features. Laches is used as handles to close the window.
Thickness0.75 InchesNearly 0.75 Inches
DurabilityThe durability of the casement window is more compared to others. Well, the material matters a lot. Suppose the durability of the wooden window will be more even decades.  The durability of the double-hung window also depends on the material. It’s quite natural that a double-hung window made of aluminium lasts longer than glass or wood.
Opening SafetyThe casement window is impossible to open from outside. It is not even possible to use a flat tool like a crowbar. One needs to break the glass to open it.Compared to the casement window, double-hung is not up to mark in case of security. It can be opened easily from outside using a crowbar or a flat tool like it.


I guess after reading the whole article, you got your answer for questions like “Do casement windows have screens?” Moreover, I added more information about casement window screens, mostly safety issues, screen properties and purposes. I hope that it was helpful for you. Next time you want to buy or reinstall a casement window screen, the journey will be easier for you. As I talked about casement window installation, check it out if you like to do it independently.


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