Who doesn’t love to have casement windows in the house?    

Casement windows are perfectly furnished to add extra beauty, smartness to the house. Also, to give it an excellent look. We all agree to a casement window’s feature of summing prettiness with benefits.

We can start praising casement windows, but it is hard to stop. These windows give the house extra air and light with a bundle of elegance.   

But there are hardly any things that don’t have any problems. Sometimes casement windows also bear some issues like after some period these are hard to close. For this reason, many homeowners frequently ask us, “Why my casement windows won’t close?” There are a few reasons behind this problem. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry anymore as we are here to help you. We will discuss, “Why my casement windows won’t close?” Moreover, there will be solutions to help you fix your casement windows.                

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Why My Casement Windows Won’t Close? 

Your casement windows won’t close because of dirt, engaged lock, hinges have problems, warped wood, time to lubricate, damaged part and stripped crank.    

So, we can see that many things can cause difficulties in casement windows closing. If there is even a matter that your casement windows are not opening, these can be the reasons. 

Thus, whenever your casement windows are suffering from closing or opening issues, you can check these out. It will be better not to delay before the problem becomes severe.                       

Reasons Behind Difficulty of Closing Casement Windows 

We love casement windows for their unique features and their advantages. But we get irritated when we face difficulty closing the windows. We need to find out the reasons that cause the trouble. It helps in repairing the windows. 

So, here are some common reasons mentioned below –                 

1. Dirt and Debris

It is a bit hard to clean a casement window’s sliding tracks. Again, over time in the tracks and sashes, dirt and debris come to make it their place. It may sound funny, but true also. If you don’t clean them frequently, you can look at your casement windows. Dirt and debris become obstacles in closing the windows.     

2. Engaged Lock  

When casement windows become older, their lock system gets engaged. It happens with time. So, you need to check your windows lock system. Try to open it gently. If it doesn’t open, put in some gentle force. Never try to open or lock it forcefully, as it can cause more damage. 

After all of these, your casement windows won’t open or close if their lock system is engaged. So, it could be the reason why your casement windows won’t close.                  

3. Stripped Crank  

The crank system is the next reason that can cause the problem. When your casement windows are not opening or closing, you should look at the crank system. The problem mostly arises when the crank system is stripped. 

There are gears in the crank system, and check out if they are stripped. It can cause the crank system not to work properly. And we know that the crank system is needed significantly to open or close the casement windows.                  

Again, if the crank system is jammed, it can cause the problem to close the windows.    

4. Warped Wood

We have already seen warped wood in our houses. It happens due to weather conditions. Again, when woods of casement windows are old, or their paint has faded away, they are the victims of water. Then, they become swollen, and there is pressure on the windows. 

That’s why your casement windows are not closing.        

5. Shifting Foundation    

This is one of the most serious reasons behind casement windows closing problems. Naturally, the foundation of the house will shift. No one has control over it.

But because of the shifting foundation, there is a great impact on the windows. The shifting foundation puts pressure on the window frames. 

Due to pressure, window sashes can not stay on the line like before. For this reason, your casement windows face difficulty in closing.       

6. Time to Lubricate 

When the previous lubricant on casement windows fades away, it can cause problems in closing. Due to no lubrication, the windows don’t have the smoothness to open or close. Therefore you should remember the last time when you lubricated the windows.             

7. Damaged Part

Yes, this can also cause closing problems. You may have a damaged part in your casement windows. When any part of your window is damaged, it may cause issues to close the windows. So, find out if there is anything damaged or not working properly.              

Should I Replace My Casement Windows for Closing Problems?  

No, you should not replace your casement windows for closing problems. As we know, casement windows are expensive, so it would be better not to replace them. If you want to replace your casement windows, it will cost you the same price as before. And you already know how much the installation cost.     

Isn’t it a bad deal? 

We agree that these windows give us trouble with the closing problem. But we also know that it doesn’t happen frequently. The great news is you can repair casement windows when they don’t close or open.

The repairing cost is affordable and so much lower than replacing cost. Also, casement windows take less time to repair.  

You can even repair casement windows on your own if you know where the problem is. We will help you with that too. Then you can repair casement windows with some tools. So, we suggest you repair your casement windows for closing problems, not replace them.                   

Materials Needed for Repairing Casement Windows 

There are several things that you need to repair your casement windows. Among them, mentioned below are the most common ones that you must need –     

1. Use a ladder to reach the window properly. It would be best if you could easily get it. 

2. Take a cotton towel or handkerchief and some water to clean the windows. Never use any sharp thing to clean the window tracks.    

3. If your window crank is damaged or stripped, take a new crank ready to replace.    

4. You can take some lubricant for lubricating the window parts. Never use WD40 on casement windows.      

5. Take some screws and a screwdriver. You might need them. Also, a hinge in case you need to replace it.      

How Do You Fix A Casement Window That Won’t Close? 

Many would suggest you replace your casement windows if they have difficulty opening or closing. But it is a wrong idea. You can replace them if they can not be repaired. There is still a chance for them to fix it.  

For this reason, there are some ways detailed below to fix your casement windows –   

1. Adjustment for Shifting foundation    

Adjustment for shifting foundation is essential, and you may find it difficult. You can lift them and push them on the suitable line with the new foundation to adjust the windows. It may take some time to fix it. You can take someone’s help to make it easier.             

2. Clean the Window Tracks  

Keeping casement windows clean is the key to maintaining their good condition. You can clean your windows daily or 4 times a week. Remember to clean the window tracks properly with a cotton cloth or handkerchief and water. Cleaning the window tracks may help you to avoid the trouble with closing.                 

3. Lubricate Windows  

As a casement window user, you know how important it is to lubricate them. Lubrication keeps the windows operating smoothly and keeps them dust and dirt free. 

You should lubricate your casement windows twice a year. You can see the lubrication process to avoid mistakes.       

4. Repair or Change the Lock System 

When the lock system is engaged, it can be repaired. You can take the help of a lock repairman. Again, if the lock system is damaged, you need to change it. Get a suitable and up-to-date lock system for your casement windows.            

5. Replace the Crank 

Sometimes the crank system gets jammed, and the windows can not close properly. Applying lubricant to the crank system can solve this problem. Before doing it, you need to clean the crank system properly.

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes to apply the lubricant. Then try to open and close the window to see if it works. 

But if this process doesn’t work, your window cranks are damaged. You need to replace them. Firstly, remove the damaged crank using a screwdriver. Then replace the new crank with some screws. Check if your windows are closing now.                      

6. Change the Woods  

You should change the woods of your casement windows after a use period. You can check if the paints on the woods have faded away or the woods are swelling. If you have no knowledge of how to change them, call an expert.       

7. Call an Expert  

In the end, if you still can not find the root cause, you can not fix the casement windows. You should call an expert to determine the reasons and repair the windows. It is better to do it in an expert’s safe hands.         


You can follow these steps on your own. But you should call an expert to fix your casement windows in case you don’t know how to do it. It is better to stay cautious before you make a mistake.            


Having a casement window in your house is like having a way of extra ventilation and airflow. We can feel that you also love casement windows like us. But all of us get worried when the casement windows don’t close like before. That’s why you care for these. As we discussed everything, we answered, “Why my casement windows won’t close?” 

We suggest you stay calm and point out the causes. Again, you do not need to change your windows. You can follow the fixing process mentioned above to avoid the closing issue. We hope you are already certain about what to do and suitable for your casement windows. 

So don’t get stressed when your casement windows don’t close. You can try these out and relax.                          

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