Portable ACs of different brands exist in the market. Toshiba is one of them. Portable air conditioners are ideal for temporary cooling. It’s a terrific cooling alternative if you want a mobile AC unit that you can move from room to room.

It’s also the most energy-efficient air conditioner option that isn’t installed permanently. Before buying an air conditioner, a buyer has to consider various advantages, such as price, excess of noise, occupancy, the electric bill, lifetime warranty, etc.

After purchasing a portable ac also raises multiple questions about maintenance in the mind of buyers. Do you need to drain your Toshiba portable AC? You will find answers to your potential questions by reading the blog.

Let’s make a journey to know more about your Toshiba portable AC.

do i need to drain my toshiba portable air conditioner

Do I Need To Drain My Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner Often?

Toshiba manufactures various models of portable AC according to the needs of their customers. Therefore, many questions may come to mind before buying your Toshiba Portable AC as a buyer.

Try answering some frequently asked questions about your Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner by writing below. For example, here is one of the questions that may come to your mind: Is it necessary to drain Toshiba’s portable Air Conditioner? In a nutshell, portable air conditioners must be drained consistently.

Do You Know The Drainage Procedure Of Your Toshiba Portable AC?

Drainage of water

Remove the top drain plug from the rear of the device during dehumidifying modes and install the drain connector (5/8″ universal female mender) with a 3/4″ hose (locally purchased).

Connect the drain line to the opening for models lacking a drain connector. Place the hose’s open end directly over the drain on the basement floor.

Remove the drain cap from the top

Drain hose that runs indefinitely. Remove the lower drain cap from the back of the machine during heating mode and replace it with a drain connector (5/8″ universal female mender) and a 3/4″ hose (locally purchased).

Connect the drain line to the opening for models lacking a drain connector.

Place the hose adaptor’s open end directly over the drain on your basement floor.

Note: To avoid leaks, make sure the hose is secure. Then, direct the hose to the drain, checking sure there are no kinks obstructing water flow. Next, place the hose’s end into the drain and make sure it’s pointing downward to allow the water to flow smoothly. (See Figs.)

Installation is not advised. (See Figs. X and Y.) Ensure the drain plug and knob are adequately placed to prevent leakage when the continuous drain hose is not used.

When the water level in the lower tray reaches the setting value of 8, beeps will sound. 

The Digital display shows “P1”. During this time, the air conditioning/dehumidification process stops immediately.

However, the fan motor continues to run (standard). Carefully move them into the drain, remove the bottom drain plug, and allow them to drain. Replace the bottom drain plug and restart the machine until the “P1” symbol disappears. If the error repeats, call for service. 

Note: Be sure to firmly reinstall the bottom drain plug to prevent leakage before using the unit

Models Of Toshiba Portable AC

They are some portable type room Air Conditioners

  1. RAC-PD0811CRU
  2. RAC-PD1011CRU 
  3. RAC-PD1211CRU 
  4. RAC-PD1411CRU 
  5. RAC-PD1411CWU 
  6. RAC-PD1411HRU

Which Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner Is The Quietest?

There are many types of Toshiba portable ACs in the market. But if you want to keep your home quiet, the Toshiba RAS-M16G3DV-E appears to be the quietest model in the brand’s lineup of multi-split system air conditioners.

Advantages Of Toshiba Portable AC

  1. High Efficiency

The device is designed to cool reasonably large rooms. If a particular model is designed for such a room, it is possible to maintain low temperatures in rooms up to 50 m2. 

  1. Portability

The average portable air conditioner weighs about 60 pounds and measures 17x31x16. Therefore, it is not very difficult to install it in another room. 

  1. Works Well In Wet Environments

As mentioned above, air conditioners are designed to reduce humidity, so if your home has more than 60% humidity, air conditioning can help. 

  1. Easier To Maintain A Regular Cleaning

Although a professional inspection is still required to prevent refrigerant leaks, you can clean the filter yourself using only readily available soapy water.

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Disadvantages Of Toshiba Portable AC

  • The unit may be low on refrigerant.
  • The temperature of the unit is perhaps high.
  • The ac units make a gurgling sound if any internal damage.
  • The portable AC units may stop frequently.

What Is Evaporate AC Or Cooler?

Since 1930, swamp coolers have been popular among families. The swamp cooler is known as an evaporative cooler, desert cooler, wet air cooler. Coolers use absorption refrigeration mechanisms to cool the air.

You’ve used natural cooling if you’ve ever tested the wind by waving a damp finger in the air. After a swim, the same process cools you down, and it also drives one of the original and most basic forms of air conditioning.

how long do air conditioners last in florida

Top 5 Evaporative Cooler Brands

  1. Honeywell
  2. Ivation
  4. Vornado
  5. Dreo

Top 5 Sellers Of The Evaporative Coolers In Amazon

  1. Amazon Export Sales
  2. Amazon.com
  3. Superior Sales
  4. Marshall Shop
  5. Prime from NYC

Advantages Of Swamp Cooler Or Evaporative Cooler

It consumes less energy than any other ac component. They’ll bring your house’s temperature down by roughly 20 degrees. It implies they can perform admirably when the temperature outside is between 80 and 93 degrees.

However, when the temperature rises above this, the cooler will be exposed to the sun’s rays and will have a more difficult time chilling your property.

A swamp cooler is relatively simple to keep up with. However, to prevent dirt and dust from clogging the pipes, you should change the pads on them at least once a year and clean them carefully.

Disadvantages Of Swamp Cooler Or Evaporative Cooler

When the temperature rises above 95 degrees, they struggle to keep your home cool. Because they cool a home with humidity, not be used in moist areas. They do, however, necessitate more maintenance than a standard central air conditioner.

Due to float issues, they are prone to leaks. If the air conditioner is installed on your roof, the water that leaks from it can discolor your roof. The leaking from an air conditioner can cause a roof to deteriorate, necessitating frequent shingle replacement.

They do consume a lot of water, which can be problematic if you live in a water-scarce environment. To work on the cooler, you’ll have to climb onto the roof, which can be dangerous. Coolers are often installed on the roof, resulting in a massive hole in the roof if the evaporative cooler is later replaced.

Does Evaporate AC Need To Drain?

All PAC units use a vaporization method to release moisture through the vent. Still, only more advanced portable AC units can completely eliminate the need to empty or drain the water from the tank.

Do Swamp Coolers Need Voltage Stabilizers?

If the sump cooler is not under sufficient voltage, it will have no effect. Voltage ballasts can help, but you should also consider rewiring your system with an electrician. If the device does not have enough voltage to operate repeatedly, the cable can heat up and damage the entire device.

Why Should You Choose The Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner?

Being at ease in your own house entails much more than just adjusting the thermostat. Toshiba air conditioners are built for versatility in use, reduced running noise, enhanced air quality, and, most importantly, dependability.

As a result, you receive year-round comfort and precise temperature control.

Adjustable Range

Toshiba’s domestic air conditioning solutions are appropriate for all sections of your house, whether you need to cool a tiny bedroom or an ample living space.

To meet your needs, Toshiba offers a comprehensive range of heating and cooling solutions, from wall-mounted split systems to floor-standing or ducted inverter systems.


Problems typically appear when you least expect them.

It is clear to see why our in-house technical support team is unlike any other.

You may rely on our exclusive in-house technical support for any assistance you may require.

We take this responsibility extremely seriously, so you can count on trustworthy, ongoing service at all times.

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Toshiba has said that their air conditioners can survive the tough all climate, which is why they offer a 7-year warranty on their whole range of air conditioning systems for all residential applications across the Country.

Which Is Better? A Portable Air Conditioner Or An Evaporative Cooler?

Evaporating coolers use far less energy than air conditioners since they employ a water pump and a fan. They can use up to four times less electricity than a comparable sized AC unit. Environmentally responsible.

Evaporating systems are better for the environment since they reduce carbon emissions and consume less energy.


Of 340 reviews, Home Depot users rate Toshiba RACPD1011CRU 4 out of 5, with 73% recommending it. Most of the reviews praised its ability to cool the room. Users also appreciated the full-featured LCD remote control and auto-rotating deflector.


Do you need to drain your Toshiba portable AC? The answer is, yes, you need to. Before using a portable ac using electric appliances in our daily life, we must read the manual book on its usage. It helps us to solve small to medium quality faults of electric appliances.

I have tried to highlight Toshiba portable Air conditioner’s drainage and other relevant issues in this blog. By reading this blog, you get information on how your portable air conditioner drains. A comparative diagram between portable AC and swamp cooler is also presented for the convenience of the readers.

Overall, I must say this blog has given you a clear idea about Toshiba portable air conditioners.

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