A hot summer day’s going on, and you’re sweating. Can you stay cool in this condition? No! Right? Staying cool is a very important and serious issue too. So, air conditioning at your home and workplace is one of the best options. 

There are many options for cooling your home and surroundings. But all of the options are not available for everyone. If you have a portable air conditioner you might have a question,” Do I need to remove the window screen for a portable air conditioner?”

 You may have to move frequently, or maybe you’re staying in a home as a renter or staying in a dorm. A central air conditioning system is not available and suitable for you. In this condition, portable air conditioners can be a beautiful alternative for you.

Portable AC is a movable air conditioning system for a single room. You can just set it up on the floor and quickly install it. Most of the models have wheels so that you can move them from one room to another. It is a self-contained cooling system which is a good alternative to another cooling system. 

You may have some concerns while buying portable air conditioners. And also thinking like, should you buy it or not? It’s up to you.

But before deciding, read this article and know ten important things about portable air conditioners!

Do I Need To Remove Window Screen For Portable Air Conditioner

1. Do I Need To Remove Window Screen For Portable Air Conditioner?

No! You don’t need to remove the window screen. Just slide to adjust the unit, place it into a window and attach it to the hose. After that, just plug it into an electric circuit and start cooling yourself! 

It’s for most of the cases. But sometimes, you may need to remove the window screen. 

2. How You Can Install Your Portable Air Conditioners.

I)Choose A Location

For installing your portable air conditioners, you need a proper location to place them so that they can remove hot air and cool it properly.

Firstly, you just have to place it into an unobstructed, unbothered place. It may need several feet according to its size. The place must have easy access to the water reservoir. It will work more effectively if you place it near the window.

It will make it easy for air ventilation. Again if there is no easy access to the water reservoir, you can use a sink or bucket for letting the drain continuously. 

Ii) Choose A Good Window Adapter

You will get a window adapter kit while buying a portable air conditioner. Most of the adapter kits create a good seal in the windows with a standard size. However, if your window is too small or too large, you may choose the correct window adapter according to the window. 

For small windows, you may need to trip your window adapter. And for the big window, you need to buy plexiglass to fill the gap.

Iii) Adapter Kit Installation. 

After choosing the right adapter kit, you have to install it. According to the dimension of your window, you have to place it and lastly screw it perfectly. 

Additionally, you can seal it perfectly with duct tape so that you can cool air without seeping out. 

Iv) Ventilation Pipe/ Hose Connection 

After kit installation, you need to attach your hose to the window adapter kit. You need to wrap it with tape well. If it is a little loose, it will create a problem. 

So make sure it fits well. Then, take another end of the ventilation hose and connect properly with a portable air conditioner. Also, wrap it with tape if needed.

V) Drainage Hose Attachment

Portable air conditioners have a drainage hose for continuous drainage. It needs to attach this drainage hose to the sink, tub, or bucket to secure the drainage system properly. 

You should secure the drainage hose with tape so that it doesn’t dislodge or drain on the floor. So attachment of drainage hose is very important. 

Vi)Plug Into Outlet 

After doing all the attachments, just plug in your portable air conditioner, turn it on and enjoy the cool air! 

3. What Size Should You Choose For Your Portable Air Conditioner?

Like other air conditioners, portable air conditioners come in different sizes, colours, and shapes. The choice of the size depends upon your room size—the smaller your room, the lesser-powered air conditioner you need.

Usually, the power of the air conditioners is measured in BTUs. The model starts with the unit 6000 BTUs. And its highest unit can reach up to 14000 BTUs.

For a smaller room like a bedroom, you need under 1000 BTUs unit. For larger space cooling, you need more than 1000 BTU units.

4. How Can You Clean And Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioners? 

For ensuring your air conditioner works at full capacity, you need to learn how to keep it clean and maintain it properly.

Tips for the maintenance of portable air conditioner:

  • Filter cleaning: Carbon filters or HEPA filters need to be cleaned after a certain period. Sometimes you just have to replace it rather than clean it.
  • Water drainage: Portable air conditioners excrete water while cooling. You need to drain this water properly. Sometimes there needs cleanliness in the drainage pipes or hose so that air conditioners function well.
  • Exterior cleanliness: Exterior cleanliness every week is very important. Just switch off and clean the surface with a soft cloth. Do not use any chemicals. It may harm your air conditioner.
  • End of season storage: At the end of summer, you need to store your air conditioners for next year. Just unplug it, perform exterior cleanliness, drain all leftover water and turn on fan mode. After drying the interior, just pack it in the original carton and store it in a dry place. That’s it! 

5. How Can Bugs Come Through A Portable Air Conditioner? 

Yes! Definitely, bugs can come through the portable air conditioner.

If you do not seal or airtight your window, the bug can come through it. There is always a gap between your window and your portable air conditioner. Even if you don’t see the gap, you must seal it properly so that small bugs can’t easily come through it. 

6. Is A Portable Air Conditioner Energy-Efficient? 

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient air conditioner, a portable air conditioner may be your best choice. An energy air conditioner can save you up to $70 in the year, which is definitely a big amount.

So, the portable air conditioner is very affordable for homeowners and renters to be cooled. 

7. Can You Leave The Window Screen Of Your Portable Air Conditioner? 

Normally window screens do not hamper the installation of the exhaust hose using a window kit. So you don’t need to worry about removing it. Just be careful about air tightening. 

In most cases, you don’t even have to remove the window screen too. After sliding and placing it, attach it to the hose. Just keep in mind that the hose shouldn’t be extended beyond the window. You have to allow it to your screen to stay in place and then install it properly as instructed.

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8. Can You Put Your Portable Air Conditioners In A Window? 

For air ventilation of your portable air conditioner, you can keep it near the window. While buying a portable air conditioner, a window panel installation kit will be given to you for vertical or horizontal sliding windows. 

But putting your air conditioner in a window may create problems during installation. A portable air conditioner must be vented to the outside. 

Now questionaries, if you can’t put it in a window or can’t put it in a window, how can you vent air? Don’t worry; you can just simply do it through the wall, ceiling, or door too. 

9. Do Portable Air Conditioners Have Disadvantages?

Portable air conditioners are the best option when you do not have any option of central cooling. But these air conditioners have a little disadvantage too.

  • A portable air conditioner can cause noise which may affect your normal activity. So while buying a portable air conditioner, just make sure it is a good unit and has low noise as well.
  • The leftover water can cause problems. It may consume your time when it comes to maintenance. So try to buy self evaporating air conditioners which send drainage water outside through a pipe. 
  • A portable air conditioner can cool a small place like a bedroom only. You can not use it in a big place. But it can cool different sizes of the room according to its features. You can choose it according to your need.
do i need to drain my toshiba portable air conditioner

10. Portable Air Conditioner Vs Window Air Conditioners 

Portable air conditioners and window air conditioners are two popular air conditioners nowadays. Each one has its own features, selling point, different size, shape, and physical ability too. I’m not going to tell you which one is better. It depends upon your need.

Let’s just explore the key differences between them so that you can understand which ones make the best sense for your home! 

DifferencesPortable Air Conditioners Window Air Conditioners 
Price/ BudgetPricing depends on BTUs unit.It may cost you $300 to $400 per 100 to 300 square feet.For the same space, window air conditioners may cost you $150 to $500.
InstallationIt does not need much installation. You can place it in any room and easily install it by yourself using the kit.
It requires hard and heavy installation. It could be difficult or even be dangerous to install it by yourself.
Portability It is meant to be easily portable. It’s not easily portable. You have to keep it in the same place after installing. 
NoiseBoth of the air conditioners create noise, but portable air conditioners create more noise.Both of the air conditioners create noise, but the window air conditioner creates less noise.
Saving Space It will take your floor space. It won’t take your floor space. So it’s more space-saving. 
Energy SavingMore energy saving. Less energy saving.


Portable air conditioners are great, easy to move around, and cost-effective air conditioners. So, it can be a great option to cool your home and workplace cool.

The choice is yours while choosing air conditioners. It depends on your budget, affinity, room size, and so on. 

In this article, you’re just clear about some FAQs about the portable air conditioner, like ‘Do I need to remove window screen for portable air conditioner’ and so on. 

Hopefully, by now, you’re clear about some facts about portable air conditioners and will gonna make the right decision while buying an air conditioner. For now, don’t worry and enjoy your summer!

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