Are you thinking of getting Mini Splits? So, it is obvious to raise the question, “Why are mini splits so expensive?” We often think, “Is the cost worth it?” 

Mini-splits are popular nowadays for its quality and sufficiency, which is excellent to mark. A mini-split is a heat pump with two units for heating and cooling. 

These units are outside and indoor units that keep the room temperature regular or as we want. In winter, these units work to pick up warmth from the air and push it into your house. 

And in the summertime, this process is done oppositely.    

But what we fear is mini spit’s price which might not be budget-friendly. And we think about how it would work or is the price worth it. So stay calm, even if we have the same thoughts as you. 

That’s why we will talk about why mini splits are so expensive and many more. You will get to know if it is the right choice for you or not. Let’s get started.

Why Are Mini Splits So Expensive

Why Are Mini Splits So Expensive?  

This question is so common for people thinking of getting a mini-split. Mini-splits are so expensive mainly for the number of heads that it carries. 

This head is usually a part of the outside unit, which helps a room’s heating and cooling system. 

The more head a mini-split has, the more the expenses will be. The installation process, maintaining the process, or taking care of it will be more tangled.

Cost Reasons  

Cost is a thing that relies on many reasons. In the case of Mini Splits, the reasons are,

  1. Brand Wise Cost
  2. Size of Mini Split (BTUS)
  3. Zone Wise
  4. Installation Cost 
  5. Cost of Labour
  6. Materials Cost 

Not only these but some more factors affect the cost of mini splits. But they are omitted as the reasons mentioned above play a vital role in the whole costing.

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Brand Wise Cost

It is common to know that cost varies from brand to brand. A brand is a name hearing that we can imagine the cost. The cost varies so highly from the best brands to a good brand.   

Because brand-wise service and quality differ, that makes the cost difference. When you get the best service with a Hi-Tech system, it’s obvious the cost would be expensive. 

Let’s have a look at today’s top brand’s mini splits prices –

Fujitsu$1,200 – $6,400
Mitsubishi$1,175 – $8,135
Carrier$975  – $6,618
LG$810  – $6,205
GE$825  – $4,876

Size of Mini Split (BTUs)

The second reason for the cost is the size of the mini split, which is measured in BTUs. One tonne is equal to 12,000 BTUs. 

Let’s see the average price for standard sizes of mini splits –

12,000$780 – $3,700
24,000$1,055 – $6,025
36,000$1,595 – $8,660
48,000$3,460 – $10,557
60,000$4,501 – $12,405

Zone Wise Cost 

Zone-wise cost is for how many indoor units you want to have for the heating and cooling. Mini-splits have this kind of feature to choose the number of indoor units as per your need. 

There are two zones named Single zone and Multi zones. The cost is different for both of them. 

Let’s see the zone wise cost mini split will take – 

Single$720 – $9,280
2-3$1,721 – $9,239
4-5$2,918 – $12,400
6-8$5,375 – $9,912

Installation Cost 

Installation costs can make you worry about your budget. It is a bit costly actually. If you wish to install your mini-split by a professional, then you need to be ready to bear the cost. 

Installation cost has two parts – cost of labour and materials cost. These two make the installation cost heavy for you. Bringing these two together, the average cost will be $300 to $2650.         

Cost of Labour

No, you don’t need to hire labourers to install the mini-split. These labourers are the technicians of an HVAC company. They provide these labourers to carry the mini split and install it in your home. They charge for this and the charge depends on the number of hours it takes to install the mini split. 

The cost can rise high due to having installation difficulty. The average cost is $300 to $1550, or it can go up-and-down depending on installation service.   

Materials Cost  

When we install Hi-tech systems, we need some extra materials. Mini split also needs some extra materials not included while buying. Therefore, it would be best if you bought them separately. 

These materials are wires, extra conduit, refrigerant lines etc. These are needed for the large gap between outdoor units and indoor units. 

Materials cost can be $0 to $1100.

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Can Mini-Splits Save Energy?   

Mini-splits can save energy is the answer and it gives everyone relief in an instant. We know you are also relieved now to hear this. 

Many consumers compare the energy saving of a central air conditioner to a mini-split. And the result they get is that a mini-split saves more energy than a central air conditioner.   

Don’t be shocked to hear the news that mini-splits can cut your energy cost by 30 percent.

 The mini-split cooling system uses a process to save energy as it adds unneeded cooling in the rest of the rooms. It distributes the extra cooling in the whole house, which saves energy easily. It will lower the electricity bills that will give you more satisfaction.  

Isn’t that a great deal?

Is The Cost Worth Mini-Splits? 

Hold on to this important one to get the most desired questions answered. Because, people fear if the expensive cost is worth the mini-split or their money is going to be wasted.         

That’s why we are below down highlighting some essential features that would help you to know the answer – 

  1. You will enjoy excellent heating and cooling in a mini-split if you don’t want a big AC as it is small in size. 
  1. Mini-splits ensure higher security as these systems do not require big holes in the wall. However, small holes are required for mini splits to install. 
  1. Mini-splits have an “Auto Clean” program for indoor units. That purifies the air through filtration, and the air you get will be a clean one. 
  1. Mini-splits save energy and cut your energy cost by 30 percent, which is incredible.   
  1. This system does not allow forced energy savings. That makes it more durable.  
  1. Mini-splits are easier to install than other HVAC systems. It saves your time and money too.    
  1. Mini-splits offer a zone system for all units. You can use as many indoor units in your home, and these units can be zoned in one outdoor unit. It saves energy and your cost.  
  1. You can use the mini-splits with the solar panels. Yes, you heard me right. And less power usage in units, which is excellent. 
  1. Mini-splits HVAC units are environment friendly and already it is gaining fame in the market.    
  1. Last but not least and the wonderful one is mini-splits operating rate is up to 33 SEER. Yes, mini splits beat and got higher SEER ratings than any Hi-Tech air conditioner.   

Wow! Who won’t say that the cost is worth mini-splits as they provide these many excellent quality features?

Decide Your Right Choice 

When you are thinking of getting a mini-split, you should evaluate each side regarding it. 

The only con of mini-split is the expensive cost from buying to installation. But it would take only a while to buy, and after that, the maintenance cost is affordable. 

But the bright side is too bright, and we are already attracted by its quality and features. It is so helpful for your office, garage or underground room along with your home.   

And you can save your money while using it as it saves energy. And also, it will give you the safest air to breathe.  

Who doesn’t want the best one to buy? And we know, the best things cost a bit heavy. But it gives the first-rate benefits to comfort us. And no comparison of mini splits in this regard. 

Or you can contact an HVAC expert to get more suggestions. Expert consultation helps in making a choice.


We already got the answer to why mini-splits are so expensive and if the cost is worth it. But, with such high costs, Mini-splits are gaining fame already and becoming popular among consumers for their durability.  

It is about the quality and service we search for in a mini-split. And mini-splits are standing with pride on our requirements.

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