To maintain a comfortable environment, we have to maintain the perfect temperature. Sometimes we need to ask others to make the room warmer when using your air conditioner. Our questions are like – do you turn the air conditioner up or down to make it warmer?

Without any doubt, it is a common issue when we struggle to command the air conditioner correctly. Most of us ended up confusing others. I was even bewildered once when I visited my friend’s place. Then I researched it and learned the appropriate word. In this article, I tried to clear the confusion.

Moreover, I answered some frequently asked questions regarding turning the air conditioner up or down. I tried to use simple words to make them more meaningful and understandable. Let’s cut to the cheese and get started.

Do You Turn The Air Conditioner Up Or Down To Make It Warmer

Do You Turn The Air Conditioner Up Or Down To Make It Warmer?

To make it warmer, you need to turn the air conditioner down. When the air conditioner’s temperature is more than the room temperature, it will make it warmer. When someone says to turn the air conditioner down, you need to increase the temperature. 

When the reading of the air conditioner increases more than the room temperature, the air conditioner will make it warmer. We all need to make the room warmer to feel comfortable in winter. Your air conditioner can work best in this case. In a nutshell, you need to turn the air conditioner up to make it warmer. 

Here I tried to answer some common questions that you might have. So, check them out.

Can Air Conditioners Be Used To Make The Room Warm?

The answer is yes. In general, we all know an air conditioner is a summertime home appliance. Surprisingly, the air conditioner can be used in winter instead of a room heater. Very few people know about the hacks. As a result, you can save your money for a romantic candle night dinner.

An ordinary air conditioner is not good at room warming. The air conditioner needs to work reverse in this case. Jokes apart, many guys will suggest you set your air conditioner reverse way. 

However, you don’t need to do that stupidity. You can use your air conditioner to make your room colder or warmer. Just exchange your air conditioner with an advanced one. An air conditioner with a heat pump can reverse the process. Now you can use an air conditioner in winter too. 

Do You Say Turn The Air Conditioner Up Or Down To Make It Colder? 

If you want it to be colder, turn the air conditioner up. You can also say that turn the air conditioner’s temperature down. Remember a specific factor; when you mention the word “temperature,” you need to say “down” with it to make the room colder. Otherwise, you can say “turn up” to increase the air conditioner’s functioning and make it warmer. 

Should I Turn On The Air Conditioner In The Winter?

It is dependent on the temperature. But all that I can say is that it’s not a good idea until you are using an advanced one with a heat pump. A general air conditioner can not make the room colder than 16 degrees. It is the threshold temperature for an ordinary air conditioner. 

If the outside is colder than 16 degrees, I won’t recommend turning on your air conditioner because it will damage your air conditioner’s compressor. Instead, you can open your window and ensure proper ventilation. 

Again there are many exceptional cases. For example, in a restaurant or a shopping mall air conditioner is constantly running due to the high density of customers. The inner temperature is higher than the outside. In that case air conditioner work as a cooling fan. 

Their air conditioner will exhaust out the internal hot air to the outside. But I again repeat this is not good for a general air conditioner. However, it’s lovely to have an advanced air conditioner that provides the reverse system. 

When You Turn Up The Air-Conditioner, Are You Making The Room Colder Or Warmer?

It’s dependent on your action. An air conditioner means to condition the air according to need and filter the air. After sucking air from outside, it prepared the air according to the given temperature by the user. 

By increasing the air conditioner’s temperature, you can turn the heating mood of the air conditioner on. Similarly, you can turn on the cooling mood by decreasing the temperature.

If you understand, turning up an air conditioner means increasing the cooling function. Then you need to decrease the temperature reading of the air conditioner. That will make the room colder. 

Again, if you turn up the temperature of the air conditioner than room temperature, then you will start heating. It will make the room warmer. When you turn down the air conditioner, you decrease the cooling function by increasing the temperature. As a result, the space will be more generous.

Does A Higher Number On AC Mean Colder?

A higher reading in the air conditioner means higher temperature. Higher temperature doesn’t mean colder. Instead, it means warmer. Let’s say the temperature reading of your air conditioner of a room is 22 degrees. 

On another air conditioner, it’s 18 degrees. As 22 is greater than 18, the first one is warmer than the second one. That means an air conditioner with 18 degrees is colder than an air conditioner with 22 degrees. So, a higher number on AC means warmer, not colder. 

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How Do I Make My Air Conditioner Colder?

The easiest way to make the air conditioner colder is to lower the temperature reading on your air conditioner. However, sometimes doing it is not enough. Maybe you need to take some other measures to make it colder. I am mentioning some standard ways to make your air conditioner colder.

  • Proper sealing of the room 
  • Change the filter
  • Change your compressor
  • Use a fan
  • Spray regularly

Proper Sealing Of The Room 

The air conditioner captures air from outside and conditions it according to the user’s command. It sucks the hot air into the machine when it is hot outside. After that, the air conditioner converts the air according to the reading and makes your room comfortable for you. 

But if the room is not sealed and the cold air starts to pass away. Then you will not be benefited. So make sure your room is appropriately packed and no entrance of outside air into the room. That will make your air conditioner colder. 

What is the correct setting for an air conditioner

Change The Filter

This is one of the common obstacles when you fail to make the air conditioner colder. Sometimes using a filter for a long causes the air conditioner to keep away from working correctly. Check out the filter every month. 

Proper maintenance is necessary for electrical types of equipment. With time, the filter losses its work capability. It would be better if you could change it once in a couple of years. The new filter will help you to make your air conditioner colder. 

Change Your Compressor

Another problem arrives when you are using a compressor for a long time. There is a liquid inside any compressor. The amount of liquid started to reduce with time. Keep an eye on the compressor if you feel that the air conditioner is not working correctly. Change the fluid or the whole compressor every year. A good compressor is a reason for a good air conditioner which makes it colder. 

Use A Fan

This one is not a mandatory measure still helps a lot. If you are not satisfied with the work capability of your air conditioner, then you must install a fan with it. A fan helps to circulate the cold air all over the room. 

An air conditioner without a fan blows cold air at a particular place in the room. So, it takes time to make the room colder. But if you have a fan with it, it will be much easier to circulate the cold air and make the air conditioner colder. 

Spray Regularly

Another common reason your air conditioner fails to make the room colder is the lack of spray. Like changing the compressor and filter to get a better result, you must ensure that you use spray frequently. 

It’s not a new case where the air conditioner stops working because the users are careless. They don’t spray it regularly. So aware of it. There is no comparison of proper maintenance of your air conditioner to make your room colder.

You can use the above measures to make your room colder by lowering the temperature. 


The answer to the question “Do you turn the air conditioner up or down to make it warmer?” is to turn the air conditioner to make it warmer. Hence, if you want to make it warmer, you can increase the air conditioner’s temperature.

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