How can I cool my whole house with one air conditioner? When you’re gonna install a new air conditioning system, and if you’re thinking of having such an air conditioner, which one will cool your whole house? Then you should install a multi-split air conditioner. 

A multi-split air conditioner is a single powerful outdoor compressor that can power up to a maximum of a few indoor units at the same time. 

It represents a great solution for your homes that face limited space issues. A multi-split air conditioner offers you greater installation versatility and space-saving choices with even greater energy savings. 

In any case, with only a single indoor unit is operating, more powerful cooling and higher efficiency can be easily achieved due to the outdoor inverter unit being able to function at a faster capacity ranging from 120percent to 144percent allowing for the comfortable cooling of your home in a shorter time. Thus, reducing overall electricity consumption. 

How can I cool my whole house with one air conditioner

How Can I Cool My Whole House With One Air Conditioner?

Single split requires one outdoor unit for each indoor unit. But multi-split can heat and cool all your rooms by using one outdoor unit. It also has a flexible combination. Not all the rooms are in operation at the same time. The indoor unit can be added to a multi-split air conditioner after installation. 

The number of indoor units for additional connection varies according to the outdoor unit’s capacity. When maximum indoor units are connected and are in full operation, the cooling capacity performed by indoor units is dependent on the rated capacity of the outdoor unit. 

A multi-split air conditioner has a 4-way cassette. It is suitable for various building types. The reliability and efficiency of a multi-split air conditioner are awesome. It has smart sensors, a smart inverter compressor, improved heat exchange, and smart load control. 

So, wishing to have an air conditioner, which will cool your whole house, you should think and go for a multi-split air conditioner. 

Installing a whole-home air conditioner costs an average of approximately $5350. Your home may require additional work to facilitate a whole-home unit, like ductwork installation,  adding cost to your project. 

This is not an easy project that you can do yourself; it should be done by a professional technician for your safety and to check the system’s performance. 

Whole-house air conditioners are best in situations when:

  • Your home has existing ductwork in good shape, and you’re replacing an older whole-house cooling unit. 
  • You need cooling in different areas throughout your home. 

So, how can I cool my whole house with one air conditioner? Undoubtedly you can cool your whole house by installing a whole-house multi-split air conditioning system. 

It’s the best solution. It will consume less energy than using multiple window units throughout the home. It will save you money. A whole-home unit balances indoor comforts better by delivering even temperatures throughout the home with a few hot spots. 

The equipment of a whole-home air conditioner offers more awesome features for your convenience, better air filtration to reduce allergens and troublesome health symptoms from the house, and does a better job keeping humidity levels in check. 

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Can A Window Air Conditioner Cool A Whole House?

Window air conditioners are designed to cool a particular area or a single room. It is next to impossible for such an air conditioner to cool an entire house. 

All you can do with a window air conditioner, you can cool two adjacently connected single tiny rooms with a single-window air conditioner. But still, there will be uneven cooling. 

If you want to cool more than one area of your house with one air conditioner, you should purchase and install additional units. Window air conditioning unit installation is not a whole-home cooling solution. Window air conditioners don’t provide the even temperature that a whole-house cooling system can deliver. 

So, before installing an air conditioner, you have to be careful about your demand, budget, and outcome. 

Can An Air Conditioner Cool Multiple Rooms?

Cold air hates to travel. It means, when you move the air conditioner to a nearby room, the cold water flow will stop at the doorway. 

So, try to avoid cooling multiple rooms by using just one window air conditioner. You can use one ac between two rooms by making whole between the rooms. But make sure if your ac is powerful enough to cool the combined area of both rooms. 

How Can I Connect Two Rooms With One AC? 

Put a box or a floor fan in the doorway between cold and hot rooms facing the hot room. Then the cool air from the AC room floor will circulate into the adjoining room. You should budget an AC tip for cooling multiple rooms. 

How Can I Make My Window Air Conditioner Colder?

  • Clean the air filter regularly. Sometimes your window air conditioner can be colder to blow with a simple fix of its parts.
  • Clean the front grille. 
  • Clean the evaporator coil.
  • Check the condenser routinely and clean it. 
  • Mist the unit with water. 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Cool A House? 

Best ways to cool a house:

  • Avoid using the stove
  • Unplug appliances that are not being used.
  • Turn on bathroom fans. 
  • Opt for breezy clothing.
  • Switch to no heat light bulbs.
  • Add outdoor shade.

Can A Portable AC Cool An Entire House?

To cool your rooms and to make them noticeably more comfortable, your air conditioning system has to be powerful enough for cooling; it needs to be sized properly. One window air conditioner will never be able to cool an entire house; for example, look for an air conditioner with 14000 BTUs. 

How To Keep Your House Cool In Extreme Heat? 

To keep your house cool in extremely hot weather, you should follow certain steps: 

  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Get an AC tune-up. Keeping your AC in tip-top shape is a year-round endeavour.
  • Check the ceiling fans.
  • Check garage insulation and attic. 
  • Pressure to wash the exterior
  • Consider window replacement if they are broken or damaged.
  • Seal door and window gaps to get rid of airflow. 

Can One Air Conditioner Cool An Apartment?

Yes!! It should be a high BTU AC unit. Some apartments are made of 2 rooms. That apartment can fully be cooled by installing one AC unit. But, the AC would take at least 17000 BTU.

can i add freon to my central air conditioner

How To Cool Multiple Rooms With One AC? 

Close off all entranceways except for the one that links the rooms in use. Put a box fan in the window of the hotter room that would be faced outward, which will pull out hot air from the room. Try to crack a window in the cooler room to help circulate cool air into the room you want to cool. 

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What’s The Best Way To Cool My Two-Story House? 

To cool your two-story house, the best ways are:

  • Install an attic fan or vent. To keep the second floor of a building is more challenging than the first floor. Installing a fan or vent in the attic will go a long way to keeping hot air moving up and out of your home, and this will keep cool air circulating. 
  • Keep your doors open. You may believe that closing the doors of unused rooms will help circulate your AC and keep the rest of the home cooler. 

But, this is not the actual case. Central air conditioners are made up to cool an entire house, not a single room. If you keep the doors closed of unused rooms, hot air gets trapped into the room, and this affects the performance of the air conditioner. So, try to keep the doors open.

  • Keep blinds and drapes closed. 
  • Partially close first-floor registers. 
  • Turn the fan from “auto” to “on”.
  • Install ceiling fans. During warmer months of the year, installing a ceiling fan can recoup savings on your electric bills. 
  • Service your air conditioner before summer starts
  • Check your filters regularly. Check your air conditioner if it’s vertical or horizontal. The filter’s location varies from the type of air conditioner. However, check the filter every month to keep them well functioning and clean. 
  • Keep your dryer and oven off during the hottest hours. They add more hot air to your home. That’s why your air conditioner will have to perform harder during the warmest period of the day. It’s a risk. 
  • Trim the plants and grass around your condenser. Keep a clear at least 4 feet area from around the condenser for best output. If dirt or dirt and weeds restrict the airflow of your condenser, it will not work at its peak capacity. 
  • Upgrade your thermostat. If you want your house cooled down before you return home from a busy workday, a digital thermostat can be very helpful.  
  • Consider a second air conditioner. 


So, your question was, how can I cool my whole house with one air conditioner? Hopefully, you got the possible answers and more information about your question. I hope you will have no confusion about the topics I have mentioned above. 

Before buying a new air conditioning system,  keep these suggestions in mind. Remember, your decision will be the best one if you can decide intelligently. So, take a cup of coffee, have a look at my suggestions. You will make magic to your home, budget, and peaceful living. 

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