Is it better to leave the Ac fan on or auto? I have heard this question many times. It is an excellent question to ask. Even though they are different from one another and give us different types of services, both of them serve the best kind of facilities.

Now the main question is which one is better? Is it better to leave your air cooler’s fan mode on? Or is the auto mode the right choice to make? Or do the options get different according to the needs of people, no matter which one is better? 

However, no matter what, these types of functions of an air cooling system work like a lifesaver. It has played a significant role to make our life easier and comfortable. 

So, without any further delays, let’s know which one is better to use among them. 

Is It Better To Leave AC Fan On Or Auto

Is It Better To Leave AC Fan On Or Auto?

Which one is better to use? Is it better to leave the Ac fan on or auto? Let’s know the answer to your question. 

So the answer to your question is, it is better to leave the air cooling system in auto mode because of its energy efficiency ability.  

Does Keeping Aircon Fan On Auto Mode Save Money?

Who doesn’t love saving money? Most of us do or use many tactics to save a little money. But do you know you can also save some money by just using an air cooling system? 

You heard me right. You can save money by using an air cooling system. But the main question is, how is this even possible? 

Is it possible if you keep your air coolers fan on in auto mode? I have heard so many people saying their air cooling system runs efficiently when it gets to run at full speed. But if you run your air cooling system at auto mode but reduce its temperature, then it might need a bit more energy than running it at full speed. 

Besides, running the air cooling system in auto mode also works as a dehumidifier. It will consume all the humidity from your house while you are away, so no dust or impurities or moisture won’t harm your home.  

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Does Fan Mode In AC Save Electricity?

In the previous conversation, I have already told you what will happen if you use your air cooling system in auto mode. Now I will let you know what happens if you use your air cooling system in fan mode. 

If you want to use an air cooling system and also want it to be environmentally friendly, then this one’s for you because fan mode in air cooling systems saves electricity. 

People usually use fan mode while their air cooling system is switched off. While you are using the air cooling system in fan mode, it will supply warm air throughout your house. But here is the catch, to cool down the room from that warm air, your air cooling system then works harder when you switch it on again. 

For example- when you start running your air cooling system at fan mode, it will consume about 150W, but after switching on the air cooling system to cool down your room, it will start to consume about 1000W again. 

Fan mode actually saves energy because when you need to start it, you have to turn off your air cooling systems. It means that at that time, the compressor is also turned off. That’s how your air coolers fan mode saves energy.   

Is It Bad To Leave An Hvac Fan On?

Every coin has both sides of the story. It is true that an air cooling system’s fan mode can save electricity. But it is also true that it is a significant error for this gigantic cooling machine. 

Leaving HVAC fan mode on for the whole day is not actually a good choice. If you run your air cooling system in fan mode the entire day, then let me tell you what will happen. Running in fan mode the whole day causes the water to evaporate. After the water evaporates, the air cooler’s fan will again supply it throughout the room. It will be a never-ending process that won’t let your home dehumidify correctly.  

You will feel uncomfortable because of this. Your home’s air cooler won’t be able to consume the moisture from the air properly. So that’s why putting an HVAC fan on the whole day or leaving it like that is a horrible idea. 

Is Auto Mode Good For AC?

The best thing about using auto mode in an air cooling system is you don’t have to worry about the temperature, even if it is winter or summer. You can use it no matter what type of weather is outside of your house or what kind of climate change is happening.

Your air cooling system’s auto mode is designed like that. It will detect your room’s temperature and then act according to it. You will not need to worry about changing that temperature. Your air cooler’s auto mode will fix it by itself. 

So in a way, you can say an auto mode is an excellent option in your air cooling system. 

Can You Run An Aircon Fan All Night?

Unlike auto mode, your air cooling system’s fan mode can not detect your room’s temperature. Auto mode detects room temperature, then switches your air cooler on when the air gets warm and switches it off again when the room’s air gets normal. This is a continuous process that your air cooler’s auto mode follows. 

But in the case of using fan mode, it is not able to switch on or off your air cooler system by itself. You can run on fan mode only when your air cooler is totally switched off. 

Using fan mode not just saves energy, it can also increase the durability of your air cooling system because of its less frequent switch on or off policy. 

You can run your air cooling system’s fan mode all night without facing any problem. Because after switching it on fan mode, your air cooler will clean your room’s air through a filter and UV light system. So you can say it is safe to run on fan mode all night. 

Is Cool Mode And Auto Mode The Same Thing In An AC? 

If you are confused between cool mode and auto mode and mixing them both up, thinking they are the same thing, then you might need a little bit of correction. 

Your air cooling system’s cool mode and auto mode are not the same things. Auto mode detects the temperature from the air and switches on or off the air cooling system automatically if it can find out your room’s temperature is too hot or too cold than the normal temperature. 

On the other hand, the cool mode can not switch on or off your air cooling system whenever it wants. The cool mode can not turn on heat mode when the temperature is too cool, or heat mode can not turn on to cool mode when the air is too warm. 

So yeah, cool mode and auto mode are not the same things. 

Pros To Running Fan On Air Conditioner Continuously 

I have already said, every coin has two sides. Now let’s know the pros to run your air cooling system continuously while turning on the fan mode. 

They are- 

  • If you use your air cooling system while leaving it on in fan mode, then the first benefit you will have is, your air cooler will be able to distribute a fair amount of air in every corner of your room, whether it is a hot or cold spot. 
  •  Unlike auto mode, fan mode can’t switch on or off the air cooling system automatically whenever it finds a difference in the temperature. And because of a less frequent switch on or off policy, it actually helps to increase the durability of your air cooling system. 
  •  It also saves electricity. 
  • It is suitable for people with allergies or respiratory problems. 
  • You can leave it on 24/7 to have fresher air. Etc. 

Cons To Keeping Fans Continuously Running 

Here are the cons of using fan mode continuously- 

  • You will need to clean your filter more often. There are some chances of clogging in your furnace filter.
  • Running it, 24/7 will increase your electricity bill. Typically the aircon component already has a 500W fan. If you use it 24/7, it will need as much electricity as a refrigerator needs for a year. As a result, it will cost you about 50 dollars bills at least. 
  • The most prominent problem you will face during summer. The ducts will get filled with hot air, and as a result, if you use the aircon system in fan mode, that hot air will enter your house while the fan is blowing. 
  • You will need to use an air cooling system more during summer because of the increase of hot temperature for using fan mode continuously. It will increase electricity bills more. 
  • Even in winter, you will face problems running the aircon system in fan mode. Cold air will enter the house by using the vents. Your home will become an igloo, trust me. You will feel as cold as you will feel if you live in space. 

Pros Of Running Fan On Auto Mode

Now let’s see what the pros of using an air cooling system leaving it on auto mode are. They are- 

  • The durability of your furnace filter will increase. 
  • You will be able to save money from electricity bills.
  • You will be able to use less energy because if you leave your air cooling system for running in auto mode, your air cooling system will work no more than your room temperature gets normal from being too cold or too hot. After it gets to its desired temperature, it turns off its power automatically. So your fan will work for a little time and even at the lowest speed.
  • You will get a better dehumidification service if you leave your air cooling system in auto mode. If you leave it to work continuously 24/7, there won’t be any chances for the humidity to stay in your house because your air cooler will be able to consume it to its fullest. 

Cons Of Running Fan On Auto Mode

Now let’s get to know the cons of using the fan in auto mode. They are- 

  • Your room’s air won’t be able to distribute evenly in both hot and cold spots. It happens because when the thermostat reaches its desired temperature, it stops working, and for that, the air then gets unable to reach in other directions.
  • Using it on auto mode continuously will decrease the lifespan of your air cooling system for its frequent turn on or off policy. 
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Which HVAC Fan Setting Is The Best Choice? And For Whom?

Both of them are very important, and both of them work wonderfully in their respective positions. 

For example- some of you people like to leave the air cooling system’s fan at “ON” mode. Some of you guys have young children at home or have allergies. And that’s why you find it convenient to leave it in “ON” mode 24/7.

On the other hand, some of you guys are more serious and concerned when it is time to save a little amount of money. Some people like to leave it on auto mode while they are working away so that they can save money from electricity bills, even if it is just a small amount.  

So if you have allergies or any respiratory problem, then leaving your AC’s fan mode on is the correct choice for you.

And if you want to save money, then auto mode can be a very cost-efficient way to save it. 


So by now, you already know if is it better to leave Ac fan on or auto? I hope you have got your answer. So from now on, choose your air cooler’s fan mode wisely.

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