Do I have to replace my r22 air conditioner? So, r22 is the air conditioner you’re talking about. R22 is the air conditioner of the past that has been replaced by 410A refrigerant. A lot of myths and rumors and unclear facts about, “what’s going on with our r22 are if I have a unit that uses r22?” And  I’m used to this type of question.

Through the year 2020, they could manufacture r22 refrigerants. At the end of the year 2020, they couldn’t manufacture it anymore. There’s a warehouse that is full of stuff. It’s still gonna be quite a while, but supply and demand once increased, they never could stop it. And when the demand is up, the price also goes up. 

So, it is gonna get extremely expensive. It has already been doubled, tripled, quadrupled in price over the last five years or so as they’ve started to cut up production. 

Do I have to replace my r22 air conditioner? If you have an old air conditioner, can you get it fixed? Yes, you absolutely can. Will it be in your best interest to spend the type of money that is gonna cost for a simple one or two-pound recharge of an air conditioner? Maybe not.

Eventually, the companies are gonna run out of the older ones, and it’s already a little more inefficient, you know. Using the old stuff, it leaks, and now these costs are getting more and more. Maybe it drives you to think about replacement.

Do I Have To Replace My R22 Air Conditioner

Do I Have To Replace My R22 Air Conditioner? 

There’s no need to replace the R22 air conditioner at this moment. Because in the near future it’s gonna need to be replaced. But don’t. Don’t let anyone force you into making that decision for replacement. Don’t let anybody tell you that you must replace your air conditioning system. 

What Is R22 Used For?

R22 is a refrigerant. It has been used for many years in central air conditioners, car AC systems, mini-splits, heat pumps and much other refrigeration equipment. This equipment is known as the key to absorbing and removing the heat from a space. 

Also, you may know r22 has its chemical name, hydrochlorofluorocarbon 22(HCFC-22).

Why Has R22 Been Banned After 2020?

You may see many disagreements for the exact reason why r22 was banned. But the main reason was that r22 affects the ozone layer a lot. The r22 gas is an ozone-depleting substance and, if it is released once, reacts with the ozone layer, causing significant damage. 

Can You Still Use R22 After 2020?

After January 2020, r22 was no longer produced. Or no company or country has not imported it. After 2020, there are only a few r22 refrigerants available, and they are recovered, recycled or reclaimed supplies of r22. Reproduction of r22 has been phased out. 

Either you have to replace your old one, or you have to stop using the r22 air conditioner. 

How Will I Know If My Air Conditioner Uses R22? 

If your air conditioner was installed before 2010, it probably used r22. Check the nameplate of your air conditioner on the unit and find out what kind of refrigerant is used.

When Was The R22 Phased Out? 

After January 2020, the r22 refrigerant was completely phased out. No new or imported r22 has been permitted to be allowed in the U.S. after that period. If any technician needs to use r22 refrigerant, he can only use recycled, reclaimed or replaced refrigerant only to help his service. 

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A Better And Safer Alternative To R22

Nowadays, all air conditioners and refrigeration equipment are using hydrofluorocarbon for manufacturing their goods. R410A is the most common refrigerant gas, but technicians use R134A, R407C and R407A as well. 

These refrigerants cool the interior as same as r22 with no ozone-depleting effects, and as a gift to nature, they cause low Global Warming Potential(GWP)

How much does it cost to replace an r22 AC?

When you purchase a wholesale by your HVAC specialist, the cost for replacement of r22 per pound is $20 to $50. Normally, when you call a repair team to replace your air conditioner, expect that you will have to pay $90 to $150 per pound for installation. 

What Replaces The R22 Refrigerant? 

You already know that r22 refrigerants are not being produced anymore, and they cannot be used as refrigerant material in new air conditioners. But there remains a question in everyone’s mind, that is, if r22 has been banned, then what replaces r22? Nowadays, r22 is being replaced by r410A. 

It’s a safer and better refrigerant material. Environment-friendly equipment, as well as doesn’t cause global warming, affects the ozone layer like the r22. 

When Should I Replace My R22 Air Conditioner? 

Well, I hope it’s clear to you that r22 refrigerant is very harmful and dangerous to the environment. After 2020 it has been phased out as per regulation from the EPA. Now, if you have an air conditioner that is ten years old or more, it probably uses an R22 refrigerant. 

So, as R22 is not producing anymore, in this situation, if you face any problem with your air conditioner, you should replace it. 

How Much R22 Is In A 3-Ton Unit?

The range of amount for cooling your system can be estimated at 2 to 4 pounds per ton. A 3 ton AC or heat pump, including a 35-foot line set, will need a total of about 12 pounds refrigerant. 


So, guys, your question was, do I have to replace my r22 air conditioner? I think you will be helped to find your answer. You know, the authority has banned r22 refrigerant for its harmful impacts on our climate and environment. 

But the ban doesn’t require you to replace your air conditioning system. The thing you should do is, evaluate your options if your air conditioner fails or requires a replacement. This will make r22 very expensive.

I guess your confusion is over. This content will help you to understand why r22 was banned and its negative impacts. From now on, whenever you think about the replacement of your r22 air conditioner, this recommendation will guide you. 

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