Can dogs drink air conditioner water? Maybe you have searched on different websites about this topic but there is not a good source out there. If that is the case then you have come to the right place. Here, you will get a definite idea about whether your dog can drink air conditioner water and is it safe for them and a lot.

First of all, in simple words, it is not recommended for any animal whether it is your dog or cat to drink the water that comes out of the air conditioner. It may look clean and good, but it really isn’t.

Can Dogs Drink Air Conditioner Water

Can Dogs Drink Air Conditioner Water?

Well, it is unsafe for their health.

The AC water is extracted from the air that is present inside your room and we know it very well that the air can be polluted. So, The AC water can also contain harmful toxins, heavy metals, and pollutants.

Provided there isn’t any oil, solvents, or other toxic stuff in the AC /pipes, you may say it should be drinkable and it will essentially be distilled water anyway. Most dogs drink from puddles which are far from clean. They have really tough digestive systems. You may also realize that when outside, they may drink worse, but that worse can sometimes kill them (antifreeze etc.).

However, if your dog doesn’t have a tough digestive system then your dog will get seriously ill.

What Is The Water That Comes Out Of The AC?

First of all, you need to understand the water condition that comes out of your air conditioner. The reason why air conditioners give out water has to do with how air conditioners work.

Your air conditioner unit performs cooling by a system called refrigeration. It has two coils; one is kept hot while the other one is kept cold. Some of this water will evaporate again to cool the coils whereas the rest of the water will move out of the air conditioner. The cooling coils also extract moisture from the air. Now when that cold air condenses, the water starts wringing out of it.

The chemicals present inside the coil of your AC continuously evaporate and condense. This, in turn, cools the coil. When the coil gets cooled, the air blowing above it also gets cooled.

The reason behind this is that the AC water is extracted from the air in your room. Therefore, the water that comes out of your AC is due to the cooling of your air conditioner.

That air usually contains harmful toxins, pollutants, heavy metals, etc. So, the AC water may also contain traces of all those trivial yet dangerous harmful particles present in the air. There are reports of many bacterial pathogens associated with things like drain pans, including Legionella, a bacterial pathogen with significant adverse health consequences (the disease caused by this pathogen is called Legionnaires disease). 

Moreover, the water runs through aluminum fins and is filled with all kinds of pollution from that as well as the dust from the air which even a clean filter will not stop at all. It is definitely not distilled! And also, the insides of air conditioners are a breeding ground for molds, bacteria, and slimes. The air conditioner water can easily contain these harmful bacteria, molds, slimes, and other dangerous germs.

If you drink such water then it will not only upset your digestive system aka your stomach but also make you vulnerable to plenty of other serious diseases. So, in simple words, it is recommended not to drink air conditioner water as it can make you sick.

So, the condensed water from air conditioners is not safe to drink.

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Is Air Conditioner Water Safe For Your Pet?

For a direct answer, your pets should not drink air conditioner water.

Why? What’s the reason?

Well, an air conditioner is the breeding ground for many dangerous bacteria, moulds, and slimes. They can also easily enter the air conditioner water. Now if your pet will drink air conditioner water contaminated by harmful particles then it can get seriously sick.

All the experts recommend that you should avoid feeding air conditioner water to your pets and instead opt for fresh and clean water.

Can Cats Drink Ac Water?

No, we do not recommend giving AC water to the cats and it is the same reason that you wouldn’t give cats to drink air conditioner’s water because it contains hazardous bacteriosis. 

Now when the AC water will pass through all those contaminated areas, it will get polluted for sure. It may also contain germs, bacteria, dust particles, molds, etc. If your cat drinks this water then it will get seriously sick.

This is why it is recommended to keep your cat away from drinking the air conditioner water.

What Happens If Animals Drink AC Water?

If an animal drinks AC water, then it may get sick and develop health problems. The side effect does not show fast but it will be seen eventually.

However, after a period you may see some symptoms of illness. There are strong chances that your pet should be completely okay. But if it shows any adverse side effects then you should take it to the vet for immediate healthcare support.

Is AC Water Drinkable?

No, we do not recommend you or anyone else to drink the AC water.

The water in your air conditioner may contain traces of harmful pollutants, toxins, heavy metals, and dust particles that are present in the air.

Thus, if you drink it then you can get sick and develop different health problems. This is the reason why the condensed water from an air conditioner is not recommended for drinking purposes.

Can I Use The Water From My Air Conditioner For Watering Any Trees?

Well, it is not recommended by the experts to use the air conditioner water for any purposes. They recommended that the AC water should not be used for watering plants that are edible like vegetables that can be consumed raw or only partially cooked.

But there are some cases when you can make the AC water useful. The water can be used in flower gardens with little consequence, but again, suggest strongly against using it in a vegetable garden.

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Is Air Conditioner Water Safe For Bathing?

AC water is often contaminated with germs, dust and bacteria and it is an unhygienic practice to use it for bathing also. That’s because the particles inside the air conditioner water might be allergic to you. Moreover, the bacteria might be harmful for your skin. 

As a result, you might face skin issues which are not pleasing at all. In addition to that, you should not clean any stuff with the water as it is filled with chemicals and germs. So, instead of cleaning your kitchen stuff it will just fill them with germs. 

Thus, it is also recommended not to use AC water for bathing or cleaning purposes.


Humans and animals – both of them should not drink air conditioner water. That’s because it is unsafe for their health. So, you and your pet should only drink fresh and clean water from any other good source other than the air conditioner. I hope now you know, “Can dogs drink air conditioner water?”

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