Do you know what the longest lasting air conditioner is in the market? Before buying an air conditioner as an aware citizen, check the review. 

Not only in the air conditioner, before purchasing anything, but you also need a piece of good knowledge about the product you are going to buy. So, What is the longest-lasting air conditioner?

If you think you need an air conditioner but are confused about which air conditioner you should

buy, what is the longest lasting air conditioner or if you want to feel curious about the air conditioner, then this is a perfect place for you. 

An air conditioner is expensive to buy for your regular use. Before buying it, you should have a good knowledge about it. Samsung brand air conditioner is one of the longest-lasting air conditioners. It is an amazing air conditioner with low maintenance.

What is the longest lasting air conditioner

What Is The Longest Lasting Air Conditioner?

Before buying an air conditioner as an aware citizen, check the review. Not only in the air conditioner, before purchasing anything, but you also need a piece of good knowledge about the product you are going to buy. 

Samsung brand air conditioner is one of the longest-lasting air conditioners. They have amazing air conditioners with low maintenance.

How To Take Care Of An Air Conditioner?

When you use a thing or buy something for a common purpose, you have to take care of it. Especially in summer, you need to take extra care of your air conditioner. And you also need to know to take proper care.

First step: 

It would be best if you kept your air conditioner clean.

Second step:

Clean your air filter every two weeks if you live in a polluted place. If you do not live in an unclean place, you can clean it every month. And every year you need to change your air conditioner.

Third step:

You should check the pipe insulation of your air conditioner regularly.

Fourth step:

Clean the return air duct.

Fifth step:

Pay attention to the ductwork of your air conditioner.

Sixth step:

Regularly clean your outside air conditioner.

Seventh step:

Check your air conditioner every year.

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Why Do You Need To Check Reviews Before Buying An Air Conditioner?

There are many ways in which a brand is good, and buying a brand will last longer. At the same time, our purpose of purchasing an air conditioner will be successful. 

But the most workable way is to google and search for a long-lasting air conditioner. There is such an authentic place, and no one will distract you. 

And you can decide for yourself.

The Top 1o Air Conditioners

Lots of bands are in the market. Is everyone good? Is everyone long-lasting? The answer is on.

Okay, let’s talk about the top 10 air conditioner brands.

1. Samsung:

Samsung is the number one air conditioner brand with lots of functions, varieties of design, size and model. It is a well known electronic group in the electronic industry for its services, type, price range, new ideas and satisfying its customer needs. 

Their loyalty to the customer grabs the number one position in the market. They were the first company who introduced us to a wind-free triangular design and many other features, like

  1. HD filters
  1.  Advanced BIO-sleep mode
  1.  Dehumidification mode
  1.  Duration and multijet technology
  1.  Stabilizer free operation 
  1. Pole inverter
  1.  S-UTR Compressor
  1.  Power Boost Technology
  1.  Smart Control and Smart Installation

Samsung (AR18AY5ZAPG) inverter split, the 1.5-ton air conditioner is in top one.

kqQciPfo2XJTtYqQj3r7EqSsObLqBZkdCk rEkq Z8eCowgjmP1BPTsEiM91VmLXTkwuptvRI pAXIQY2TJdF8fvzsEj6 BABL2OcDeMJJ2SIvTCfIb5BRCSSjMBnqk48IACmURq
Price$ 692.77
Star rating 5-star
BEE Rating Year2021
Cooling Capacity5000 w
Composer Digital Inverter Compressor
Operating MoodAuto mode, Fast Cool, Good Sleep, Fan Mood
Dehumidification Yes 
Condenser CoilCopper 
Remote ControlYes 
Indoor w*H*D & Indoor wight 105.5 cm* 29.9 cm * 21.5 cm
Outdoor W*H*d & outdoor wight88 cm * 63.8 cm * 31 cm & 37 kg
Panel DisplayYes 
Power requirementAC 230 V
Power Consumption743. 96
Auto-Air SwingYes 
Anti-bacteria -filterNo 
Dust Filter & Deodorizing FilterYes
Remote Control /weight50g
Battery Type2 AAA Batteries

Convenience features and warranty

Quiet ModeYes
Sleep ModeYes
Warranty SummaryOne year warranty on the product, five years on the condenser and ten years on the composer.

The customer says, ” this is one of my favorite brands. And my maximum gadget from this brand. I haven’t felt any tension since I bought it. I am satisfied with it.”

2. O General: 

The O General is a Japanese brand by  Fujitsu General. It’s mainly designed for the harsh climate. It is such a popular brand on the east side, where people experience a harsh climate. This is also the oldest brand. The O General brand is well known because of its design, variety of range. They have lots of features.  There are

  1. Hot and cold
  2. Human sensor
  3. V-PAM Technology
  4. High-density multipath heat exchanger
  5. Easy to take care of negative air ions deodorizing filter

The top air conditioner model of O General is (ASGG24CGTA). 

PmYN xCtEsTeXQFVkw1VjqBvery4ukrMwVTYv5uWFzklQqntIGac3g8 zUUg gVo8VREo9MPMu VjYRJVv3Rz4AfB6bmMQJM5baDbQv1o XoPUrJS2Hn2IV3GK 01Qcb7266W3oY
Brand O General
Price $ 903.37
Remote Yes 
Capacity 2.0 ton 
Star Ranking 5 star
Type Inverter Split
Colors White 
Cooling Capacity7000 Watts
Power input2140 Watt
EER 3.27 W/W
Power Requirement230V 50 Hz
Sleep ModeYes 
Auto ResterYes 
Timer Yes 
Compressor Rotary 
Main Unit Consider CoilCopper 
Refrigerant R 32
Speed SettingYes 
Installation Warranty 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty & 5 Years on Compressor

Customers say, “ I am satisfied with this brand. I recommend this to others.”

3. Daikin:

Originally founded as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho, Daikin is the world’s leading air conditioner brand with a net sales of over $ 17 billion, more than 100 manufacturing wits worldwide; their advantages and products features have helped them rise to the top of the global corporate ladder. Its main feature is

  1. Eco-friendly products
  2. Coanda flow
  3. Intelligent eyes
  4. Streamer discharge Technology
  5. Inverter Technology
  6. Quiet operation

The best Daikin air conditioner is (FKTG 50 TV). 

What is the longest lasting air conditioner
Model 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC(FTKG 50 TV)
Price$ 593.3281
Model NameFTKG 50 TV
Type Inverter Split 
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Star Rating5 Star
BEE Rating Year2017
Colors White
Cooling Capacity4800.0 W
Operating ModesEcono Mode
Condenser CoilCopper
Remote ControlYes 
Indoor Noise Levelhigh – 45.0 dB, Low _ 35.0 dB
Panel DisplayYes 
ISEER4. 17 W/W
Power RequirementAC 220 – 240 V, 50 Hz
Operating Current 6.5 The
Other Power FeaturesAnnual Power Consumption: 9 27 Kwh
Other Filter Feature 
Other Air Flow FeaturesAir Flow Rate: 15.4 CMM
Indoor W * H * D885.0 mm * 298.0 mm * 229.0
Outdoor W*H*D845.0 mm* 595 mm* 300.0mm
Other DimensionsIndoor Unit Package Dimensions: 355*1010*390mm
Suitable for all countryYes 
Warranty Summary One year on products and five years on compressor 

Customers say, ” I gifted it to my mother in law, and she is so happy and satisfied with this. I also buy them when I need them.

4. Bluestar:

An Indian MNC company based in Mumbai, India, based solely on air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. The features they include are

  1. Advanced air filtration
  2. Long-distance pipe filtration
  3. High-efficiency rotary compressor
  4. Turbo Operation
  5. Hydrophilic Blue evaporator fins
  6. Anti-corrosive blue fin copper condenser 

The best air conditioner of Bluestar is Window  (5W18GA TI)

7w2URcjVTdH89 pW4NpthREuVXv7sSE9DW4TjbgYmvinApHbpOKUkmoH5827KrQsGrDhBo3ctBCs0Ixi8iXwg49ZkxaRHcdEo uGHZAiLVptyoLZzGLu3444n43z1PByGY1j5RUe
Brand Bluestar 
Model & TypeWindow  (5W18GA TI) & Window    
Price 415.422
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Star Rating5 star 
BEE Rating Year2019
Colors White 
Cooling Capacity5190 W
Compressor Rotary 
Refrigerant R 32
Operating ModesComfort Sleep, Auto, Cool, Fan, Dry, Turbo Cooling
Dehumidification Yes 
Condenser CoilCopper 
Remote Control Yes 
Indoor W* H* D66 cm x 43 cm x 77 cm
Indoor Unit Weight55 kg
Cooling Coverage Area165 Sq Ft sq ft
Power RequirementAC 220 – 240 V
Power Consumption5190 W
Evaporator Fin TypeHydrophilic Blue Fins
Condenser Fin TypeAnti-Corrosive Blue Fins
Anti-bacteria FilterNo
Dust FilterYes
Auto RestartYes
Sleep ModeYes
Self DiagnosisNo
Warranty Summary1 Year on Product and 5 Years on Compressor from Blue Star

The customer says, ” my uncle gave it to me. Though I don’t feel satisfied with the model, I loved the service.”

5. Lucky Goldstar (LG):

Founded Goldstar, LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean electronics manufacturing MNC. LG is a trusted brand known for the long life of its products and its excellent customer service. They have some features that set them apart from other best air conditioner brands. That is

  1. Monsoon comfort to combat high humidity
  2. Double protection filter to kill harmful bacteria and fungi
  3. Mosquito away technology
  4. Question black protection with auto clean functionality.

These qualities are the reason for their successful growth and the growing demand for their AC. LG has long been at the forefront of the industry and continues to be so. Consumers trust the brand for its distinctive design and affordable and good quality products, basically a good value for their money. 

The best LG air conditioner is (MS-Q18YNZA).

Model1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (MS-Q18YNZA)
Price 533.9821
Model NameMS-Q18YNZA
TypeInverter Split
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Star rating5-star
BEE Rating Year2021
Color White 
Cooling Capacity 5000 W
Compressor Dual Rotary Compressor
RefrigerantR 32
Operating modesCooling Mode, Heating Mode, Dehumidification Mode, Fan Mode, Auto Operation Mode
Condenser CoilCopper 
Remote ControlYes 
Indoor W x H x D99.8 cm x 33 cm x 21 cm
Indoor  Unit Weight11 Kg
Outdoor W x H x D77 cm x 54.5 cm x 28.8 cm
Outdoor Unit Weight 28.5 Kg
Indoor Noise LevelLow – 31 dB
Panel DisplayMagic Display
Indoor Temperature IndicatorYes 
Power RequirementAC 230 V
Power Consumption5000 W
Condenser Fin TypeOcean Black Fin
Stepped LouversYes 
Auto-Air SwingYes 
Anti-bacteria FilterYes 
Dust FilterYes 
Other Filter FeaturesHD Dust Filter, EZ Clean Filter
Battery Type2 AAA Batteries
Other Features5-in-1 Button, Timer, 4 Way Swing, Fan Speed, Comfort Air, On/Off Button, Set Temperature, Hi Grooved Copper.
Auto RestartYes 
Sleepy modeYes 
Memory FeatureYes 
Self DiagnosisYes 
Warranty Summary1 Year on Product, 1 Year on Condenser and 10 Years on Compressor from LG

One of the  Customers says, “Great cooling, Saves electricity bill a lot. Quality product by LG, but yes installation charges are a bit high.”

6. Carrier:

Carrier American Corporation is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. It was founded to meet the growing demand for air consoles and electronic technology, and its services are,

  1. Refrigerant leakage detector
  2. Cleanser
  3. Next-Gen humidifier
  4. Copper Condenser
  5. Eco-friendly refrigerant
  6. Hybrid Jet Inverter for precise cooling

This has made it one of the leading AC manufacturing companies in the world. Known for their exceptional design and product build, they are a great competitor to the top companies in creating the best air conditioners.

The best air conditioner of the Carrier is ES5R30F0.TER Nxi CAI18ES

pLFAqLdRdjV xEiQD0thyAJFWHhW4FBhjtHkIER uznQ0Hab6tQsiyMp 8XoKKy2VmGyS9qGEN2j4QHgXDCk5hZqVsquAGINJ D i2kYUI0tqEUt 4 R cmUfIq08vgO2eQrlAhN
Brand Carrier
ModelES5R30F0.TER Nxi CAI18ES
Price 593.3281
TypeInverter Split
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Rating5 Star
Color White
Condenser coilCopper
Remote ControlYes
Warranty One year

Customers say, “bought at 39999 in the month of May 21. Initially delivered in 2 days and installation did the next day. Service cost: 1200 INR, 800 INR for the stand, 250 INR for extra outlet pipe.Installation: work perfectly. Measure correctly and also came with a drill machine. It was done in 1.5 hours.Pros:1. Chill weather in 5-10 minutes, and after 30 minutes, AC automatically turns down cooling capacity because it is an inverter ac.2. After turning off, ac will take 3-4 minutes for self clean.3. works well with turbo mode; follow me mode.Cons:1. Swing is left 25 degrees from the bottom.2. Remote is quite complex. advice to kindly understand from the installation team.”

7. Voltas:

 A company founded under Tata Enterprise that focuses on creating only the best cooling and air conditioning systems. They have such wonderful features. They are

  1. Two stages steady compressor
  2. Cross air flow went
  3. Intelligent Sleep mode
  4. Hydrophilic spins
  5. Copper condenser
  6. Eco-friendly refrigerant
  7. Filters

The best air conditioner of Voltas is (185V MZQ)

m6449yrRwwwtvH4PZhIrycQEEuRnOmP2HTkhj u4uTWCgYVmkhFIIQ9jH k28YTpJ461jFN6Z
Type Split
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Energy Rating And Price 5 Star & $501.658
Compressor High EER Twin Rotary – BLDC
Cooling Capacity 5200 W
Condenser coilCooper 
Refrigerant R32
Technology UsedSuperdry Mode
Remote Control Yes 
Package ContentsMain Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Power Cord, Attachments
Indoor (WxHxD)960 x 317 x 235 mm
Outdoor (WxHxD)835 x 555 x 295 mm
Outdoor Unit Weight28 kg
Indoor Noise Level45 dB
Auto RestartYes 
Dehumidification Yes 
Turbo ModeYes 
Sleep ModeYes 
Child LockYes 
Timer ModeYes 
Self DiagnosisYes 
Other ModesCool, Sleep, Turbo, Superdry Mode
Air Flow Direction2 Way Direction
Auto-Air Swing Yes 
Dust filterYes 
Anti-Bacterial FilterYes 
Other FiltersAntimicrobial Protection f 
Power RequirementAC 230V, 50Hz 1 Phase
Compressor Warranty 5 Years
Product Warranty 1 Year

Customers say, ” it’s an amazing brand, and its method is easy. I am satisfied with this product.”

8. Whirlpool : 

It is an American corporation headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States, with a 100-year legacy and is committed to producing quality products. They have unique features,

  1. 6th sense Intellicomfort
  2. 3D Cool Technology
  3. Dual fan compressor Technology
  4. 4 in 1 filtration with anion shield
  5. Smart diagnosis

The best air conditioner of Whirlpool is Whirlpool 3D COOL HD 5S.

Title Whirlpool 3D COOL HD 5S 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC
Star Rating 5
AC TypeWall
Capacity in Tons1.5
Model No3D COOL HD 5S
Inverter TechnologyNo
Operating Current6.7 Ampere
Cooling Capacity 5200 Watts
Power Input 1460 Watt
EER3.56 W/W
Power RequirementsAC 230 V, 50 Hz, Single
Remote Control LCD Remote
Night Glow Functions On Remote ButtonsNo 
Compressor Rotary 
RefrigerantR 22
Other Body Design FeaturesEvaporator(MPFI):4 In 4 Out, Condenser Coil:PFC
Fuzzy LogicNo 
Auto CleanYes 
TimmerYes On-Timer: Off-Timer:
Hot & ColdNo 
Auto Restart Yes 
Additional FeaturesCooling Technology:3D, MPFI, Power Saver Mode, Remote Control / Dim:LCD/Dim
Jet CoolNo 
Self DiagnosisYes 
Front Panel DisplayNo 
Anti Bacteria FilterYes 
Dual Protection FilterNo 
Virus and Allergy Safe FilterNo 
Other Filter FeaturesDust 3D Anion Shielded HD Filter, PM 2.5 Filtration
Active Carbon FilterNo 
Triple FilterNo 
Other FilterDust Filter 
Indoor Noise LevelHigh: 38 dB
Speed SettingNo 
Air Flow Direction2 Way Swing
Other FeaturesAir Circulation Max ( M3/Hr):1000
Cool ModeNo 
Dehumidification Yes 
Dry ModeNo 
Sleep ModeYes 
Turbo ModeYes 
Other ModesAuto mode 
User rating3.4
Warranty 1 Year on Complete Unit and 5 Years on Compressor

Customers say, “I have been using Whirlpool split ac for the last four years. Product quality is good, and it cools to room temperature so quickly. I am impressed with the AC I purchased. I really recommend others to use this brand. Loved it.”

9. Hitachi :

It is a multinational company based in Chioda, Tokyo, Japan and one of the leading manufacturers of the best air conditioners. They are popular among buyers because they offer a wide range of products for their consumers, from premium to low priced conditioners.

Direct, efficient technology

Permanent magnet motor

Tropical inverter compressor

Power active module

  1. Auto clean function
  2. Koukin filter
  3. Auto humid control
  4. On/off timer with advanced startup
  5. Auto climate Technology
  6. Digilock
  7. 4-way air distribution

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. They supply AC from residential to commercial and are one of the best brands. There are different ranges from inverter AC to split AC considering the economic condition of their customers. They provide excellent after-sales service.

The best air conditioner in Hitachi is RSOG 518 HEEA. 

Title Hitachi RSOG518HEEA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC
Brand Hitachi 
Price $521.8209
Star rating5
Capacity in tons1.5 tons
Model noRSOG518HEEA
Inverter technology Yes 
Cooling capacity 5275 Watts
Power Input1540 Watts
EER4.55 W/W
Other performance features & Power RequirementsCooling Coverage Area-150 – 180 Square Feet sq ft & 230 V 50 Hz
Control ConsoleRemote 
Main Unit Condenser CoilCopper 
Outdoor Unit Condenser CoilCopper 
Auto RestartYes 
Anti Bacteria FilterYes 
Speed SettingYes 
Cool ModeYes 
Dry ModeYes 
Operating ModeFan Mode, Auto Mode, Cool Mode, Dry Mode
Sleep ModeYes 
Warranty 1 Year on Product and 5 Years on Compressor

Customers say, ” I have been using it for many years. It is actually good for us. Safe and long-lasting. Thank you.”

10. Panasonic:

Panasonic Corporation is known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited. It is a well-established Japan MNC headquartered in Kadoma.

  1. Intellicomfort technology
  2. 3D Cool Technology
  3. Dual fan Compressor Technology
  4. 4in 1 filtration
  5. Copper Condenser
  6. Advanced MPFI and Turbo Cool Technology
  7. Intellisense Inverter Compressor
  8. Voltage Compensation Logic

The best air conditioner of Panasonic is (CS-NU18WKYW).

CgUM p4Lr2AD60LLyOXdeqJ jCwgocxQAwLxcnmWFZ edL8smXH WznoTPEQ2yQu4Eq0 zG
Brand Panasonic 
Model 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (CS-NU18WKYW)
Price $508.6069
Model name CS-NU18WKYW
Type Inverter Split 
Capacity 1.5 tons 
Star rating 5 Star 
BEER Rating Year2020 
Colors White 
Cooling & heating No 
Cooling capacity 5100 W
Compressor Twin Rotary 
Refrigerant R 32 
Dehumidification Yes 
Condenser CoilCopper 
Remote control107cm x 29cm x 23.5cmYes 
Indoor W x H x D
Indoor Unit Weight78cm x 55.7cm x 24.1cm11.5 kg
Outdoor Unit Weight28 kg
Power RequirementAC 100 – 240V
Power Consumption840.75W
Anti-bacteria FilterYes 
Dust FilterYes 
Auto RestartYes 
Other Filter FeaturesPM 2.5 Filter
Other Features Auto
Warranty Summary1 Year Product Warranty, 10 Years Compressor Warranty, 5 Years PCB Warranty

Customers say, “Initial Impressions Loved the product @39990(approx) and got a card discount of Rs.1500. Installation was done quickly and nicely, but the rate was way too high, around Rs.2500 extra excluding the fixed 999+taxes (talked to people around and realized it was a little too much), so keep this in mind AC has a lot of features, and it works brilliantly too. 

Cools the room in no time In spite of keeping the temp. At around 24 and plus, it feels chilled. Waiting for the consumption and electricity bill, although the app says it’s not a lot consumed. So, a complete opinion on this must be given after experiencing it completely for at least a month.”

We tried to give you as much information as we could. Hopefully, you guys feel helped when you need the information.


What is the longest-lasting air conditioner? If this question arises in your head and you need to know about the details, then you are in the right place. Read this article and make yourself clear. 

The thing that is created has an end. Basically, an air conditioner’s lifespan is 15 to 20 years.  But we all search for a good brand and good model when we need to buy. A good brand gives you the best service, and good care of the product makes your product long-lasting.

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