An air conditioner is the best companion in our day to-day-life. Thinking of living without an air conditioner gives a sudden shock. No wonder we can not stop expressing its importance in our life.  

But there are some problems we face related to the air conditioner. “Can mice get in through the air conditioner?” is the most frequent question we get from homeowners. This problem is increasing day by day. 

That’s why, here we will talk about this, find its reasons and also solutions. Effective modern solutions will be here too. So, let’s not delay and learn together. 

can mice get in through air conditioner

Can Mice Get In Through The Air Conditioner?  

Mice can get in through an air conditioner. Most probably, it is a regular problem nowadays. Many people complain that mice get into their homes through the air conditioner and they are very irritated already. 

Mice find the air conditioner and pipe entries comfortable to get in the house. They don’t care about what kind of AC this is. It is easy for them to get in, and make their nest there.    

Can Mice Climb Through Air Vents? 

Mice can climb through air vents. Air vents have very few gaps, and we think it is difficult for mice to climb through them. But we don’t know that mice are more flexible than we think, and they are small in size. That helps them to get in quickly. 

Mice need a hole that can lead them to the house. For that, air vents help them, and as we know, mice can climb so fast.   

Why Do Mice Make Nest In Air Conditioners? 

Mice get in through the air conditioner in search of food and shelter. They roam in the whole house for food. If they can not find any haven, they choose an air conditioner to live in. They like the HVAC system because it is warm. During winter, it can be their favourite place to live. It is also a secure place for them. 

Outside, mice live at 26 to 32° Celsius. That’s why, experts say, mice like to stay at 21 to 27° Celcius. Mice find this temperature inside the air conditioner and the house. So, they make their nest in the air conditioner and look around for food. 

Keeping the AC condenser with a shade and the clean area attracts mice more. They can easily make a nest there. 

Another reason is, when mice don’t get any food, they eat the wires of the air conditioner. Most often, homeowners hear a noise of cutting from the AC. When they inspected the AC, they found a mice nest and mice chewed the wires. 

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Signs of Mice Staying In Air Conditioner  

There are some signs of mice staying in the air conditioner. You may notice them find out the mice’s appearance. 

Let’s look at those signs – 

An Odor You May Smell

The first sign of mice’s appearance is they urinate and spread a foul odor. They urinate so little, but the bad odor remains strong to smell. After smelling the odor, try to look in the air conditioner or HVAC unit if there are any mice. 

Frequent Blowflies 

The sudden presence of blowflies is not a regular thing. During winter, you may face this problem. Due to mice living in the air conditioner, blowflies appear most.   

Noise Inside The Air Conditioner  

You may notice a sudden noise like cutting something inside the air conditioner or the condenser. Mice cut the wires to eat them, and it creates noise. Please don’t delay inspecting this issue before it’s too late. 

Notice Mice Nest   

How can you recognize a mouse nest? 

Mice’s nest is made of many papers or other cuts sticking together like a ball. Mice live in it and do everything in it. Again, it will have a bad smell.   

Don’t take time to check the air condenser, HVAC units, and inside the air conditioner whenever you notice any of these signs.         

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How to Get Rid of The Problem?  

All of us are already restless because of this mice issue. However, there are some ways to get rid of this problem. 

They are mentioned below – 

Mesh Covers

Mesh covers are today’s favorite option for homeowners. Cover your air vents or outside the air conditioner with these mesh covers. They are made of hard steel, and only heavy scissors can cut them. So, no worries about mice appearance anymore.    

Cover The Wires

Use some unique covers made of steel or other solid materials for electrical wires. These covers will save the cables from mice chewing and eating them.  

Trim/ Remove Grass

Mice are more attracted when there are grass, vegetarians around the air condenser. They make nests using them. Try to remove the grass around the air condenser or trim them regularly.   

Mice Traps 

We all know about mice traps, but electronic mice traps are new. Set the trap around the mice’s nest and check it frequently. You can even use regular traps. 

Wipe The AC

Wipe the air conditioner after rain or if there is water. Mice get attracted to water. Make sure there is no water. Keep the moisture low.  

Follow A Regular Routine 

AC units should have regular maintenance. Get the AC checked by professionals once a year.   

Call An Expert  

Call an expert if you can’t get rid of mice applying above mentioned solutions. A professional expert pest control team can do the task efficiently.          

Top 3 Rodent Proof Mesh 

There is some rodent-proof mesh that can make you feel free from mice. These meshes are helpful and practical in not letting the mice get in through the air conditioner.  

Here are the top 3 rodent-proof mesh with detailed review – 

1. 4PACK Stainless Steel Woven Wire Never Rust, Air Vent Mesh 


Features – 

• Material – Stainless Steel 304

• Weaving Method – Plain Weave

• Size – 11.8 × 8.2 inch

• Hole Size – 1 mm

• Wire Diameter – 0.4 mm

I was so irritated because of mice coming into my house through the air conditioner. Even air vents were their path to go in. 

So, I started using this mesh to cover the air conditioner’s holes and air vents. Though these holes are small, mice can quickly get in through them.

This mesh worked so well and helped me to get rid of mice. The day after I set this mesh, no mice came into my house. Its wires are so hard that mice can not cut it, and finally, I got a mice-free home. 

I highly recommend this mesh. 

What I Like – 

Effective 4 Pack woven wire than others 

Tin snips cut this wire as required 

Very stiff, very sturdy, and not rusty 

800° High temperature resistant   

Multi-purpose using 

What I Don’t Like – 

Hard to cut with regular scissors 

2. SANITIOR 2 Packs Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Rodent Proof  


Features – 

• Material – Stainless Steel 304

• Size – 11.8 × 11.8

• Wire Diameter – 0.4 mm 

• Hole Size – 1 mm 

Are you looking for a low-budget mesh with excellent quality? Then this mesh is for you. 

It is effective in not letting mice come into the house. 

I searched for a low-budget mesh and found this one for covering my window air conditioner. I was having trouble because of mice coming through the window AC.     

Through this mesh, not even a tiny mouse can come. Even mice can not chew this mesh because of its rigid net. 

So, get this mesh in your affordable budget, and rest assured to have no mice.    

What I Like – 

Easy to bend 

Efficient rodent-proof mesh

Affordable Price 

Multi-purpose using 

What I Don’t Like – 

Need heavy scissors to cut this mesh.  

3. Stuff – fit – DS8044 Copper Mesh For Rat Rodent


Features – 

• Material – Alloy Steel

• Wire Diameter – 2 Inches 

• Dimension – 4 × 4 × 8 inches

• Item Weight – 0.3 Pounds

When I moved to a new house, I needed new mesh to cover the holes of air vents, the air conditioner’s opening, and pipe entries. 

Then I saw this mesh with such good reviews, and I always love to try new ones. So, I bought this one to get rid of mice. 

This mesh works as well as I expected, and it leaves no room for complaints. It is easy to use, and the material is also good. Until now, I had no problems with mice and enjoyed a mice-free house. 

But I think the price is a bit higher than the other ones. However, the quality is worth mentioning.    

What I Like – 

30 Footlong roll 

Copper Mesh

Rodent proof 

What I Don’t Like – 

High in price than others


As we discussed everything, we don’t need to think about the raised question, “Can mice get in through the air conditioner?” 

We can agree that mice can get in through the air conditioner and make a nest there. That is not a good sign for the AC. 

Are you already feeling awful? That’s why all we need is to follow the solutions and enjoy a mice-free house.      

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