When you are buying a window air conditioner, you will know that an extension cord is also needed to plug the window AC into the wall outlet or carry the heavy power load; an extension cord is a solution. 

But problems arise when we have questions like, which one to buy, how to use or safety-related thoughts, etc. Sometimes, we don’t look at the cord and think about where the problem is or what is the cause.    

That’s why we are here to help you with that. We also find these problems while using the window air conditioner extension cord. So, let’s not waste time and take a look at your solutions.

window air conditioner extension cord

Can I Use Extension Cord In Window Air Conditioner?

You can use an extension cord in the window AC. People use it mostly to connect the AC to the wall outlet.      

But, experts suggest using an extension cord temporarily because, in the summertime, it catches too much heat. For that, it might melt, and fire can be caused. 

Don’t worry. Where there is a problem, there is a solution also. Continue reading to know the solution.     

How To Choose The Right Extension Cord?

Before choosing the extension cord for window AC, there are some tips to follow as we want the best and secure one. 

Take a look at these tips mentioned below – 

See the ratings of the extension cord before buying. It plays a vital role to know if the product is good or bad. Look for higher ratings than your AC. 

How much amperes your window AC needs is essential to know. Normally, the rate is between 8 to 20 amperes, or you can look for it in the manual. You need to check if the extension cord has this power.  

Laboratory tested extension cords are best to rely on. Because they are already tested by experts. 

Heavy Duty extension cords are best for window air conditioners as they can bear heavy power load.  

Outdoor marked extension cords are for use outdoors. So, don’t forget to check the extension cord whether it matches your requirement or not. 

Instruction and user manuals also need to be checked. Because the easy manual one is more acceptable. 

More insulated and protected extension cord is safe for window air conditioners.     

Power ability checking is important. A heavy-duty extension cord is best in this regard.   

Measure the length your AC requires and check it before buying. 

Thicker extension cord is better than a thin one. 

Three prong extension cord is efficient to avoid ground faults or power surges. Check if the extension cord has three-prong plugs. 

Follow these tips carefully before buying an extension cord and choose the right one for your window air conditioner.   

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Difference Between Light Duty And Heavy Duty Extension Cord

There are two kinds of extension cords. They are light-duty and heavy-duty. 

Let’s look at their differences – 

Light Duty –

This extension cord is mainly for normal or light electronic devices. Fans, clocks, etc., home appliances use light duty as these do not use too much power to operate. 

Heavy Duty –

Air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, etc., need a huge amount of power to operate as these are heavy electronic devices. That’s why a heavy-duty extension cord is used for them.            

Does Extension Cord Use More Electricity?

No, the extension cord does not use more electricity than it needs. Actually, it does the work of supplying power to electronic appliances. 

It uses a small amount of electricity to run. That’s why the electricity bill stays stable and doesn’t rise for an extension cord.               

Safety Rules For Extension Cord

Everything needs to be used with safety. When we follow some safety rules, that thing lasts long and the risk rate decreases. 

The same goes for an extension cord. 

That’s why we are here with some safety rules mentioned below – 

Avoid using an extension cord in heavy-trafficked parts. 

Unplug it right away if it is damaged or feels too hot. It is not safe to use it at that time as it can cause a short circuit.  

Plugging too many cords is dangerous. So, try to avoid it.  

Don’t turn the extension cord or cable when it is plugged.   

Keep the extension cord up on the baseboard. 

Extension cord should not be used in the path of windows or doors. The cables will get damaged soon and closing the door or window will be difficult.       

Don’t keep the extension cables on the floor or under the carpet. It will cause heat. And it is risky for children also.   

Grounding pin should always be attached to the extension cord.    

Avoid plugging any other electronic devices in your window air conditioner extension cord. 

These rules should be followed strictly, and you will feel at ease then.   

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Cautions To Remember

There are some cautions to remember to ensure safety because a small carelessness can cause a huge risk.  

Let’s have a look at them –  

Keep the extension cables away from children and pets. It is risky for them. 

Undersized extension cords are not safe at all. Try to use the right size cord. 

Don’t keep your extension cord outdoors because moisture and water can cause high risks. 

Unplug the extension cords when they are not used. 

Damaged extension cords are not safe to use.    

Never pull the wire while unplugging the extension cord. Pull the plug as it is safe. 

If we talk about an expert’s suggestion, they advise us not to use it permanently. And to change it if it appears with any damage or problem.

5 Top Rated Extension Cords

Before buying extension cords, you need to look for them and evaluate the best one. 

Five top-rated extension cords are detailed below –

1. POWTECH Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord



  • 12 feet $19.88 

Features –

Voltage – 125 Volts

Plug Format – Type B 

Material – Vinyl

Input Current – 15 Amps

What We Like –

It is UL-Listed, for that it is safe to use. 

It has an angle plug that keeps it close to the wall. 

Three prong plug 

Heavy-duty vinyl insulation 

Moisture and water resistance  

What We Don’t Like

You can’t use it above 1625 watt  

2. Best Quality Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire



  • 3 feet $9.99 

Features –

Voltage – 125 Volts

Plug Formar – Type B 

Material – Vinyl

Input Current – 15 Amps 

What We Like –

ETL listed 

Simple connection and disconnection due to Grip grooves 

Angle plug 

1875 watts 

Three prong plug

What We Don’t Like –

Sometimes, it may seem difficult to plug it into the extension cord 

3. Clear Power Air Conditioner Indoor Extension Cord


Price –

  • 3 feet $10.99


Connector Gender – Male to Female 

Input Current – 15 Amps

Extra thick SPT – 3 wire   

What We Like –

Crack and breaking resistance 

Grounded flat plug 

No overheat problem due to Copper Conductors  

Three prong plug

What We Don’t Like –

High price rate

Not for outdoor use 

4. Prime Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord



  • 9 Feet $19

Features –

Conductor – 3, SPT – 4

1875 Watts 14/3

Right Angle Male Plug 

What We Like –

UL & CSA Listed 

Highest input current 20 Amps

Great low price 

What WE Don’t Like –

Due to loose sockets, the problem arises in holding plug prongs  

Gauge – 3

5. Snow Joe PJEXT50-B Low Temp Extension Cord



  • 50 feet $35.69

Features –

Voltage – 125 Volts

Input Current – 15 Amps 

Gauge – 14

Multi use 

What We Like –

UL, ELD & OSHA Listed 

Warranty – 2 years 

Extremely flexible cord 

Reasonable Price 

What We Don’t Like –

Not suitable for large power tools 

No heat resistance  

Using Experience

I used a Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord Wire for my window air conditioner. 

To be honest, I personally love this cord as I have been using it for one and a half years, and it didn’t bother me at all. 

In my house, there are limited outlets, and I needed a shorter length extension cord. I was afraid of overheating or the power surge it could cause. But I used it, and its working efficiency is so great to express. It never had any overheating problems.      

I highly recommend it.      


Science has made our life easier with inventions like the air conditioner. Besides, we can’t deny the defects as well. But we can use the solutions carefully. 

We need to be careful as we are the user, and we take the benefits. Extension cords are also here to help us use our window AC.   

In this way, we can use the window air conditioner extension cord safely by taking the steps mentioned above and enjoy the benefits. 

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