You can find many kinds of fabric for your carpet- woven nylon, polyester, olefin, or wool fibers. 

Some of you people choose or prefer nylon over anything. But why are nylon carpets a good choice? Well, let’s talk about this matter in this article.

Today in this article, I will talk about carpets. Especially nylon carpets. So without wasting a single moment, let’s get started.  

Here’s The Answer To whether nylon carpets are any Good. 

Nylon carpet is perfect because it is made from a synthetic fiber called the most durable carpet fiber. It is the strongest fiber, yet it carries a soft underfoot.

Are Nylon Carpets Any Good

You can’t afford to overlook a carpet for your residence. You’re not going to disagree with me if I say a carpet leads you to another level of comfort, are you? But here is the catch: finding good carpet material can sometimes be confusing. In that case, many people choose nylon carpets. However, are our nylon carpets any good? 

When we are about to buy a carpet, what are the things that we keep counting in the back of our minds? It must be easy to clean, durable, and convenient and come with an elegant look and the most delicate fabric. 

However, a more intelligent decision leads to a wiser lifestyle. Do you ever contemplate what is a smart move when purchasing carpets or rugs for your home or offices? You may believe that only modern and comfortable carpets are good options when purchasing a carpet. But, you see, its fabric is the primary key to making it last longer.

History Of Nylon Carpet 

Nylon is the most well-known type of fiber in the residential and commercial carpet industry today. But do you know how nylon carpets made a solid reputation in the carpet industry? Let’s get to know the history first- 

The head of the researcher at DuPont, Mr. Wallace Hume Carothers, invented nylon in 1935. Its first commercial use was seen in 1939 for women’s stockings. Still, people eventually started using it in fishing lines, toothbrush bristles, etc. Then in the mid-1950s, DuPont began producing nylon for carpeting after a successful six years of a trial at the hotel DuPont. Later in 1959, DuPont introduced CF ( bulked continuous filament) nylon.

Nylon fabric is now leading the carpet industry and has become the first synthetic fiber. However, now that you know the history of nylon, let’s understand why nylon fabric is suitable for your carpet. 

The Facts Which Makes The Nylon Fabric Good For Your Carpets

As I have said earlier, nylon fabric has a solid reputation in the market for its overall capabilities. That being said, let’s know it in detail to help you decide if it is the right choice for you or not. 

  • Elasticity and strength
  • Durability
  • Resistant to environmental damage
  • Stain resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic and pet friendly

Elasticity and strength: When it comes to its elasticity and strength, nylon comes with the best quality that you will not find in any other fabric. You can crush, bend, and even stretch it up to 33% of its original length for extended intervals. The best thing is that it will still return to its original shape no matter what you do.

Durability: Durability is one of the most important things to consider when we go to purchase a carpet for our home or office. We always look for rugs that can stand up to our daily wear and tear but will still look gorgeous for the next decade. In that case, only nylon carpets can give us top-notch service. Nylon makes it excellent for areas with very high foot traffic. 

Resistant to environmental damage: Just to let you know, nylon does not provide any food sources for any mildew that can help it to grow. However, it would help if you kept it clean because it can eventually grow by having external food sources. On top of that, you can use some dyes especially made for nylons to protect them from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Stain resistance: Literally, no carpet can resist strain, but the good news is nylon can. Nylon can withstand any stains out there. So if your child spills anything or a random get-together makes it dirty, you don’t need to worry about that because it won’t be permanent. A good cleaning will produce it as new as ever.

Easy to clean: Nylon carpets are very easy to clean and maintain. You must clean it every 12 to 18 months to keep it in good shape. When the fibers flatten due to foot traffic, a stem clean can help it to bounce back. It will also ensure the carpets’ longevity. Besides that, you can vacuum every other day to keep it clean and dirt-free. 

Hypoallergenic and pet friendly: A nylon carpet will be your best choice if you suffer from allergic issues. Just for your information, nylon carpets are hypoallergenic and also pet friendly. As I have mentioned, cleaning is straightforward, so if you own a pet, don’t worry because cleaning it won’t be tricky like other carpets. A simple vacuum will be enough to remove your pet’s fur. 

Why Should You Avoid Nylon Carpets? 

Every story has two sides: one good and the other bad. By now, I guess you already know why nylon fabric is perfect for your carpets. Still, I will discuss why you should avoid purchasing carpets made from nylon. 

  • Higher cost
  • Static electricity
  • Doesn’t breathe
  • Acid dyed
  • Not as soft as you think

Higher cost:

  • There are two kinds of best things you will find in this world.
  • One comes for free.
  • The other is expensive.

If you want to purchase a nylon carpet, I suggest you think twice. You may ask why? Suppose you are buying carpets and don’t care about durability. In that case, I suggest you buy other carpets made from different fabrics except for nylon. Even though nylon carpets are affordable, if you compare them with other materials, you will find them a bit pricier.  

Static electricity: I believe some of you avoid static shocks. I understand that things like this are natural because not everyone has the same opinions, likes, or dislikes. So to warn you, people, nylon fabric carpets can produce static shocks more than other materials, especially in dryer seasons. So be careful while buying it. 

Doesn’t breathe: Nylon fiber cannot regulate indoor air or live like wool. That is why you will find nylon carpets cool and hot in the summer. And if the air contains too much humidity, you might also find it damp. 

Acid dyed: One of the significant issues with nylon fiber is that it is acid dyed, not solution dyed. This issue can cause problems with fading, bleaching and urine reactions, etc. 

Not as soft as you think: While nylon possesses many benefits over other carpeting types, it is still not the most delicate material you can find on the market. Suppose you have a priority to buy the softest material carpet. In that case, you will find some other better options, except nylon.  

So, if you have any concerns about these points, I suggest you avoid nylon carpets. But to be honest, apart from these little errors, nylon carpets are the best and very convenient. If you can overlook these errors, I assure you, you won’t regret your decision to purchase a nylon carpet for your resident or your office.

How Long Do Nylon Carpets Last?

How long a nylon carpet will last depends on its quality and foot traffic. Carpets made from nylon fabric can last up to five years if the foot traffic is light. Suppose you purchase a mid or high-quality nylon carpet. In that case, the possibility rises to 12 to 15 years in a low-traffic area.  

Are Nylon Carpets Expensive? 

When it comes to longevity or durability, nylon can beat any other fabric very smoothly if you are willing to purchase a carpet; best if you buy a nylon carpet. Especially if it is for a high foot traffic area, however, every good thing is expensive. The same goes for nylon. Nylon is the most expensive carpet fiber. Its price ranges differ depending on the quality of the thread. Mostly you will find a nylon carpet from about $2.99 to $7.99 per square foot

Some Best Nylon Carpets

Let’s be honest; what is the first thing that crosses your mind before buying a carpet? Its design and amount of fur or its durability? If you are looking for a carpet that will last a long time, then choosing a nylon carpet will be your best bet. 

Since the 1930s, people have used nylon carpets to substitute for expensive silk carpets. It didn’t make us regret our decision. There are two types of nylon carpets in the market, type 6 and type 6,6. Type 6,6 used to be considered the premium one. Still, in recent studies, it has been revealed that there are no statistically significant differences between these two types of nylon carpets. They both serve high durability. 

However, after many tests and research, I concluded that I would give you guys the top 5 nylon carpets review. And they are – 

Mohawk Home Alexa Floral Ornamental Medallion Carpet:

Suppose you are looking for a carpet made from nylon material that adds a touch of color to your space. In that case, this Mohawk Home Alexa Floral Ornamental Medallion Carpet is for you. Add some vintage flowers and some electric pinwheels, and that’s it; it will be enough to make your room into a zen space. The best thing is that this carpet is suitable for anywhere in your house, including outdoors. 


  1. Has a vintage floral design. 
  2. You can keep it anywhere. 


  1. Made with 100% nylon.
  2. Carpet dimensions 120 inches (L) X 90 inches (W).
  3. Fade and stain resistance.   


  1. Has a gorgeous floral design. 
  2. Soft to touch. 
  3. Larger in size to keep it in both indoor and outdoor areas. 


  1. This carpet absorbs too much water, making it unsuitable for staying outdoors during rainy or harsh weather. 
  2. If the air contains too much humidity, there are chances that the color can bleed away. 

Check out the Mohawk Home Alexa Floral Ornamental Medallion Carpet on Amazon here

Brumlow Mills Catalina Fall Green Floral Area Rug: 

A touch of green can never go wrong. Turn your living place into a living floral garden with this green Brumlow Mills Catalina Fall Green Floral Area Rug. This nylon has an anti-slip rubber which helps prevent slips and keep the carpet in its place. This carpet is also machine friendly, so you can wash it in your machine very quickly—no need to worry about scrubbing stubborn stains anymore. 


  1. Non-latex rubber backing. 
  2. Comes in a green tone floral carpet design. 


  1. Made with 100% nylon material. 
  2. Machine washable and friendly. 
  3. Comes in 3’4″ x 5′ and 5 x 8 feet, and 7’6″ x 10 feet. 


  1. Comes with a beautiful pattern design. 
  2. Easy to clean and maintain. 
  3. It is durable and high quality. 


  1. A bit lightweight. 

Check out the Brumlow Mills Catalina Fall Green Floral Area Rug on Amazon here

SageBrush Indoor/ Outdoor Area Carpet: 

If you are looking for an earthy tone carpet that can make your beige dream into reality, then Sage Brush Indoor/Outdoor Area Carpet is the one for you. You can match this carpet in both your indoor and outdoor areas. This nylon carpet is highly durable and withstands harsh weather, including the driest and wettest seasons. 


  1. Woven and non-slip backing. 
  2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. 
  3. PureColor solution-dyed fibers. 


  1. Carpet dimensions: 12 feet (L) x 14 feet (W).
  2. Made of premium nylon fabric


  1. Has a beige color earthy tone. 
  2. Easy to clean and also excellent stain resistance. 
  3. Comfortable and soft to the touch. 
  4. Strong, durable, even after rough wear and tear. 


  1. Absorb a lot of humidity. 
  2. If it gets wet, it needs a long time to dry out or at least two days.

Check out the SageBrush Indoor/ Outdoor Area Carpet on Amazon here

Mohawk Home Clarita Area Rug: 

Nothing makes a home look more elegant than embroidered home decor. This Mohawk Home Clarita Area Rug still can steal the show even if it is not technically embroidered because of its high-quality, gorgeous look. Printing this nylon carpet is enough to attract the attention of your guests towards its magnificent outlook. It has this neutral-colored floral design that can go with any home aesthetic and will make you feel cozy, warm, and homely. 


  1. Latex backing. 
  2. Comes in a neutral floral design. 


  1. Made with 100% wear-dated nylon. 
  2. Stains and fade resistant. 
  3. Carpet dimensions: 5 feet 8 feet. 


  1. Easy clean and maintenance. 
  2. Soft to the touch and long-lasting. 
  3. Chic floral design. 
  4. Vivid colors. 


  1. It is a bit thin. 
  2. Has some frayed parts on the edge of the carpet. 

OCM All Purpose Folding Carpet 

Who says dorm rooms are not home? If you feel left out and missing your home, have a slice of home and make yourself think homely with this OCM All Purpose Folding Carpet. This specific nylon carpet is perfect for your dorm room because it is easy to clean, soft, and comfortable to sit down on for study purposes. 


  1. No-skid rubber backing. 
  2. Soft and solid-colored nylon carpet.


  1. Made with soft spun nylon. 
  2. Carpet dimensions: 10 feet x 12 feet. 
  3. It comes in beige, gray, black, light blue, and navy blue. 


  1. Easy to clean and maintain. 
  2. Comes with vibrant solid colors. 
  3. Feels soft even on bare feet.


  1. It can have a chemical smell upon delivery. 
  2. Creases take a lot of days to flatten. 
  3. Inaccurate sizing options. 
  4. A bit lightweight. 

Check out the OCM All Purpose Folding Carpet on Amazon here


Nylon carpets have a solid reputation for a reason. Even though it is a bit more expensive than any other carpet, it is still worth buying. Like look at the bright side, you won’t have to spend too much effort to clean it. And also no need to buy carpets in a few months or years if you buy one good nylon carpet. So people, are nylon carpets any good? Bet you have got your answer by now. 

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