Window air conditioners are a great way to cool off during the summer. But Does An Air Conditioner Need GFCI Breaker Protection? Do you know how the GFCI breaker works? If you don’t know, then that’s okay. Because today we will know about them. 

Air conditioner and GFCI breaker work hand in hand. Both are important. One removes the heat from our house, including the humidity, and the other helps to prevent electrical shocks. But does an air cooler need a GFCI breaker? But why does an air cooler even need that? 

However, today we will reveal the truth about this GFCI breaker and why an air cooler even needs this breaker. I hope by reading this article, you will find a clear answer to this confusion. So without any delays, let us get started. 

does an air conditioner need and gfci breaker protection

Does An Air Conditioner Need GFCI Breaker Protection?

An air cooler needs GFCI breaker protection. Because in the year 2020, the NCE, or National Electric Code made GFCI breakers compulsory for every air cooler. 

Homeowners need to remember that outlets near the ground can be a hazard if they’re not properly GFCI-protected against dangerous electrical currents. These currents are called “touch potential”.

It can come from water pipes or ground defects in the current system itself anything close to bare wires carrying electricity will carry it.

Even components buried 6 inches deep underground. That’s why installing circuit breakers with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) is so important for safety reasons.

If it’s not installed correctly, someone could touch the hot side of a wire and get electrocuted. When moisture enters electrical equipment like an air conditioning unit, there’s always potential

What Does It Mean By GFCI Protection?

GFCI protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a safety feature that helps protect people from electrical shocks. A GFCI device measures the difference between the currents in the Hot and Neutral wires.

If there is a difference (say, because of a ground fault), the GFCI interrupts the current to quickly shut down the power before anyone can get hurt. A GFCI device can be a plugin for your house, a circuit breaker or even an extension cord with built-in protection.

Having this safety feature is important because electrical currents sometimes stray from their intended path and when they do, you’re at risk of getting injured by electricity.

Why Is GFCI Protection Important?

Just imagine you are in your home. All alone. You are doing some household chores. You know your home is your safest place, and you know everything about your house. You are moving here and there and everywhere. Suddenly you felt like you should switch on your heater or air cooler. And that’s when the electrical shock hazard occurs. How would you feel at that moment, suffering all alone? 

That’s why GFCI protection is important. These types of circuit breakers will save you from any type of ground fault by cutting down the voltage in just a few seconds.  

Can You Plug An Air Conditioner Into A GFCI Outlet?

If you want to plug an air cooler into a GFCI outlet, then it all depends on your circuit breaker’s volume. 

If your circuit breaker is capable, then you can easily plug an air cooler into your GFCI outlet. So check your air coolers electricity demand and how much your air cooler needs electricity. Then check your outlet’s demand for how much it can give.

 If your circuit can take it, then you are free to go to plug an air cooler into a GFCI outlet.

How does a GFCI work without ground?

Guess what? Your GFCI does not require a ground to show its magic. Whenever it can detect faulty ground, it just simply shut down the voltage in a few seconds. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using GFCI In Your Home?

There are some benefits that come with every machine that you purchase. The same goes for using a GFCI outlet in your home. 

Here are some benefits of using a GFCI in your home- 

  1. Sometimes electrical devices come up with some major problems. Getting a shock from any electronics is one of them. To save you from this problem, GFCI plays a huge role. Whenever a GFCI detects that there are some faults going on with some wires, it shuts the main voltage immediately in just a few seconds.
  2. A little spark from any electrical wires can cause a huge problem. It can cause damage to your home, and not just that, this little spark can also take your life in no time. A GFCI can also save you from this electrical fire.
  3. Sometimes electrical devices cause leakage. If the out case is made with iron, then you might get a shock, but if it’s not, you won’t even understand that little by little, this leakage is damaging your whole electrical unit. But if you install a GFCI in your home, it will detect immediately if any problem occurs. It will shut down your whole system in a few seconds. It will not just save you from huge damages but also save you from spending lots of money. 

How Can You Install A GFCI Outlet At Your Home?

Let’s know the steps of how you can fit a GFCI outlet in your home. 

  1. First, find out where your GFCI is located if you don’t know or if you have a new house. People usually fit their GFCI in greasy areas where it is normal to have an accident. 
  2. After finding out where your GFCI is located, you have to shut down the voltage. 
  3. Now check it properly if you’ve really shut it down or not. 
  4. Now detach the older one from the circuit box. You will see two more wires but make sure they don’t get connected. Now you can start the switch. 
  5. Apply something so that you know it carries electricity. 
  6. Turn down the power again after doing this but give them a label. 
  7.  Now it’s time to fit your new GFCI outlet. You will see two wires which carry the name of line and load. Now connect the black one with the line and the white one with the load. But you have to twist it with tape to secure safety. You will see a green screw. Attach it with the ground wire on the GFCI plug. 
  8. Now it is time to put your GFCI back into its place. 
  9. You can turn on your voltage now.  

How Much Does It Cost To Install A GFCI Outlet?

Even though GFCI comes in a small size, GFCI’s are a bit costly. If you are thinking of replacing or buying a new GFCI, then let me tell you, normally, GFCI can come in $17.68 to $21.74. But if you are looking for a good model, then it can come between $140.26 to $167.83, including the labour charge. 

What Is The Meaning Of Green And Orange Light On Your Gfci?

If your GFCI is showing a green light, it means it is working. It is distributing power as it should. 

But if your GFCI is showing orange light, it means its lifespan has come to its end. It means it has already detected a faulty ground and has done its job. 

How Do I Know Which GFCI To Buy?

If you are confused about which GFCI to buy, then you can do one simple thing to solve your problem. And that simple job is, you just need to see the label written on your older GFCI outlet. You will find everything written on that thing. From the model to how much electricity it can supply, everything will be written there.

But if you want to buy a good and expensive GFCI, then it’s your call to decide which one will be the best for your home. 

How Long Does A GFCI Outlet Last?

Every machine works only for a limited time. After that, it just stops working properly. The same goes for the GFCI outlet. 

A GFCI outlet can last only for ten years. After that, it will stop working properly. But even though it can last for ten years, you still have to check it every three months if it’s working properly or not. Sometimes a poor quality GFCI outlet does not last this long. 

So, you should keep an eye out so that you can change your GFCI outlet at the right time.  

Can A GFCI Outlet Burn Out?

Do you know your GFCI can burn out if it comes from poor quality? Yes, a bad quality GFCI can burn out. Its faulty structure leads a GFCI to burn out. For example- BESTTEN GFCI. This GFCI model is one of the worst models of GFCI outlets. There were many complaints from the customers who used this GFCI outlet. They addressed that this model just not only burns out it also uses unstable units. 


Every machine has its own pros and cons. But those pros and cons become small when it is measured by their importance. 

The same goes for the GFCI outlet. This small device may be a little bit costly, but this small device can save us from a big unknown accident. It can not only save us from unwanted damages, and it can not only save our money, but it can also protect our life from any big dangers in just a few seconds. So if you look at the bigger picture, this little device is worth it. 

However, your question was- does an air conditioner need GFCI breaker protection? I hope this article has helped you to find out the truth. So don’t delay. If your home does not have any GFCI outlets, then install one as soon as possible. But make sure to buy a good one with more capacity so that you can use any extra devices, including an air cooler. 

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